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Re: Stats Concept
« Reply #75 on: December 02, 2014, 02:56:39 PM »
Assistants feel so generic in SM3, it's almost like they don't exist. Bonuses are tiny, and you can't even talk to them.
They are better in JoNT, because they actually can do a lot of useful things instead of MC and slaves, and you can interact with them in many ways. Even though they don't have unique preferences and dialogues, like in Otherworld, it's still better than nothing.

Auction is pretty fun, even though its algorithm is easy to bypass. It's something our slave market could use as well.
And dolls, well, they cannot look better than h-pictures. At least without pro artists.

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Re: Stats Concept
« Reply #76 on: December 02, 2014, 03:13:21 PM »
It's something our slave market could use as well.

Should be separate from the normal shopping routines.

We've also not finalized slave pricing:

For now I am working off:

1500 Flat Fee for any untrained slave.
Price method for trained once.

But it's just so I can write code in little time that I have without having to wait on discussion for this to finish, if you have ideas, lets hear them.

**Training by Blue for a flat fee of 2000 Gold and without conditions is coded in. Girl will be delivered in 30 Days.
**Auto-Selloff is ready as well, but the button to turn it on is not.
**Sell Off logic for captured girls s also ready, will trigger in 20 days automatically (assuming you don't care for the girl and they need to make space).
**Sending to ST Dungeon logic is ready (written by Thewlis some time ago).

Every captured girl requires 200 gold registration fees and 30 Gold for every day she's kept in jail.

Still to do: Buttons Everywhere (10% done), Stan logic (maybe), test the system.

**Oh, game will write these events to the report on the main screen, not the ND report, felt like it should be there with the Arena info. That's also taken care of.

Like what we're doing?