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Right now the GI has the following options (arranged as "Name" ("label if different") "file the labels are in"):

* Chat - interactions/GM - chat.rpy
* General
* About Her
* Interests
* Hang Outs
* Romance   
* Training - interactions/GT - training.rpy
   Builds itself from the one-off-event trainings from the schools (currently only the training dungeon).
   The training.rpy file contains the default labels for the training success states (disobey, runaway, etc). The actual trainings will define their own labels.
* Praise - interactions/GM - praise.rpy
* Clever (compliments)
* Strong (compliments)
* Cute (compliments)
* Breasts   
* Scold - interactions/GM - scold.rpy
* Dumb (insult)
* Boring (insult)
* Ugly (insult)
* Slut   
* Give Money - interactions/GM - givemoney.rpy
* 25G (gm25g)
* 50G (gm50g)
* 100G (gm100g)
* 500G (gm500g)   
* Give Gift - interactions/GM - givegift.rpy
* Go Out
* Beach - interactions/GM - go out.rpy
* Shopping - interactions/GM - shopping.rpy   
* Proposition
* Friends
* Girlfriend
* Hire   
* Intimacy
* Touch - interactions/GM - touch.rpy
* Hug
* Hold Hands
* Slap Butt
* Grab Breasts      
* Kiss - interactions/GM - kiss.rpy
* Hand
* Forehead
* Cheek
* Mouth      
* Sex - interactions/GM - sex.rpy
* Sex - interactions/GM - sex.rpy
* Fuck
* Blowjob
* Anal
* Tribadism (lesbo)         
* Leave
All the options are setup in screens/pyt - screens - girlsmeets.rpy, as well as the actual screen (pyt_girl_interactions) and the label that accesses it (girl_interactions).

All the labels are the option name without spaces and lower case, unless specified. So "About Her" would be "abouther".
The system then looks for first label that matches:

* girl_meets_"label"_"girl"
* girl_meets_"label"
* girl_interactions_"label"_"girl"
* girl_interactions_"label"
* girl_trainings_"label"_"girl"
* girl_trainings_"label"
* interactions_"label"_"girl"
* interactions_"label"
This allows us to specific mode-specific scenes as well as girl-specific scenes.

Girl Meets (Not)
Girl Interactions (Not)
Girl Trainings (Not)

Greetings have been moved to interactions/GM - greetings.rpy and are accessed through a call() instead of a jump().

Options required for advanced interactions system. Might wait for the next release.

- Running BE inside GM, preferably as a one simple function that will return to GM who has won.
- Option to move with the character to another location, ie spend time together somewhere. And call there some label after moving to proceed. Will be useful for dates as well.
- Option to visit characters with friend flag at home anytime.
- Shopping together option which is currently broken for good because of changes in the code. Should not anymore be based on occupation for obvious reasons.
- Better gifts system based on generalizations in order to avoid dozens new checks every time we add a new gift.
- Full access to inventory for characters with lover flag.
- Possibly an option to meet slaves that don't belong to MC, and under certain conditions buy them. Existing free characters could be their masters.


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