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User Mods / Re: Aevojoey - Please get back....
« Last post by aevojoey on November 19, 2017, 01:50:43 AM »
HI all, I am still alive but I have been working full time and have not had the energy to code anything for a long time.

A little recap from the last 10 months or so:

I guess the last time I was on here was in late January.
I had gone back to work after the xmas/new years break and my boss was riding me hard with making his website and I was always drained at the end of the day.
I was working too hard and not making much money so I kind of got jaded and just gave up on things.

In May I finally quit.
The week before Memorial Day (around the 21st), I had a sore throat and could barely talk so he decided to have me call customers.
As the week progressed, I got worse and so did he.
On Thursday, I asked E. if we would be open on Monday (Memorial Day) and he said no.
Friday when I came in he was yelling at everyone and said everyone had to work Saturday and Monday or don't come in at all. (I didn't usually work weekends)
When he went up front to yell at everyone else (I worked in the back), I packed my stuff and took my stuff back to my car.
When I went back for the last of my stuff, I placed my key on the counter and told E. I quit.
After a few minutes of E. trying to intimidate me to not quit, I told him I would be back for my final paycheck the next week.

The next week I went in for my check and after about half an hour of pretending to be nice about not wanting to pay me the full amount, he started making the check.
In January he started withholding 2 weeks pay but gave me a $50/week raise.
When he made the check, he made it for 2 weeks at the December pay rate instead of the May pay rate.
After trying to get him to pay me the full $700 he owed me, and calling my accountant asking her what the rules for pay withholding was, he got nasty.
He refused to give me a check that day and told me he would mail it to me.
Again he got aggressive and tried to intimidate me, but I didn't even flinch. (I know E. too well)
If there had not been a display case between us and me standing 2 feet away from it, he probably would have tried to grab or hit me. He was PISSED.
A few days later, I got the check in the mail for $600. I cashed it and got on with my life.

As a side note, there were several other reasons I quit:

I wouldn't lie to customers for him. If he wanted to tell them something that wasn't true, he could lie himself.

We sold a company 2 mini computer to use to watch their security cameras on 2 wall mounted monitors and they were supposed to come with cordless keyboard and mouse combos.
At first we just installed security cameras for them but they wanted to see them too.
I installed the computers but the keyboard did not ship with it so I used a wired keyboard and mouse temporarily.
When the wireless came in, he wrote up another ticket wanting me to collect another $45 each for them.
After several times reminding E. that we told them several times that they would be included, he showed me the first receipt that only said "keyboard and mouse included" Wireless was not on the page.
I went there and installed the wireless and gave them the ticket. I told them I knew we had told them wireless was included but my boss wanted to charge them for it anyway.
That was a few days before I quit.

There were other reasons but I can't think of any at the moment.

I took 2 month off and just played games and watched netflix a lot.
While I was relaxing, a few customers called me when E. didn't return their calls.

In July, the people I installed the computers for, one of the cameras stopped working.
They called me and said E. had not returned any of their calls for two weeks and asked if I could come and see if I could see why it wasn't working.
I got there and did all the tests I could but the problem seemed to be the camera itself.
I told them they would have to have E. replace it because it was still under warranty.
When I told them I was taking a long vacation, they offered me a job doing IT and video editing for them. (That is what I have been doing since.)
When E.'s crew showed up to replace the camera, I was working there and was the liaison for the company :p
The crew liked me and told me the place was not the same without me ;)
I was at the bottom of the ladder when E. pulled in the lot.
He didn't even get out of the car but called the guy on the ladder and was probably bitching him out and telling him not to listen to me.
The owner wanted the camera aimed 45deg to the right but it did not get moved from where it had been.
After he got off the ladder the installer told me without words that he was ORDERED to leave and not talk to me.

E. has called me a couple of times since talking in a super friendly voice to ask me things about the products HE sells.

So for the past 5 months, I have been working in a nonhostile, stress free environment and I feel a ton better.
I have been playing several other games and have thought about starting back up here but never had the energy.
I got a new laptop that is much better than my old one but I have not installed visual studio or code::blocks on it yet.
I want to remake the game from scratch with multi-monitor and multi-threading as the base and later add the old game stuff on top of it.
My laptop can add 3 additional monitors to it so a 4 screen setup will be intense.
I have also been playing around with blender to add 3d buildings and maps.

Lots of hopes and dreams but not much energy to make them happen.

User Mods / Re: Combining the big mods aka crazy's mod .06 is out now
« Last post by Anonemuss on November 16, 2017, 08:30:47 PM »
There's something I was wondering; Is it possible to implement something like a "set bonus" trait?

Let me explain:
I love trying to "collect" all the girls from a series. It makes things feel more together in the game, like there's some kind of continuity. However, aside from the portraits and sometimes a comment or two in the girls' descriptions, there's nothing to make you feel like you "caught 'em all".

I can't think of anything that would be easy to implement, and this is really just me musing about it, but I figured I might as well throw the idea out there in case someone gets inspired by it...
New Features / Re: Simple help/explanation file in game
« Last post by thjis on November 16, 2017, 08:25:14 PM »
Ah ok so I need to use my gangs to take over more territory.  I still need more, I figured I needed to take it.    I just did not understand that they were related.   Thanks
New Features / Re: Simple help/explanation file in game
« Last post by MrKlaus on November 16, 2017, 12:05:28 PM »
Go to town and next to the slave market there is a playboybunny head. It's the 2nd brothel.
New Features / Simple help/explanation file in game
« Last post by thjis on November 15, 2017, 07:43:04 PM »
There is no  help I can find in game and the boards are not helpful with game play.   I can't figure out how to buy a second brothel.  I have hit keys looking for hot keys and looked on all the menus.   Am I missing something or is there some trigger I have to hit to get an option?
User Mods / Re: The CaptC Experience (Scripts and Real Girl Packs)
« Last post by CaptC on November 01, 2017, 09:21:50 AM »
I'm kind of semi-retired. I will add them to my list but didn't really have any plans for either, TitanSon. Not sure what I might have stashed away.

I mostly putter around, play the game a little. When I find missing categories in a girl, I try to fill the gaps. Given that, anything I post soon will likely just be updates to existing girls.
PyTFall: General information / Re: General Discussion
« Last post by DarkTl on October 31, 2017, 01:26:54 PM »
We want to know which characters you want to see in our games. Please make sure to vote!
User Mods / Re: WM:CPP Trainer
« Last post by Max80016 on October 19, 2017, 01:31:42 PM »
aevojoey could you please add an cheat page to the game? or at least say where i can change the interactions count? I've made an item that gives full stats, skills, etc. to the girls, but i don't know how to change the interactions that i gain every day (i can only change interaction for 1 day). Thanks.
User Mods / lord hawkington girls
« Last post by hawk19 on October 16, 2017, 06:44:43 PM »
hey everyone im fairly new here but i realize that many girls are missing so i've decided to try my best to either make or find you a girl pack. ill take almost any request just ask and ill try my best
MADD MOXXI!87wEybpR!if8zCDUImuIYza69KLOwPw

LUCY HEARTFEILIA (needs girls file)!F6IHBZRb!cnTPyECfO3SmWMKd1JljXA
PyTFall: General information / Re: Fun game, but I seem to have some issues with it..
« Last post by DarkTl on October 10, 2017, 10:22:00 AM »
With regard to the Arcana Heart minor girls, I kind of figured it was at least a 'work in progress' if not a test considering how few images they had in their folders. I'll continue to hold off on adding them as 'regular' girls into the alpha for now, unless I get curious.
It's not like I made Arcana Heart packs small intentionally though, I never do it. I always add all good pictures I can find  :)
They simply don't have any more, so we don't have a choice but treat them as minor characters.

That said, what would be a good or 'recommended' amount of images to make a pack? I felt like even having around 50 images didn't make for very much variety, so perhaps 100 images or so?
I think about 50 is absolute minimum. Any lower, and you might as well threat the character as a minor one. Ideally at least 100-200, depending on the character.

As for max values, logical limit is 65535 pictures, but too huge packs may work slow. Because when we want to show an image, we look for a suitable one in the whole pack. So 100-200 pictures, or at very least no more than 1000 is the best.

Cat Girl trait
Currently it's replaced by more generic Furry trait, since we don't have any cats packs. But of course adding it again is super easy if we'll have cat packs one day.

And at the least, if you guys don't significantly change the tagging system anytime soon, they should work right away in the beta as well.
Without a doubt we will change json data files format many times, but we will never change the tags format anymore.
Or, rather, we can add additional tags for entirely new types of pictures if people will ask for it (like adding a tag for tentacles pictures), but already existing tags and image types are set in stone.

The slime girl also somehow has 40 / 35 Joy -- higher than the maximum value.
Yeap, we have a (rare) ring in the current version which gives +50 to min joy and -50 to max joy, thus freezing the stat at 50 as long as the ring is equipped. But the thing is, we have more than one ring slot, so it's possible to equip more, breaking stats logic.
In such cases, when min > max, we force the stat to be 0/0 until player resolves the issue. But this special logic did not exist in the alpha.

Is it still '18.rar'? The 'old' combined pack you linked was '24.rar'
Yeap, I replaced 18.rar. Gonna delete 24.rar soon, since it's older.

I also kind of standardized the trait descriptions a bit since the last time I posted about them.
I made a help window for traits. Would be cool to show info next to description like you do, but in the current version some traits have so many modificators there is not enough space for them all.
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