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I plan to add a theme or two and some mods later on. The theme(s) will probably be added later tonight, and possibly some mods as well (we'll see).

The theme variants I'm planning to add are on this test board of the author:
Check the upper right for links to demo the 3 Curve variants. Any one in particular which you like? We can set any of them as the default and leave the others selectable in your user profiles.

Prince of Darkness, or failing that Blue Steel, as far as I'm concerned.

The darker, the better :)

OK, they're installed. I added a poll for which one should be the default here:

That'll probably be it for themes, in order to keep it dead simple to update; the 3 variants added are all just CSS+image changes from the default Curve theme, so they'll be easy to update for forum version upgrades even if the author doesn't update them himself.

I might ought to have waited, but there are now some additional avatars available. Set them in your profile.;area=forumprofile

FYI, the new ones are "Anime", "Comic Book", "Game Avatars", and "Naruto".

also, I've added a couple of smiley packs "DarkB" and "SoloSmileys". "DarkB" has been set as the forum default. You can change which you see in your profile.;area=theme


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