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Whore Master Editor 0.7.1

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Here's another new version. This one has basic support for editing config.xml, it's not much butit may help some. Currently there's no error checking so you can enterrubbish instead of required values (which you could also do withregular text editor anyway) so be careful what you enter. I suppose thegame will crash if you enter "gfde" instead of "43" or "0.75" :P ,and also, it may crash if you enter something as "1,0" instead of "1.0"(or better said, I'm pretty sure using , instead of . will not bringanything good). In boxes where values are percentages (they have (%))try to refrain yourself and enter only values from 0 to 100, I don'tknow what will happen if you enter value larger than 100.
Asbefore, when you overwrite existing file bak will be created. But ifyou messed that one already you can just press reset button and savethat. Those are (should be) default values.

Here is WMEdit 0.7.1:

Source for 0.68 (source for newest version is now on SVN):

As before, .net framework 3.5 is required to run editor

Here's the girl I did some time ago converted in new format using the editor (actually, writing her data manually in notepad was what motivated me to make this app). It/she was posted on first reincarnation of the forum. It's no one "famous", just something I rendered for this, so in that sense it's original :P .


- added "Small Weapon item type
- removed ability to save as old items/girls/rgirls files, they don't support this and previous change anyway so there wasn't much sense to keep them any more


- added new field to items tab, GirlBuyChance, it works (will work) as described here, it should only be used with XML format
- added some new fields to game config tab


- added preliminary support for editing config.xml, based on config.xml


- fixed PCHate crash when clicking on an item that has it, this only happened with items saved to XML format, if you have XML file load it in this version, it'll check if there's an item with this problem and tell you if it need fixing. To fix it just resave the file, it'll fix it automatically.

- I also added drag and drop support. Now you can just drop files into program window and it'll load them and switch to corresponding tab. You can drop one or more files, it'll load all of them, even of different types. Only "drawback" is that it'll switch to the tab of last file it reads (i.e. if you drop 2 girls(x) and 1 rgirls(x), chances are rgirls(x) will be processed last so editor will switch to that tab when it finishes)


- fixed blank line between entries when adding or updating them and saving them in old format


- fixed another typo, this time in "Pregnant by player" string, I think this will be the last fix on item tab, I don't think I updated any of the other strings so they should be OK all over the code


- fixed small (well, at least as bugfixing goes) issue with some traits being screwed up while adding to the list or updating that The Alpacalypse noticed. Only 0.6 was affected by this, no need to worry that 0.55 and down messed something up. This was because an oversight, while adding XML support I corrected few typos in names of these strings (libido, agility, controlled) but I missed few occurrences of them so there was a little discrepancy there.


- added support for new XML format of girls (.girlsx file extension), random girls (.rgirlsx) and items (.itemsx)


- fixed bug when overwriting existing files, now it should get saved in every case, also, when overwriting existing file it will now add .bak extension to old file before saving a new one, just in case


- added ability to filter girls on girls tab by their type (normal, slave, from catacombs), should work fine, but it needs to be tested little more thoroughly before trying to implement similar feature for other tabs
- swapped places of delete selected entry and clear list buttons on all tabs. I think it's safer to have delete selected button next to save, if you press it accidentally you'll loose just one entry, which you can add easy anyway since it's data will be displayed, but if you press clear list accidentally it's all gone :)


- girls, random girls and items in their list are now alphabetically sorted


Good job once again, Solo, on behalf of everyone who's used and of the mods.

Thanks, but it wasn't much that I did with this version, mostly added bunch of comments so someone else would hopefully be able to adapt it later if need be.

Comments were needed since I'm no programmer so some of my solutions could seem odd (understatement :)) to someone who is so to help them understand what exactly I did there, or tried to do...

Would it be feasible to add a sorting function to the lists in the editor?  For example, sort the girls list alphabetically, by age, by Constitution, by normal/slave/catacombs status, etc.  The same would be nice for items, though I think it is less of an issue there.

Possible yes, feasible so-so. Alphabetical sorting is rather easy, but would probably require change of some concepts, so list entries would remain in sync with girl data that is stored DataTable. As it is now when entry is added to list (only name is added to list) it's added at the same time to DataTable. So when you click on an entry it gets it's index and calls the item from DataTable that's under the same index. It's simple, but it works. If I sort lists that stores items and girls these index' wouldn't be in sync. There would need to be either some other memory object that would link indexes from the list to the ones in DataTable or DataTable would need to be sorted at the same time so they remain in sync. Or sort just DataTable and fill list entries from that... Hmm, that's perhaps the best solution and would require least meddling in the code, if I can figure out how exactly to do it.

As far as rest of sorting goes that would definitely require rewrite of major code behind this tool. And personally I don't see the point in it. There's no practical reason to be able to sort them by these stats. Most of them are anyway from some more or less famous anime toons/games so that really doesn't do anything. It's not that girl A will affect girl B if her stat A is higher/lower than stat A girl B has. Or interactions like that.

Alphabetical sort would help to deal with names that are used twice, but for the rest I don't see the point.


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