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Thoughts on EX
« on: December 06, 2011, 04:34:05 AM »
I think THE FUTURE did a really good job in modifying the game. That said, I think EX is focused away from Whore Master's core content.
In EX your forced to run a bar, then a gambling den to finally get around to whoring. Isn't it the focus of the game to run a Brothel?
Also advertising in the game seems to up the number of customers you get, but it is a cross the board progress. It would be nice if you could advertize what services you wanted to, instead of just getting a general increase.
I think you should start with a small demand for whores constantly, but reduce the amount of cash you make from prostitution. Maybe link the cash to fame directly, and fame of the brothel? I actually think the system should work in reverse of how it works now. You customers always come in for whores, but would be willing to use other services. A lot of them would like a few drinks. Some of them are into gambling. Others want a strip show before they go whoring to get them into the mood. They all came here to sleep with a girl, some will empty their pockets if you have other services to offer.
As for gangs, without guarding or kidnapping they just become a temporary source of income and a method to buy more brothels. As long as your able to expand your first brothel without limit (or a very high limit) what does it matter if your able to buy more brothels? New brothels start with no reputation and the only good use for them I could think of was to move catacomb searchers over there. It was better than starting from scratch trying to develop a reputation. Overall, I'd say eliminate gangs entirely and just give the player another $1000 to start with to make up for lost income from gangs. Or just start the player with 2 random girls.
As for catacomb searches: they seem too safe. I can see this as being difficult to ballance. On the one hand, it looks like catacombs arn't quite as rewarding as they are in regular WM, but at the same time they are much safer. I'd suggest maybe having 3 difficulty levels and letting the girl get assigned to which difficulty they are going to attempt. The higher the risk, the better the reward.
Overall though, nice mod.