Author Topic: where do I actually install girl packs??? PYTFALL  (Read 10974 times)

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where do I actually install girl packs??? PYTFALL
« on: March 25, 2020, 04:08:42 PM »
So...this game is really cool. I've been playing it a few days. I like it.

But the thing that really pisses me off is that there's no actual guide for telling you WHERE and WHAT to do for installing girl packs. The wiki is written from the point of view of expecting every player to be a programmer that automatically knows this stuff, and basically is trying to tell you what to do assuming you already know.

That's really kind of worthless for people who don't know.

It mentions these jsoc files but not WHICH folder to put them in.

I'm assuming you put the picture files and name of the girl file in the content - characters file? And the default .72 game includes a Naruto folder that has them set with the naruto folder and jsoc in the same one.

But when I went to do that with real girl files, they don't show up in game? I have managed to have it put a random girl up in the park and on the beach with a blank screen with no it did something but not what I intended.

Am I not putting them in the right spot? Or are there other steps also that need to be done besides just putting them in the content, character folders? What do I put in the rchar folder, anything?

It would be helpful if someone can coach me through the steps one by one. But not only me, I think lots of people don't actually know where you put these. And there's no install guide for anything.

And maybe there can a step by step for mods?

Anyway thanks ahead of time.
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Re: where do I actually install girl packs??? PYTFALL
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2020, 05:05:51 AM »
Hey there bud.  It's not really that difficult to figure out if you wander around the file directory a bit.  Start in the Whore Master main folder, wherever you installed it.  That might be in your C: drive in a Program Files folder or somewhere else, wherever you dumped the folder where you'll find the WhoreMaster app.
Once you're in the main folder, find the Resources folder, open it.  Inside you'll find the folder called "Characters".  When you download a girl pack, you will most likely get a zip file, this is no good.  You'll Expand that file.  If it gives you a Folder with just the girl name, open that.  You should find a file and a folder, both with the girl name.  COPY these, then PASTE them into the Characters folder.  I do a copy paste because it makes sure I have a backup in case of power outage etc.  If you do a MOVE instead, and you have the girl already, you could lose your spare copy in replacing her.
JSOC, JSON etc files are files formatted for a PARSER, which is programming code that gathers pieces of data based on Field names it matches in the file.  The .girlsx files you find are this type of file.  The .rgirlsx is an expanded version of this format, and is XML formatted.  This means it uses XML data objects, very much like you'd find on webpages, accept they only represent a pure data object, which has no visual, accept when it's time for a photo to show -- and the XML parser uses the girl name to find the folder of images that matches that name.
Once your .girlsx file, any .rgirlsx files, and the folder of her images are in the Characters folder, you may be able to find her.  However, this has been a bit... ...hit and miss.  Sometimes you actually have to start a new game in order for the app to link all the new files.
I've had fun using some basic utilities, the WMEditor included with the game, and the .girlsx files to play around a bit with how many of each girl will actually show up in the game.
I use Notepad++ to edit the .girlsx files and make a few changes.  Since they are XML based, I had to remember that, and keep the same format for my adjustments.
I use TXTCollector to help me with this... ...I create a folder on the desktop, name don't matter, then copy and paste a .girlsx file into it.  Then I copy that file in the folder and paste there again and continue this until I have many copies of the file.  Then I open TXTCollector (I had to add the extension .girlsx to its listing, which isn't too complicated, you just have to be able to unhide folders on windows and find the right document in your AppData folder in the main hard drive C: under the Users folder, where you find your account name folder, then AppData or similar.  Do a search for the company name of TXTCollector and you'll find the folder with the extensions list inside, it's just a text file, so you can add another extension easily).  In TXTCollector I check no separator and no filename, then browse folders and select the folder I made on the desktop.  I select .girlsx from the dropdown list above the Browse folders button, it finds all of them, then I hit Combine all files.  I save the new file right to the desktop with the Girl name, and leave the extension .girlsx.  Now I have to edit that, find all copies of the XML and UTF message at the top, remove all but the top one.  Then find all instances of <Girls> (NOT <Girl or <Girl>, these are needed!), and remove all but the top one.  Then I have to find all the instances of </Girls> and remove all but the very last one at the very bottom.  the <Girls> tag opens the list of girls, the </Girls> tag closes it, and there can only be one set of these for the file to work properly.  The same for the special XML version tag at the top, there can only be one.  Now I have many of this girl in one file.  I can make alterations to a few to create different versions of her, or leave them alone to make special clone harem.
I also use a special Symlink program to create "Dupelicate" image folders without taking up more space on the drive.  They start with the Symlink word in their name, but I can remove that and add my own ending to the name to indicate what type of clone this is.  I can copy the girlsx file and give it the same name as the image folder.  The Girls name will show up in the game as the name in the text in her file, but the folder her images come from should be through the symlink.  By doing this you can multiply a single file with several copies of a girl into even larger groupings.  You can even separate your versions of her this way, without actually seeing a different name or different images, but you can have her description and stats altered.  It creates a bit more mystery to have such multiples of the girls, and I find it a better method than using the .rgirlsx files.  You can use those as well, provided you don't alter names.  You can even use a .girlsx file to copy stats into a ,rgirlsx file including the name, in order to create a randomized version of the girl, which will have a different name in the game, but the same images, and your own set of stats and traits.  You can even multiply the data set in the file like I did above, and increase the likelihood of getting the random girl in the game.
Using those methods, I was able to adjust how often certain girls show up in the game, and make sure I had multiple copies of them, as if they worked a different job every day of the week instead of a Day\Night setup that limited their repertoire...