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My packs for Pytfallpassword for all archives is pytfall

Place the unique character packages as well as the associated .json file in the 'game/content/chars/' subdirectory of the game. The random girls and the associated .json file are to be placed in the in the 'game/content/rchars/' directory. At least one unique char and one random rchar, with their associated .json files, are required to run the game!

Unique girls:
Ar Tonelico (3 girls from AT 1 and 2); datafiles.
Arcana Heart (1 girl + 11 minor characters); datafile.
King of Fighters (1 girl); datafile.
Attack on Titan (3 girls); datafiles.
Blazblue (5 girls); datafiles.
Dead of Alive (3 girls); datafiles.
Dragon Quest (7 girls); datafiles.
Guilty Gear (2 girls); datafiles.
Fairy Tale (7 girls); datafiles.
Final Fantasy 13 (3 girls); datafiles.
Ikkitousen (5 girls); datafiles.
NGE (6 girls); datafiles.
One Piece (3 girls); datafiles.
SAO (4 girls); datafiles.
Full Metal Daemon (1 girl); datafile.
Seiken Densetsu (1 girl); datafile.
Queen's Blade (6 girls); datafiles.
Xenosaga (2 girls); datafiles.
Sora no Otoshimono (3 girls); datafiles.
Tales of (5 girls); datafiles.
Persona (6 girls from P3 and P4); datafiles.
Naruto (9 girls, including Cherry's Hinata, Tenten and Sakura packs and Kushina made by laposteb); datafiles.
Tekken (2 girls); datafiles.
Touhou #1 (5 girls); datafiles.
Touhou #2 (5 girls); datafiles.
FF13 (3 girls); datafiles.
Sailor Moon (9 girls); datafiles.

Random girls:
2k-tan; datafile.
Adventurer (DQ); datefile.
Angel; datafile.
Dark Elf; datafile.
Dryad; datafile.
Sylph (aka Leafa from SAO); datafile.
Noble Elf; datafile.
Ranger Elf; datafile.
Wild Elf (aka Rena from Elsword); datafile.
Priest (DQ); datafile.
Sage (DQ); datafile.
Slime; datafile.
Soldier (DQ); datafile.
Black Hair Human Girl; datafile.
Blonde Hair Human Girl; datafile.
Blue Hair Human Girl; datafile.
Green Hair Human Girl; datafile.
Pink Hair Human Girl; datafile.
White Hair Human Girl; datafile.

Combined Naruto pack (we'll have it in the release anyway): link.



Datafiles link isn't working, thought you should know


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