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Script editing trouble
« on: May 01, 2011, 07:57:20 PM »
I was modding the DefaultInteractDungeon script a bit to have a option to force the girls if they dont want to do it with the "ask" option i.e. "She refused to do this" -> popup "Force her"
well, the script editor is a bit too erm... limited, so i got trouble to complete the script like i want to.
i avoided some problems with including the existing "force" menu but when it prompts and i click on something (i.e to give a blowjob) nothing happens.
i checked the script severel times but i cant figure out the problem.
well... im a webcoder and have never done something like this before, maybe thats the problem^^"

i attach the script, hopefully someone can help.
oh and before i forget: is there any way to include pictures in special situations (by use of the script or xml files)?
thx and sry for my englisch :(