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I have started the fresh install of vBulletin on a subdomain set aside for necro. The setup should take me a few hours. I will be posting the new link when done.

I need two volunteers to moderate the forum. Make sure that there is no spam. Posts are placed in the proper threads and general maintenence.

Necro from the old forum shall be placed as Administrators.

And if Dagoth is willing I will place him there as well. Since he seems to have some knowledge on how the forum is run. I myself will be placed in the super admin group so I am able to keep the forum up to date and to help out when I can. Any questions may be posted in this thread and I will answer as fast as I can.

Update 8:03 PM MST
Create subdomain for PinkPetalGames ( -Completed-
Install of vBulletin 3.8.3 -Completed-
Configuration of vBulletin -Completed-
Create board topics. -In Progress-
Create user categories. -Not yet started-
Create Admin email addresses and configure through webmail. -Not yet started-
Create cPanel login for Necro, and Dagoth for MySQL database access and maintenance. -Not yet started-
Create theme for forum. -Not yet started-
Install any requested plugins/features for forum such as upload and screenshot hosting. -Not yet started-
Debug and address any security issues. -Not yet started-
Create forum rules. -Not yet started-

Mods of current forum please post here so I know who to add to the moderator group. Any other volunteers please post here as well. I will update this as I complete tasks.

I think Dagoth is enough as mod, it's not like there's a lot of traffic so there's need for more mods/admins, at least for now. Only reason I'm (still) an admin here is because I installed this forum script and didn't get necno's confirmation that he has received all admin data so I could remove myself from admin list.

Understood. The reason I am putting him as an admin is because he seems to understand the workings of mySQL which incase of the server exploding. (rare but possible with my luck) He is able to troubleshoot the problem without me having to be around. I am a fulltime IT tech after all I rarely have any freetime myself. But is it only You? (Solo), Dagoth and Necno that I need to worry about putting in the mod group for now?

Damn! Not a new forum again, I just spammed thisone!  ;D

No, only a joke, I wanna say thank you for setting up a new forum for this (hopefuly) growing community. I'm really lookin' forward for the new one, even if this one isn't that bad, but its a little boring, 'cause all white. Maybe you could change it a little on the next one?  ;)


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