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WM thoughts and ideas
« on: April 15, 2014, 07:25:15 PM »
Hey, great game so far, been playing the crazy mod, liking it so far.

Just some suggestions and thoughts of some things that could be nice additions.

1. Different types of responses in addition to the available ones for girls refusing. Girl refuses task --> "Fine you can be monster/gang's plaything" for 'x' turns until you change your mind." (group/beast pic after & at turn end?)

2. Girl loses in catacombs (beast pic instead of brown cavern? :D ) --> Monster(s) have a high chance of take a liking to the girl (based on looks?) and you must send search party otherwise happiness decrease/potential pregnancy/permanently enslaved? chances of recovery based on how many gangs send to catacomb at time? recapture gang unit?

3. Girl in prison... too pretty for prison? Les/bdsm scene?

4. Girl as currency. Can be wagered in arena for other random girls?  Led away in chains to satisfy the wager (bdsm/beast/group?) if girl is defeated by monster (beast scene?) If looks are high enough can use girl to satisfy politician to grant clemency to other girl in prison? (number of turns based off of charm?) Rent her to a politician and depending on stats get more or less bonus in town hall influence? (Various pic here?)

5. Strip club has backroom that has higher class clientele? Higher pay out but more picky crowd?

6. Brothel has monster pit where girls must hopelessly try and fend off strange beasts to the appeasement of the crowd?

7. Value of girl goes up with stat increase? Customer A becomes enamored with girl A and offers (amount here/item?) for girl. Auction? heavily affected by fame/skills/stats? Maybe sell girl by category? celebrity/maid/warrior/pleasure slave? (some stats more heavily weighed?)

8. Assassination attempt on player/being brought to justice. Your evil deeds have become to great to ignore and assassin/adventurer/warrior girl comes to put you down/send you to prison. Bedwarmer girl can defend if stats/affection high enough. If succeed: acquire new girl by defeating assassin/adventurer/warrior? If fail different results,  foe escapes+ one of: gang injured/gang rescues player/player prison or death/bedwarmer girl injured?

1. Movie filming require less girls? Maybe pay a fee? Use gang as staff? 7 girls required to make a film with a few girls doesn't sense to me.

2. Head girl also can be bedwarmer? takes away from harem effect otherwise.

Okay some of that got more complex then I had hoped. I think the game is great and again, just slinging some thoughts out there. Thanks for bringing out such a cool game to begin with peoples.