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Some Ideas for possible implementing
« on: October 09, 2014, 03:20:17 AM »
Just some ideas. Not sure how hard/easy it would be since I no nothing about programming. Not even sure if this post goes here...

-Rival gangs can randomly attack your brothels (causing damage which you'd have to pay for repairs)
-During said attacks, rival gangs can kidnap your girls (leading to a "mini quest" to get them back, like when a girl runs away.)
-Assigning girls to "help out" your gangs. Let's be honest here, your gangs work for you. Sure, you pay them, but when your employees do good, they deserve a good "bonus"
-Assigned girls can be "gang leaders" and give bonuses to their stats.
-Girls can "convert" members of the rival gang to your side, making them easier to beat.
-Possible mini games when gangs enter catacombs (this I can hope for, but realistically I know it ain't happening.)
-Possibility of "training" gangs to be more specialized (as in more than just stat  based since endgame all gangs will end up the same.)
-Have special "virginity sales" events. I know that the game is set so that virgins are "worth more." but one night as a whore and that goes away. Virginity is a valuable and precious thing, even for whores.
-Create chastity belts so that girls will remain virgins until you decide otherwise (generally when you want to take them yourself, or when a client is feeling "really generous" with his gold.

Also, how hard is it to script character stories into the game? This is for purposes of if you wanted to do specialized training with one particular girl. I know that this game is a "Manage your brothel" kind of game, but it would be cool to be able to pick a girl and do "special things" together (and actually have them set as variables so the girl "remembers" that you did it.) I'm sure what I'm saying pushes the limit to be much closer to the slave maker game (which I used to play.)

Alright. I'm done for now...