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well, savaging the game a bit, I found the girls creator inside a folder (¬°wow!), so it would be very nice if someone could make some kind of "walkthrough" about how to create a girl. all it says inside the creator is to make a folder with the girls images. :-X

I`d say just open a girl that is already done, modify her a bit till you are used to the setup.
Then create your own, i`m sure you can figure it out quite easily.

This game from my experience as the easiest modding ever.

Well, the girl editor that ships with the game is totally outdated, so you can ignore it, trash it, run it through a file shredder, whatever makes you happy.  Head on over to the User Mods section and download the 0.66 version of the WM Editor (thread here).  Download that file, unzip, and put WMEdit.exe in the Whore Master root directory.

There are two parts to creating a girl.  The first part involves putting together a collection of images for the girl (as I recall, the game only reads .jpgs and .jpegs, so other files will be ignored).  Name each file as appropriate for the action (ANAL* for anal sex pics, BDSM* for BDSM pics, BEAST* for bestiality/tentacle pics, etc. - see the existing girl folders for the format) and add to a folder named after the girl.  There is a thread in the User Mods section that suggests sources for images (I think it's a sticky).  The second part involves creating an entry in a .girlsx (for unique girls) or .rgirlsx (for random girls) file.

To create the entries for the second part, run WMEdit.exe: if everything is working right, it should open on the "Girl Data" tab.  For a unique girl, just start filling in the fields from here; most of them are self explanatory (name, description, stats, skills).  Make sure the name you give her is exactly the same as the name of the folder you put her images in.  Fields with green backgrounds you should probably leave as is, but you can change them.

Stats are as follows:

* Charisma: her force of personality, charm, aura, etc.  Average with beauty to determine looks (which is a large factor in how much customers will pay for her services).
* Libido: her sex drive.  In part, determines how much enjoyment she gets from sex.
* Intelligence: how smart she is.
* Mana: measure of magic power.
* Fame: probably should leave at 0, it's auto-calculated by the game.  Could start higher to have a girl who is famous before becoming a whore maybe.
* Ask price: not used by the game.
* Exp: again, should be 0, see fame.
* Obedience: higher values lower rebelliousness, making the girl less likely to refuse to work.
* Beauty: physical appearance.  Averaged with Charisma to determine Looks.  Cannot be improved in game!  Effectively, this can act as a cap on total Looks if set low enough.
* Health: should start at 100, unless you want the girl to enter the player's service in a beat up state.  If you make it 0, she will show up dead!
* P Char Love: how much she loves the player.  Probably should be 0, unless you plan to have extenuating circumstances (she's a childhood friend with an unrequited love, she was heroically rescued from horrendous conditions by the player [when scripts get implemented properly, this will be possible], etc).
* Happiness: default is 100, which I don't necessarily agree with, but you can change it to whatever you think is appropriate for this particular girl.  Don't make it too low (~30 or so, especially if you give her the "Depressed" trait), as girls that are very unhappy will commit suicide!
* Constitution: determines how tiring she finds different kinds of work (and maybe how much damage she takes from various events); girls with low Con's will need frequent days off to rest.
* Agility: measure of flexibility and nimbleness.
* Level: should be 0; I think it will be auto-calculated by the game when it gets implemented.  Currently has no effect.
* House: I think this is supposed to be the House percentage for the work she does.  Previously, this had no effect in game, but it might be working now (I have not confirmed this yet).  You can change it in game anyway, even if the entry does nothing.
* Age: self explanatory - measured in years.  As near as I can tell, it has no effect in game.  Note that all girls have a minimum age of 17 in game, so lower values in the .girlsx file will be overruled.
* Spirit: The best description of this one I can think of is self-confidence.  Higher values increase rebelliousness and increase the likelihood that she will act in her own best interest when given certain choices (ie, if she thinks she would be better off running away, then she is more likely to do so if her spirit is high).
* Tiredness: default is 0.  As tiredness increases, her rebelliousness increases.  Once it gets high enough, her health will deteriorate if she doesn't get time off from work.  You can start with higher tiredness if you want her to show up that way, but it isn't recommended.
* PChar Fear: see PChar Love, except measures how much she fears the player.  Factors into rebelliousness along with PChar Love and PChar Hate.
* PChar Hate: see PChar Love, except measures how much she hates the player.Skill values measure how good she is at each of the skills.  Stats and skills have a valid range of 0-100, except for Exp and Level (IIRC) - but those two should start at 0 anyway.  You can click the options to randomize the stats and skills if you don't have a preference for them in general.

Starting gold is the amount of gold she has in her possession when you find her/buy her.

Select the desired traits from the trait list on the left.  Tooltips will pop up with descriptions of each trait, but you can see the whole list on the "Traits" tab along with their descriptions.  Check the checkboxes for the traits you want her to have.

To have her appear as a free girl, select the "Normal Girl" option in the drop box below traits; or slaves, select "Slave Girl"; and for girls you can only find in the Catacombs, select the Catacombs option.

Check over everything, and when you are satisfied, click "Add to list."  You can then click "Reset" to clear the entries and make a new girl (don't click "Clear List" or you will erase any work you haven't saved!).  If you want to go back and edit a girl, select her in the list, make changes, and click "Update selected."  When you are done creating and/or editing girls, click "Save."  Name the file whatever you want, as long as it has the .girlsx extention (and it's probably wise to choose a different name than existing .girlsx files), and save it in "<Whore Master's root directory>\Resources\Characters\".

You can edit existing .girlsx or .girls files by loading them in the editor, adding or editing girls as above, and saving the file.  If you don't clear the list before opening new files, any girls in the list will be added to those from the file you open (you can consolidate your girls into one file this way, if you wish - just be sure to remove the old files if you do, or you will end up with duplicate girls in your game).  The editor translates the old format (.girls) into the new format (.girlsx), unless you tell it to save in the old format (and you should probably switch them to the new anyway, as support for the old format is going away eventually - just delete the .girls files after you switch them over).

The process for creating random girl templates is similar - switch to the "Random Girl Data" tab, and proceed as above, except enter two values for each stat and skill: the minimum and maximum starting values.  The game will randomly generate a value somewhere between these two when it generates a random girl based on this template.  For traits, select the trait from the drop-down list and enter the percentage chance that the randomly generated girl will have the trait.  If you want her to always have the trait, enter "100" - if you never want her to start with the trait, just don't add it (or remove it if you already added it), you don't have to give it a chance of "0".  "Starting gold" is the range for how much money she will start the game with.  "Is Human?" I think is redundant, as there is a trait for "Not Human" that you can select, so I don't know exactly what this does.  Leave it checked if she will always be human, uncheck it if she will never be - I don't know what to do if you want her to have a % chance of being either.  Check "Catacombs?" if the template will only be used for girls in the catacombs, leave it unchecked if it will only be used outside the catacombs.  Follow the directions for unique girls in all other instances (naming the folders after the template names, adding girls to the list, editing girls from the list, saving and loading [use .rgirlsx extention for random girls], etc.).

I think I covered everything there.  *Phew!*

wow, that was great man. Ive got nothing else to say but thanks =) ive got another question, if you can help. it has nothing to do with this, but... how do you get a girl out of prison?

Right now, you don't.  When 1.30 comes out, I'm given to understand that there will be a way to get them out of jail.


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