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Important information about the future of Pytfall


It's not a secret that PF development stopped after Xela went offline for more than a year, and it can't be resumed without him. Our attempts to contact him were unsuccessful either, so whether he will return or not is unclear. In order to salvage PF mechanics and ideas accumulated over the years of development, together with TheWorst we are starting a new project, similar to PF but with original art. It won't be an exact copy of PF, so don't expect the very same game with slightly different art. But we'll reuse as many elements as we can, making it the best possible way to save PF's legacy. You can follow the development here:

Damn, sorry to hear about this whole situation.  From what I've played, PF was quite entertaining, and did a wonderful job resurrecting the old spirit of WM.  Here's hoping that the next project has a more successful and happier ending!


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