Author Topic: (r/u)Char generation (new control fields)  (Read 9761 times)

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(r/u)Char generation (new control fields)
« on: May 27, 2019, 10:06:06 AM »
Please submit your requests/ideas.
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Re: (r/u)Char generation (new control fields)
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2019, 10:52:46 AM »

Ok let's try to come with something who look "easy" to implement.

Would be ok : to have a shared JSON. Each time a new folder appear and as enough picture to be playable he gonna use the default JSON.

If you don't care about it then it's already perfect^^, and each time thoses character gonna be different. It's close to ideal for beginner, or people who really don't like doing that.

At this stage it's quite ok from my point of view, still a second step can be a small program similar to the tagger. We can start really simple : all the traits/class are listed. All have a chance to appear.

Then you can generate a JSON for a picked girl folder. Now you can whitelist/blacklist all the stuff you think is mandatory or not suitable at all.

At this stage the rchars folder and the char one can be merged I suppose. If an option to choose the kind is added.

The unchecked traits/class/(whatever I have forgot like tier/ element affinity/gold/ maybe items) gonna remain random...

The third step could prolly to have a control about the odd of thoses unlisted traits/class/etc.

Maybe some slider or a space with the default value displayed. I start to think my suggestion is quite demanding in term of GUI, but let's be honest I don't mind at all if it's only functional :) .

When the difficulty gonna be added to the game it could be nice to let it work with a point system. In function of the difficulty you got more or less point to use for customize girls. And so the base default can change in regards of the difficulty, as long there is a lot of item to personnalize your girls in game it's can be nice. This point system can be used during MC creation btw, I think people like thoses kind of stuff :) .

I hope I have been clear, if not don't hesitate to ask :) .