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okey thanks for the advice ill keep that in mind

Hello !
I have the repository since you post, but apparently you do not add models by default? I still have the same problem from the beginning when I start a new game I have this error:

(I have pull master)

I think that's just doing it finds no character, yet I have a folder filled as indicated on this post:

I know the game is not finished yet but I would have liked to have a look except I can not add a single pack ...
You not have a pack with just a girl and a picture I can see how it works after I manage ?
You can also add a default girl in your repository  ;)

Sorry for my english it's google trad xD

I think you just need to download the new packs, this sort of thing can happen if you're using old data files/pictures.

I don't think data files for Cherry's pack are available for download though... I attached to this post example of character file.

Arf, I am bad  :'(

after try in naruto folder I try that

and that

but doesn't work


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