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Title: Girlsmeets/Interactions
Post by: DarkTl on November 04, 2014, 02:58:21 PM
Right now the GI has the following options (arranged as "Name" ("label if different") "file the labels are in"):

All the options are setup in screens/pyt - screens - girlsmeets.rpy, as well as the actual screen (pyt_girl_interactions) and the label that accesses it (girl_interactions).

All the labels are the option name without spaces and lower case, unless specified. So "About Her" would be "abouther".
The system then looks for first label that matches:

This allows us to specific mode-specific scenes as well as girl-specific scenes.

Girl Meets (Not)
Girl Interactions (Not)
Girl Trainings (Not)

Greetings have been moved to interactions/GM - greetings.rpy and are accessed through a call() instead of a jump().
Title: Re: Girlsmeets/Interactions
Post by: DarkTl on July 19, 2015, 12:25:41 PM
Options required for advanced interactions system. Might wait for the next release.

- Running BE inside GM, preferably as a one simple function that will return to GM who has won.
- Option to move with the character to another location, ie spend time together somewhere. And call there some label after moving to proceed. Will be useful for dates as well.
- Option to visit characters with friend flag at home anytime.
- Shopping together option which is currently broken for good because of changes in the code. Should not anymore be based on occupation for obvious reasons.
- Better gifts system based on generalizations in order to avoid dozens new checks every time we add a new gift.
- Full access to inventory for characters with lover flag.
- Possibly an option to meet slaves that don't belong to MC, and under certain conditions buy them. Existing free characters could be their masters.