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User Mods / Re: My Sexy Created Girls (Cartoon)
« Last post by Jasuke on February 18, 2017, 06:53:57 PM »
Pls update links if you can  ;D
PyTFall: General information / Re: General Discussion
« Last post by lamoli on February 18, 2017, 12:06:26 PM »
Hmm just found a rpg maker MV game that has nice combat animations.. ( well spine movements ) it uses pixi-spine you know about that system ? from a png image containing body part and a json they make character animation like kick/block/idle movements .. well maybe it wont work on renpy..

I could render parts with blender and put them in a single .png then .atlas and .json does all the rotation of any of those part to make animation..
User Mods / Re: Whore out bitches to stave off entropy.
« Last post by Fat Kyubey on February 17, 2017, 10:56:43 AM »
Tesse from Waku Waku 7 Mini Pack now up as a bonus.

Nokia Shiramine from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Mini Pack now up.

Natsune Tachibana from Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers Mini Pack now up.

Marino from Rockman X: Command Mission Mini Pack now up.

Candice Catnipp and Meninas McAllon from Bleach Mini Packs now up.

South Pole One from Soreyuke Marin-chan Mini Pack now up.

Ai Miori, Asuna Arsen and Reisa from Bakunyuu Maid Kari Mini Packs now up.

Princess Melora from TwnBee Mini Pack has been reuploaded because the original .grilsx file contained no traits. Imagine my shock on seeing the Traits column empty when I finally got around to using her in my game. How and why this happened isn't known to me, because I clearly remember selecting the traits for her. Knowing me, however, I simply forgot to hit update before saving the file.

Miranda Jones, Misha Miramond abd Sally Jones from Transformers (Superlink) Mini Packs now up.

T-AI from Transformers (Car Robots) Mini Pack now up.

Minerva from Transformers (Super-God Masterforce) Mini Pack now up.

Princess Hilda from Link Between Worlds Mini Pack now up.

Aki Aoi, Kana Sumiya and Nami Aoi from Aki Sora Mini Packs now up.

Sofya Obertas from Lord Marksman and the Vanadis now up as a bonus.

Nue Houjuu from Touhou now up, just in time for Annual Gift Man Day.

Roomi from Galaxy Fight now up to celebrate Whoremas.

Pastel from TwinBee now up.

Nakoruru from Samurai Spirits now up. I missed uploading this on the first day of the new year by a little bit, but eh.

Marilyn Willow from Soreyuke Marin-chan has been upgraded from Mini Pack status, as she has more images and variety than some of my other full packs. Making her just an MP seemed pointless and silly in hindsight.

Marin Nonohara from Soreyuke Marin-chan now up. Reuploaded because I edited the .girlsx file.

Call from Mighty Number 9 now up. The whole Xel thing is actually a pretty good excuse for me to make her a shapeshifter and be able to use images from the numerous designs that were competing.

Miwako Shirasaki from from Bakunyuu Maid Kari now up.

Momo from Breath of Fire 3 now up.

Bumping back up to the first page because the second page is scary. It's full of robot scorpions who want to steal all the SCIENCE.

I'm in the process of changing the links so that they use less character space. Hopefully I'll be able to fit more shit into posts this way, but given how I like to ramble, savings will likely be negligible to nonexistent.
User Mods / Re: Looking for a particular character
« Last post by Purple on February 17, 2017, 07:44:56 AM »
That's the one! Thanks.
User Mods / Re: Looking for a particular character
« Last post by dolbie158 on February 17, 2017, 07:22:44 AM »
Sounds like Rider from Fate/Stay Night
User Mods / Looking for a particular character
« Last post by Purple on February 17, 2017, 05:37:26 AM »
Alright. This is probably a very odd thread to make but basically I am looking for the name and source of a particular girl. Like basically I lost a bunch of character folders when migrating to the new version and this one really irks me because I can remember the image so avidly.

Basically we are talking about a white, long haired girl with purple hair and some sort of magical theme going on. And every single image of her always included some sort of blindfold, some of which had some sort of X on it.

Anyone have any ideas so I can find and download her again?
PyTFall: Game design / Re: Simulated Exploration
« Last post by DarkTl on February 17, 2017, 05:36:11 AM »
Code: [Select]
{"id": "Burial Grounds - lv 2",
"area": "Northern Route",
"desc": "Inner area of the overgown burial site, where barely any sunlight reach through the trees and where the dark presense feel the strongest.",
"unlocked": false,
"travel_time": 1,
"mobs": {"Dark Mage": [5, [1, 0.2, 2],[1, 1, 1]], "Phantasm": [10, [1, 0.2, 2],[1, 2, 2]], "Skeleton Warrior": [50, [1, 0.3, 4],[2, 3, 3]], "Skeleton": [20, [1, 0.2, 3], [3, 3, 3]]},
"hazard": {"health": 0, "mp": 5, "vitality": 0},
"unlocks": {},
"cash_limit": 120,
"items_limit": 0,
"items": {"Woodcutting Axe": 0.05,"Short Bow": 0.05,"Leather Cape": 0.05,"Dagger": 0.05, "Huntsman Hat": 0.02,"Scarf": 0.02, "Short Sword": 0.22,"Leather Armor": 0.22,"Silver Necklace": 0.2,"Leather Boots": 0.22,"Leather Gloves": 0.22,"Linen Cape": 0.22,"Tanned Leather Boots": 0.26,"Tanned Leather Gloves": 0.26,"Obsidian Choker": 0.22,"Rogue Cape": 0.08,"Running Boots": 0.06,"Bullwhip": 0.1,"Ornate Gladius": 0.1,"Claws": 0.2,"Spiked Collar": 0.22,"Long Sword": 0.24,"Minor Reflector": 0.07,"Slave Shackles": 0.08, "Bone Knife": 0.2,"Darksome Trophy": 0.2},
"img": "content/gfx/bg/locations/fg_areas_burial_2.jpg"

Code: [Select]
        "id": "Northern Route",
        "main": true,
        "unlocked": true,
        "img": "content/gfx/bg/locations/fg_areas_northern.jpg"
Alright, about json structure for SE...

1) Mobs field should be changed. First of all, there is a chance to encounter a mob party, with random amount of mobs inside. Then, inside the party, there is a chance to encounter specific mob - using weighted choice. So it should be something like
Code: [Select]
"fight_chance": 25,
"mobs": {"Dark Mage": 5, "Phantasm": 10, "Skeleton Warrior": 50, "Skeleton": 80},
Then we need base level for all mobs in the location. While all mobs should have different levels to make rare ones stronger, we need base level to judge location difficulty. Maybe we will even show it in SE gui to make sure player understands how difficult locations are.
Code: [Select]
"base_mob_level": 30,And then we need differences in mobs level based on base level. So mobs field becomes like
"mobs": {"Dark Mage": (5, 10), "Phantasm": (10, 5), "Skeleton Warrior": (50, 5), "Skeleton": (80, 0)},[/code]Where the second number is bonus to base level. So Dark Mage max level is 30 + 10 = 40.

Now, we don't have to make every Dark Mage lvl 40, in fact it might be too predictable. Instead it can be randint, so the level will be from 30 to 40. And in case of Skeleton it's always lvl 30.

If there will be bosses with high, fixed levels, we will introduce a special field for them, since they shouldn't be encountered all the time anyway, while mobs field assumes that encounters are unlimited.

The remaining numbers in the mob field used to show how thing escalate when exploration takes enough time, making mobs stronger over time. They are not needed. We still can make mobs stronger over time, but they all will use the same logic, there is no need to make it unique for every single mob.

Code: [Select]
"hazard": {"health": 0, "mp": 5, "vitality": 0},Hazards can also support penalties to AP. Since AP is widely used in SE, hazard": ("AP": -1) may reduce it by one every turn, so it would take much more time to explore the location.

3) Different locations have different sizes, ie require different time to be explored. By default it could be 100, but also can be changed manually by
Code: [Select]
"location_size": 50,
Code: [Select]
"cash_limit": 120,
"items_limit": 0,
Since explorations are limited by time (max 2 weeks or something), there is no need to limit stuff like this. It would make sense if we limit inventory inside SE, but we don't.

5) Events, items and gold.

As I imagine it, there should be events inside SE, and items and gold should be obtained mostly, if not only, via events.

For example, party found a chest with randint(A, B) gold inside which requires X agility to be obtained.
So I create somewhere an event called chest_1 with all required logic and lines which we need to show in the log.
Then in location json I write
Code: [Select]
"events": {"chest_1": [A, B, X] }Maybe I also write the chance to find this event, maybe it will be checked right inside the event.
Then I create an event where party finds a healing shrine or something, and everyone restore A health.
So then we get
Code: [Select]
"events": {"chest_1": [A, B, X], "healing_shrine": [A] }
And so on. Unless you have a better idea how to handle it.

6) Unlocking.
Code: [Select]
"unlocks": {"area_1": 0.4, "area_2": 0.9, "area_3": 1},The numbers represent how much the area should be explored to unlock these areas.
If we want some kind of secret areas, then it probably should be done via events.
User Mods / Re: Possible Add-Ons to the Game?
« Last post by grishnak on February 17, 2017, 05:27:46 AM »
Themes would be ok for me, too, if they were not just cosmetical. Right now we already can customize a bit by unselecting available "acts" in the building setup. Maybe just adding "specialities" could be enough to diversify in combination with themes (like one brothel could be famous for its food, one could be famous for kinkiness and another for offering experienced workers only). Depending on building (or theme...each building could for example have one basic starting theme, that gets unlocked upon buying the brothel). The themes could give mali and boni to certain acts/customers/jobs and affect how renown/fame in the building is earned too.
User Mods / Re: Possible Add-Ons to the Game?
« Last post by Purple on February 17, 2017, 05:13:34 AM »
I have taken that look I talked about and my conclusion is disheartening. The file extension on these things might say C++ but it's not. C++ is a modern object oriented language that just works. The thing is written in C. And not just C. We are talking 1980's caveman, knapp your own tools, C.

I have in my past worked with this type of code and I can confidently say that, in my professional opinion, if you want to rework it in order to allow messages to have any sort of "mixed" formatting your best and possibly only bet would be to rewrite the entire messaging system from the ground up.

a diversified brothel sounds like a good goal instead of having different shops that you earn with territory (or at least a better reward for getting more brothels) lets be honest a sexy nurse brothel or a dojo brothel were all the sexy fighting girls hangout and can get better at their trade maybe not the same idea but something similar would be nice instead of a different background pic to the brothel
If you want themed brothels or bars a much better way of doing it would IMO be to tie it to the goal system. Like, give the player a set of objectives, call them "achievements" if you will. And each of these unlocks a new theme. So like "Capture X girls in the arena" lets you open a Dojo themed something. Or "Have X renowned singer/music girls" lets you open a music themed something.

And than next time you buy a lot you get to pick a theme from the list of unlocked ones.

That way the player can actually strive to achieve these things and get a sense of achievement when he does so as opposed to just tying it to an arbitrary amount of money + territories.
PyTFall: General information / Re: General Discussion
« Last post by Xela on February 16, 2017, 02:46:09 PM »
Code: [Select]
                elif type.startswith("on_darkness"):
                    size = int(target.besprite_size[0]*1.5), 60
                    what = Fixed(target.besprite, Transform("be_dark_mask", size=size, align=(.5, .5)), xysize=(target.besprite_size))
                    if type.endswith("shake"):
                        at_list = [damage_shake(0.05, (-10, 10))]

Using offset here was a bad idea, no matter what values we assign, it will screw us over for sprites of different height and either they are on left or the right side of battle field. Aligning inside of the Fixed seems like a perfect solution that cannot fail unless BE sprite itself is screwed up.
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