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Pytfall on Android!


So.... I have been an anonymous fan of this game for a while and I finally made an account to say it lol 1st off, where is our hero at and I hope he is still alive...

2nd... I have dabbled with this trying to make it into an APK using renpys but I'm not great at renpy, I'm novice at best. Is anyone good at converting or has skills or know how about renpy to Android renpy? I thing this would be a game changer to be able to play on your Android and take your saves with you 🙏👽

The main problem of android PF would be lack of modding capabilities. You can't add girls and items to apk file.
Hence we never considered the idea of android version.

However, our new project is meant to replace PF and can support android:

Ahh. I wonder if you can add them as a dlc or something if there's a tutorial for it. And I do love your new game idea but I think what makes this one so appealing is it's a date sim, RPG, and management system that you can make custom packs of your anime waifus. I can't wait to see what you guys produce though!


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