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Release of girls pack of 2020/03/02



this is my 3rd release on my pack of girls :

Content : - Fairy Tail (28 girls)
               - Bleach (3 girl)
               - Naruto (5 girl)
               - One piece (6 girls)
               - Black Clover (1 girl)
               - Random Girl (4 girls)!OaABTSwb!vHrRhFGfYJxHHayOSDOyf8KM986Ncsd--MFAr4oCJrA

Unzip main .rar into main folder of Pytfall and unzip each .rar girl that u want into the same main folder of pytfall.

... for next releases i'm  working on personal item and spell of all my char that i created...
I want to say tanks you to Ihoa who permit me to advance in my project :)

The file in the MEGA folder was deleted


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