Author Topic: a way to use more then one girl per customer  (Read 2330 times)

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a way to use more then one girl per customer
« on: April 18, 2011, 07:39:52 PM »
ok, even though development is basically at a stand still, and it being a small issue, and even though I basically know zilch about programming, I'll suggest this anyway (who know it might be easier then I think, and work). create another job category call it something like "supervise and assist"  (doesn't really matter) and then add a check on the "cCustomers.cpp" to see how many (extra?) girls will be requested (I'd cap it at three brothel participants myself, and have a low chance for multiple girls). may be also add checks for satisfaction if the number isn't met, like with bestiality and fake animals. you would then have to add a check in cbrothel, or where ever the customers are assigned to the girls. that's why I figure it's important to make a distinction in how many girls are, and should be extra girls, I mean (1+x) would probably be easier to program when calling on two different jobs, then (x)
If this were to be programmed I would (as if I could program something like this, lol) definitely add a check like this "bool CheckBarStaff(sBrothel* brothel, int numGirls);    // returns true if the bar is staffed " (taken directly from cbrothel) so that if there is no one working as an extra you don't try to assign them, and could just skip to the (possible) satisfaction check.
I think the only existing files used would be cCustomers.cpp, cJob, one or both types of 'cBrothel's, 'cJobManager's, and of course the screen displays.
so it's probably more work then it's worth. still if I had the skills (and inclination) I would do so.

edited because I was so unclear last time, and left out a lot of things (and looked at the svn more)
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