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I notice the "Preview" button isn't working when posting...


and I'm pretty sure I know why. From what I've read on the issue, it's generally an indication that there's a malformed script added into the page which is affecting other scripts.
If you view the page source here, you'll see at the bottom some ad code which is apparently added by the host. I expect that's the culprit.

Hmm. I know we just got here, but... perhaps it's worth considering just ponying up for a cheap $5 a month web hosting plan somewhere else?

Funny thing is it works when you write in quick reply and then click on preview, but not from the "full" reply page.

Another possibility, if Glorn is willing, would be to get a domain name for the site (maybe a free addresses, or $5-10 a year for a normal one) and just move everything from here to his account. Transferring the forum and all contents over would be fairly simple, I've moved several myself. You just copy the files and database contents over to the new host, update the forum configuration file with the new DB info, domain URL, and local file path, and then go into the forum itself and update a few more settings in the admin control panel to refer to the new domain and local path info.

Well, there isn't really much to move. If these few posts get lost it wouldn't be a big issue. But anyway, it's not difficult to export current SQL database and import into new forum database.


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