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--- Quote from: Zealotus on May 03, 2015, 03:28:19 PM ---Now that you mention it, I do kinda recognize the sprite...
So, yeah, I guess there are no females in that pack after all :P

After I took a look at how the MC was defined my head kinda exploded a bit.
I was hoping that the MC was defined in similar fashion as the girls, but it wasn't.

And I knew that actually implementing any dynamic pronouns in the game would require sweeping changes of the code.

I'll use this as a little pet-project of my own.
If I figure something out I might let you know (as in: if I get it to work without breaking everything in the process).

--- End quote ---

No significant changes. Apply it like in my example, preferably to PytCharacter class so we can use it in case we allow male/futa characters in the future. You can even put it on a separate class if it gets too big like we do with stats and traits. You can call it something like SexInterpolations or Pronouns. Also make everything properties because Ren'Py can interpolate:

"[hero.pronouns.possessive] fate is written in stone!" but cannot: "[hero.pronouns.possessive()] fate is written in stone!" (should look like this if you do with a separate class, *might be a good idea to add "its" for mobs and weird creatures...). It's just one extra line of code anyway.


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