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Nice :)
PyTFall: General information / Re: Almost 3 years
« Last post by DarkTl on Today at 07:57:43 AM »
We will change the dev cycles after that, making sure that there is an update every few month instead of years.
Unlikely if you still will be busy with BR.
+ if an US citize,health access is going to be even more conditional.

In any case, what is the current diagnosis ?

They are always more than one path, knowing that most can't see but the most obvious.
New build with one new animation (I'm not satisfied from it so might in future change or find someone to change it for me) and support of unique characters, for now we get our first unique girl from start so we could check how she look like and how it's functioning, also added support for starting clothes, each template has own sets of starting clothes for both male and female, and truthfully i would follow this suit and add gender specific traits for templates and personalities.

Current my goal is to modify job related code to have uniform naming of job related modifiers. After that i might start working on actual hiring of new girls. I thought for a while how it's resolve and I would create it and I decided to create employment agency which we pay some amount of gold (5000) and specify our criteria, then we get list of potential candidates from what we can hire single girl. Also i still didn't decide how i would resolve maintenance of characters, there are two choices i thought:
1) The hire is free but all characters get their own cut (20% - 60 % depends on girl level or 40% not dependable on level) from work, but not less than some threshold (e.g.500?) if they earn less we pay from our pockets. It's advantage is that our girls don't loose/gain happiness from slider of characters cut's but disadvantage is that we have less micromanagement.
2) We have a maintenance cost for characters, each character cost money to hire (besides initial gold to find potential employees), characters besides maint. would expect some cut of money and if we don't met them expectation we they would loose happiness. It would introduce more micromanagement since every time the character level up their expected cut will increase so we would either set slider on higher value than current expected value or change slider every time character is level up.

What do you think which road i should take with maintenance of girls? Myself i feel like first one would be easier to play on low levels whilst we get less money on higher levels than if we go with second option.
User Mods / Re: Updates and Notes for Crazy's Mod --- Current Version .06.02.57
« Last post by aevojoey on January 21, 2017, 08:10:46 PM »
.06.02.57 is up
Lots of updates to scripts.
See this to see the best way to edit scripts.
PyTFall: General information / Re: General Discussion
« Last post by Xela on January 21, 2017, 02:20:21 PM »
Yeah... it looks amazing even thought it's a bit too dark. I've been fighting with Ren'Py in BR for most of the day, there seem to be a lot of bugs in transforms/screens :(
PyTFall: General information / Re: General Discussion
« Last post by DarkTl on January 21, 2017, 12:37:05 PM »
The dungeon looks pretty cool. I especially like this part with an item in the wall. It's a great way to put items in location instead of chests.
User Mods / Re: Possible Add-Ons to the Game?
« Last post by aevojoey on January 21, 2017, 10:53:05 AM »
I am now updating the .scriptx so they save names instead of numbers.
This will make editing scripts a little easier and will help in the future if things get changed.
ie: in older versions of scripts, adjusting skills does not work properly because there are more stats and skills so the numbers in the old scripts do not line up with the new numbers for stats/skills.
This will be much easier to fix now.

Got it all done :)
This really makes editing scripts much easier.
I am going over DefaultInteractDetails adding and updating things.
I will release .06.02.57 after I finish.
There will be a lot more things available for scripts :)

When rewarding girls by giving them money, the old script was just taking the money from you and not giving it to her.
I added "GiveGoldToGirl (*min*) (*max*)" to fix that.
You can use it to take money from the girl by using negative numbers in the script.

"AdjustTargetGirlStatR (*stat*) (*min*) (*max*) (*temp*)" and "AdjustTargetGirlSkillR (*skill*) (*min*) (*max*) (*temp*)"  for random adjustments

After a lot of trial and error, it is finally done :)
There was way too much in the DefaultInteractDetails script to go over it all.
I did update the training part with the random stats/skills and hopefully fixed the mismatched stats/skills due to old code.
PyTFall: General information / Re: General Discussion
« Last post by Xela on January 21, 2017, 10:40:35 AM »
I nerfed some negative max values which I overlooked due to their rareness, and raised initial maxes a bit just in case. If you'll still have the error, I will need archive with all your random chars jsons to track down the problem further, since they are most likely even more outdated than mine.

Great, I'll try it tonight.
PyTFall: General information / Re: General Discussion
« Last post by picobyte on January 21, 2017, 09:50:56 AM »
You did not push this code bit. You are prolly correct, zoom is prolly causing sprite to be drawn off screen. You can try adding anchor (.5, .5) or use center/around to try and fix it. Also, you usually want to place a tag instead of an icon as the first argument of your show function, it's easier to hide it later.

I try to push code when it works, or at least I think it does. Positioning was one reason, for the err, the other was that the transformation xpos and ypos do not seem to work when they receive floats. Now it is pushed - items (their icons) can now be found on the ground, lighting 3d transformation is applied. They are the "Replica Sword" and "Shuriken"  point item entries.
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