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Arena ideal and others
« on: May 08, 2010, 04:23:30 AM »
I know that an arena is already in the plans but i haven't read on it that i could find.  I may have missed the post that had it but i have my own ideals on it.  So here goes first you would have to unlock the arena for use to do so you would have to purchase the arena barracks.

Arena barracks would be the building to house and train your gladiators.  By housing the girls here you wouldn't have to look though the brothels for the girls and you could actually make combat training separate from the sex training (the girls combat skills may not go up from training but last i did it i think they did). Have the ability to hire or assign a trainer who will over see the training and keep the girls in control.  For the building management i think you could add a training ground that would make combat stats go up faster.  Buy training gear and that sort of stuff for the area.  Have different levels of rooms that can be add to the barracks.  Basically a dirt floor cage that can hold a few new recruits and up to full rooms for your champions and so on.  I was thinking you could add a forge and hire a blacksmith who would make armor and weapons for training and the arena.

The actually arena would work along these lines.  When you click on the arena it would bring up a screen where it would show your rivals and the girls they want to fight for the week.  For the arena i figure the girls should have a fame rating the higher the fame the better the fight they can take on and the more people will show up for the fight which earns you more money.  The more often your girl wins a fight the higher the fame and losing would lower there fame.  But fame also limits who your girls can fight, I'm thinking its limited to 100 and would work as such.  Rival 1 has a girl with a fame of 75 so to fight that girl one of your girls would need over 50 fame or something like that to actually be allowed to fight them if you don't have girl with that much fame you couldn't fight that rivals girl for the week.  All your rivals would have girls to put into the arena so you could have unique girls that could only be got from wining them from a rival in the arena in special type of match.  Also set up your own matches where you select two girls to fight to the death or not and can also have them fight monsters that you catch and such.

Next ideal i think has been said but i have another thought on its use.  For the players house i know there going add the ability to personal slaves.  And i think someone said that you should be able to custom build your house up(and i for one like the ideal).  So I'm thinking have certain rooms you can add to your house that give different stuff then what a brothel will do.  As such a ballroom where you can throw a big party and invite "nobles"(not sure crossgate have nobles but that's what im going to refer to the rich as).  Nobles will be a new customer type giving the girls way more money for there services but they will expect flasher accommodations for the girls they spend time with which would mean you would have to spend more money on the girls rooms, the items the have, and the brothel in general or they wont come.  But by spending the extra money and throwing the party you will start getting the nobles and make more money with fewer customers.  You would need to have girls work the party's so would be extra jobs.  Could have a dinner room where you could feed the nobles would cost more cause your actually feeding them instead of just having them over for music and dancing but you could add magic ingredients to the food to brain wash the nobles into coming to lower grade brothels.  Personal slave rooms of different levels starting at cage for if you want to treat them like an actual pet and moving up to basically a luxury room fit for a queen.  Could invite the nobles or mayor over to sample your personal slaves or maybe send them to there house to gain influence.  I'm sure there is way more that could be done at your house that would make it different from a brothel (which i think was the main complaint of why some people didn't want this) and still make it add value to the game.

I don't know how hard this would be to program cause i have 0 programing skill but i think it can all be done.  If i did have the skill i would work on this myself as an add-on but i don't so ill pitch it and hope one of the devs decide it's good enough to add.  I think i had a few other ideals but im drawing a blank remembering them right now so ill post them later.  And if any of these ideals have been said before then im sorry but i either missed it or forgot i read it.