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Title: Need more than just female slaves.
Post by: Livingshadow on October 22, 2013, 04:05:50 AM
I personally would like to see male slaves, and different species to choose from since your female slaves have sex with other species of men. I'm not a lesbian so playing the game sometimes makes me feel awkward as hell, BUT I love the game play.
Just think having slaves, other than just female would be a major improvement on the game (especially for us females who are straight, or you guys who are into men and not women). People can't really complain about including male slaves in the game either (and species) since all the the slaves are already female...I just think it gives the player much more choice, and would make the game more fun for everyone.
Plus, it actually gives you more options on what to do with those customers who haven't/can't pay for your slaves services.
Enslave them -shrug-