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Language Models
« on: June 13, 2023, 04:01:44 PM »
Hi all!
So, I've played around a bit with these new deep-learning language models (i.e., the open-source alternatives to ChatGPT) to see to what degree that technology could be used to help fill in the missing variations for the game texts.

First off,  I have to say the technology is really impressive at generating coherent texts, even for the kind of content we need. However, while it is easy to get it to generate text that stays loosely on topic, controlling the specifics, it seems, involves quite a bit of luck. Sometimes the model does what you ask, sometimes it does not.

Nonetheless, I think with some manual filtering and post-processing, this could be a way to generate missing text variation.

How it works:
I built a template query, for now experimenting for the "Film Strip-Tease" job, something like:
Code: [Select]
### Instruction:
The prompt below is a task to complete; write a response in third-person voice.
### Prompt:
Describe a girl filming a striptease scene.

### Response:
${{name}} worked as an actress filming a striptease scene.

To increase variety, I randomly add some adjectives and descriptors into the text. Then I let the language model continue the text from there.

Some responses, together with the modifiers used in the prompt:
> girl=small-breasted, scene=uninspired, setting=in an abandoned warehouse, style=lewd
She was petite with small breasts, giving her a cute and innocent look
that added charm to the performance. As she entered the abandoned
warehouse where the scene was set, ${name}'s eyes scanned over the
dimly lit space. It felt eerie yet exciting for her. She started
taking off her clothes slowly, revealing her smooth skin bit by bit
while maintaining eye contact with the camera. Her movements were not
very sensual but more like following instructions given to her.

> girl=beautiful, scene=average, setting=, style=short
As the camera rolled, ${name}'s character gracefully removed her
clothing revealing each piece of lingerie underneath until she was
completely nude. Her movements were sensual and seductive, drawing the
viewer into the moment. Despite being an average striptease, ${name}'s
beauty shone through making it seem like something more special than
just taking off clothes.

> girl=ugly, scene=uninspired, setting=
The camera zooms in on her face, revealing the ugliness of it all. She
begins to dance seductively, but something feels off - like she's
trying too hard or simply doesn't have what it takes to pull this off.
Her movements are clumsy and uncoordinated, making one wonder how she
even got cast for this role. As she slowly removes each piece of
clothing, exposing more and more flesh, there's no denying that she
isn't exactly a sight for sore eyes. In fact, watching her perform can
be downright cringe-worthy. But hey, at least they tried to spice
things up with some gratuitous nudity, right?

> girl=beautiful, scene=boring, setting=, style=lewd
Even though the camera caught every curve and angle of her body, there
was something off about it all. The music playing in the background
didn't match the mood she was trying to convey, making the whole thing
feel disjointed. As ${name slowly removed each piece of clothing,
their movements were calculated yet lacked any sort of passion or
excitement.} It was clear that they were just going through the
motions, with no real emotion behind what they were doing. In the end,
the final product ended up being nothing more than a dull and lifeless
display, leaving much to be desired from both the audience and the
performer alike.

> girl=shy, scene=dull, setting=
However, she was too timid and didn't feel comfortable with her body.
She stumbled upon the script for this explicit sequence while working
on the set of her first feature film. The director encouraged her to
go through with it since he believed that ${name had what it takes to
be a great performer.

As you can see, sometimes the text switches tenses, pronouns, or makes up some scenario that doesn't quite fit to what we need in the game. Still, most of these texts do provide great starting  points, and with just a little bit of improvements, could actually be used in the game.