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PyTFall Roadmap:

Advantages of this version:

- Developed in Python: Fast development and easy + fast modifications to code in the future.

- .xml, .json and .ini 'database' files for easy modification and improvements.

- Amazing capabilities for girl interactions and scripting. This framework was developed for Visual Novels, meaning that it offers a lot of simple solutions and some really cool stuff for interactions and conversations. No need to know any programming language either, all scripting is done in plain text, just a few rules to follow and amazing and interesting scenarios can be written. Quality and quantity will obviously depend on how many people will join the team as writers and designers...

- Many options for graphical design and image/text manipulations come with framework.

- Works with Windows/Mac/Linux. No need to install any extra packages or install the game itself.

- Supports animations, video, music, sound, keyboard + joystick controls.

- Ready to use and nearly flawless Save/Load system for the game, no need for database dumps.


- Does not support animated .gif.

Set of ideas for the first Alpha:

- Mixed SimBrothel/WM gameplay.
- Loads of Items
- Brothels with Updates
- Interdependent Jobs
- Arena
- Basic Exploration
- Slave/Free girls types

Current Version: v0.32

Development Roadmap:

- Image tags system is not worked in here. It's a PytherWorld system being developed by Rudi for both games.

v0.01 - 0.1 - Main screens and basic logic behind them.

v0.1 - 0.2 - Girl meet in town scripts, logic and recruitment for writers and designers (otherwise this and many other steps may take forever).

v0.2 - 0.3 - Advanced logic for traits, next day, items planned for the original release, updates for brothels.

v0.3 - 0.4 - Arena, texts for interactions and girlsmeets.

v0.4 - 0.5 - Final decisions on Traits, Girls, Brothels, Picture Categories and sex acts. Basic balancing and Alpha release.

v0.5 - 0.6 - Adding slave-training and girl capture. Imptoving NPCs

v0.5 - 0.6 - Balancing out the game. Improving exploration to facilitate girl capture. Adding quests.

v0.7 - 0.8 - Improving GUI (logic), adding story and endings. Adding difficulties (if needed). More quests.

v0.8 - 0.9 - Finalizing girlspacks for official Beta, getting rid of all bugs and releasing a beta version. Remodeling all screens.

v0.9 - 1.0 - Making sure everything runs flawlessly, finalizing girlpacks and traits designs and releasing final version.


Man, I'm really looking forward to this!    8)


--- Quote from: merctime on November 02, 2013, 05:44:35 PM ---Man, I'm really looking forward to this!    8)

--- End quote ---

Yeah, me too...

But we've always find something to complicate the game and postpone the Alpha release date :D

Do you have a rough estimate on when you'll be able to release an alpha or it's to early yet?


--- Quote from: Romanul on March 08, 2014, 08:32:29 PM ---Do you have a rough estimate on when you'll be able to release an alpha or it's to early yet?

--- End quote ---

I am hoping weeks... Game would be ok for the @ release if we had more texts and events. Those things take a while...


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