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DarkTl: Alright, here's deal. First step is MC's father (always a great man who achieved a lot). We assume that MC spent some time with him, and this gave him bonuses. Then we say that he's disappeared, leaving some money, and what MC did with those money being too young to do usual stuff like fight at arena or run a brothel. That also gives some bonuses and penalties. And then starting items. First two steps might give you items too, but at the third one you can select one freely.

I can't tell yet, always a great man or not. One thing that is clear is that they should all fall within the same patterns so it's easier to make events and each path isn't unique.

If I may, I'd like to ask a simple question:
Wouldn't it be possible to let the player choose the gender of the main character?
As in picking an MC that is defined as female, not alter the value at will of course.
(I've noticed that there's a female MC in the current a pack I'm using...)

For dialogues you would have to define some variables for like "Mr./Ms." or "he/she" etc...
And for MC on Girl events you just check gender and pick les/sex events based upon that.

I'm able to code a bit myself so I could maybe make a prototype implementation if I'm able to wrap my head around the current code.
But I have a busy work week ahead of me now so dunno when that will be...

Anyway, just a thought.

We have it in plans. To achieve it, we need to avoid direct speech on behalf of the MC as much as possible, and use variables like you described when needed.

It would help a lot if you code some basic function for us, or at very least make a list of all cases. He/she, his/her, guy/girl, lad/lass, etc.

I told CW there would be no end to confusion when he put in that sprite... it's also male according to the source and I think we removed it from the dev version.

*It's not as simple as adding his/hers, him/her and he/she and etc. Some events suggest that MC is male and would have to be forked, girls would have to go through extra checks to find out if they're willing to do lesbian thing. Item filters would have to be adjusted as well as a few other things.

I will not allow adding this to the game unless it comes from someone who's been with us for a while and can be relied on to properly integrate this into the game. We might do it ourselves at some point but right now I need to review jobs/class traits + we have a huge TODO list for the next release. It's a nice thing to have, I see male character at some point as well but if you want to have it for the next release, you'll have to do quite a bit of work yourself and adding stuff like:

--- Code: ---     @property
     def possessive_pronoun(self):
         if == "male":
             return "his"
         elif == "female":
             return "hers"
             return "unknown gender pronoun"
--- End code ---

is the least of the issues... you'll have to go through the game events/interface bit by bit to make sure this is prolly integrated.

**This will make some events harder to create in the future but I think we can deal with it :)

***There is another concern btw. If we allow female MC, first thing people will ask is to allow to start with any girl in the game like it is possible in some other games like JavaSimBro for example... which will require even more decisions (like who's picture to show in sex events, MC or the counterpart) + MC build setup we have now would have to be expanded to include the girls native setup from the source... and players WILL make a reasonable request like that, I know I would...

I am just pointing out one more time that this if done half-implemented will raise questions and requests... and possible issues we haven't thought of (yet).

Now that you mention it, I do kinda recognize the sprite...
So, yeah, I guess there are no females in that pack after all :P

After I took a look at how the MC was defined my head kinda exploded a bit.
I was hoping that the MC was defined in similar fashion as the girls, but it wasn't.

And I knew that actually implementing any dynamic pronouns in the game would require sweeping changes of the code.

I'll use this as a little pet-project of my own.
If I figure something out I might let you know (as in: if I get it to work without breaking everything in the process).


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