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I would really love to have a small group of commands which I'm missing really in the script editor.

What I would like to have are commands about the girlstatus.

for an example:

 if girl status : pregnant (poisoned etc.)
have girl status."text"
remove girl status "text"

in addition it would be really helpfull if someone would remove the bugs from the latest script commands.

commands like: give girl item..... or If girls free etc. causing mistakes in all coding lines following after these commands because the if /endif are not working correctly.
Further more all command lines following after such a buggy command are moved to the left, so you dont have no more overview about the command structure which is really needed especially in larger scripts.

Kind regards

Attach a copy of your script so I can debug it.

I dont have these sripts anymore because  I removed the buggy commands again.

But for example if you add the command Give item to girl "text" somewhere into the Default interaction script, you can see the bug by yourself.

I have looked at the scripts and I can answer a few things.

First, the moving of things to the left is a limitation of the old script editor.
Only the IF commands that were hard coded into the editor by the original creator will shift things to the right.
The "EndIf" command will shift anything back to the left.
I have added "EndIfNew" that does the same thing as "EndIf" but does not shift the text in the editor.
This should help a little.

I tried the give item commands but did not get any bugs with them.
When entering the name of the item don't use quotes.
The text entered should be exactly the same as the item name in the .itemsx file.

I will try to add in a few more commands next week if you want to make a list of what you need.

Dear aevojoey,

thanks again for your help.

First I will explain more about the if commands.
I've worked hours for hours trying to write scripts.

What I've found out is that only the last four if commands in the editor are not working correctly.

all other/older if-commands are working fine together with the endif command.
(means that the endif causes only a one step shift back to the left edge for the whole following commands.) And so you can see very clearly if these things are coded well.
If all is fine all ifvar"number"... are standing correctly at the very left edge. Otherwise the script is buggy.

So I'm not shure if your idea with the  endifnew solves these problems.
It feels more as if these commands dont have a correct internal steering command.

When I remembering right the buggy if commands are causing other troubles too. Pictures are not shown correctly (the picture is shown one step later, when the script is running for a second time, for example. But I'm not really shure if I'm remembering right.

About the givegirlinvitem:  I had written a script with this command and the script was running. But no girl ever got an item on these way. Ive checked this very often, closing the game , than opened again , knowing that changes of a script are working not during a game session, but it was never sucessful, always failed.

to all of you guys: Do you have other experience?

At least my wish list:
- ifGirlStatus*text*

I was also thinking about to combine these commands together with a temp/nontemp election, lets say for the poisoned status, but on the other hand could it causes logic mistakes by some other states? What do you think?

kind regards


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