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Here is the list of existing tags and their description. Red are main tags, green are minor tags.

* SFW: pictures with a girl doing nothing, or something insignificant that doesn't matter much; also without any sexual or nude content, ie Safe For Work.
- girlmeets: this tag states that a picture is usable for girlsmeets, ie meeting with a girl somewhere. Not every picture could be tagged with it, for example things like sitting on invisible chairs or lying characters probably should not have this tag.
- battle: pictures that could be used at arena, after exploration, etc. Ie when a character is ready for combat or for example has a weapon, but not actually fighting with someone.
- rest: pictures that depict resting characters. They could sleep, lie somewhere, drink tea, play a game (not a sport game, more like video games or chess).
- beauty: tag for beauty school and similar activities, like applying makeup or combing hair.
- etiquette: same for etiquette school and similar activities, like showing skill in, knowledge of or otherwise displaying high society behavior or an action that can be associated with it.

* Nude: pictures with any explicit nudity. For example, bikini and lingerie don't fit here as long as they are not transparent, topless does.

* Natural nude: only for cases when nudity is absolutely normal and very common for the character (usually androids or monsters like slimes).

* Battle_sprite - specific pictures that are used in BE, with characters ready for combat. They should be backgroundless.

* Portrait - characters portraits without backgrounds, ie head only. Widely used, ideally there should be 1 portrait per emotion if possible. Also ideally either clothes should be the same, or they should not be seen.

* Sprite - full sized pictures without background that suit portraits. Meaning that ideally there shouldn't be much difference in clothes between sprite and portrait pictures if portraits display clothes.
We don't need many, but we need at least one, preferably with neutral expression.

These tags could be used regardless of other tags.
Emotion tags:
Angry, confident, defiant, ecstatic, happy, indifferent, in pain, insane, sad, scared, shy, suggestive, tired, uncertain.
Emotion tags are not not mutually exclusive, often expression of the character is a mix of several emotions.

Places tags:
No bg: pictures with transparent backgrounds. Unlike sprites, these pictures could be unsuitable for portraits.
Simple bg: pictures with monochromatic and/or indeterminate background, usually it's pure white color or some abstract pattern.
Usually in both cases it's impossible to describe location, though sometimes you can say if it's indoors or outdoors.

Specific places:
*These tags are mutually exclusive.
- beach;
- stage;
- onsen;
- pool;
The difference between common and specific places is that latter ones can and will be used for events easily, and they are common enough (for example, arena could be useful too in theory, but it's way too rare).

Common places:
*Note that following tags are not mutually exclusive, unlike specific places tags.
- outdoors and indoors; you can use one of them almost always, and when you can't, it's usually no bg or simple bg.
Here tags system becomes a bit hierarchical.
For outdoors:
- urban: represents places inside of a city. It could be a street, a park, a market.
- wildness: represents places without any traces of civilization. It could be a forest, a cave, a meadow, even some old ruins.
- suburb: none of the above. Meaning that there are traces of civilization, like a road, a tavern or a small village, but clearly not a big city.
- nature: general tag that represents stuff like a lot of trees and plants. Ie urban+nature = park or garden, wildness+narute = forest or meadow.

For indoors:
- living: all rooms that look suitable for normal living, from bedroom to dining hall; even though one can live in warehouse, it's hardly normal.
- dungeon: pictures with dungeons/prisons/torturing rooms, ie anything suitable for bdsm stuff and slave training.
- public: clearly public places, from library to bar.

- Time: autumn, evening, night, winter. These tags are used to exclude obviously inappropriate by time pictures.

- Clothes:
Specific ones:
- lingetie;
- maid;
- miko;
- nurse;
- yukata;
- schoolgirl;
- sportswear;
- dog, cat, cow, bunny;
- armor;
- swimsuit;
- no clothes.
They are very easy to identify, they are very common and they are fetishes (more or less). No pony, they are too rare.
General ones:
- everyday clothes: usual, standard clothes for the character. There are characters that stick to one certain type of clothes most of time, like armor or maid dress, this is especially useful for them.
- revealing clothes: more revealing clothes than usual, if possible. Like miniskirt or shorts for example.
- formal clothes: clothes that are suitable for high society actions. It's usually some rich-looking dress.
- indoor clothes: clothes that considered absolutely unsuitable for outdoors in any case, like pajamas.
You can use both specific and general clothes tags for the same picture to describe it better if you find it suitable. For example school uniform could be more or less revealing.
You can use only general tags if non of specific ones is suitable.

Additional tags that should be used together with other clothes tags:
- ripped: when clothes are clearly damaged a lot. Could be useful for events.
- cosplay: any type of cosplay.
- transformed: for characters that can transform to some another form.

Action tags:
bathing (all kinds from shower to pool), cleaning, cooking, dancing, eating, exercising, fighting, gambling, healing, magic, musician, reading, sleeping, shopping, singing, sport, studing/reading, waitress, striptease (not just nude, but actually show it on purpose).

BDSM: bondage actions without a sex as such.
- leashed, restrained, suspended, whipped, spanked: these actions are quite common and useful for ST.
- tortured: suffers pain except whips and spanking.
- dominatrix: the girl is the mistress there, anything else doesn't matter much since such pictures are quite rare already.
- guy/girl/partner hidden/alone: if the girl is not mistress, then who is mistress/master. Or if she's alone on the picture.
- cumcovered: for case when during bdsm action girl is covered by it, but still without sex as such.

Masturbation: self-pleasure. *It does not exclude bdsm, sex and group, since it's totally possible to do it anytime and anywhere.
- vibrator, dildo, anal plug, anal beads, other toy, random item, tits vibrator, etc.: how it's going on exactly. It case of hand (foot, tail) non of these additional tags are needed. Note that vibrators are commonly used on tits too, so there is a tag for it.
- forced: for using with bdsm when character is forced to use a toy. Because sometimes they are not even during bdsm.

Normal Sex: any type of sexual activity with one partner.
- girl, guy: a partner.
- partner hidden: when you cannot see who's the girl's partner, or when it could be almost anyone.
Depending on partner's gender there will be different options available.
Sex to girl is what partner does to her. Perfermed by girl is what she does to partner.
In case of girl partner fuck ass and fuck pussy options mean strapon using.
- rape, restrained: how forced is it.

Group: group sex.
- one/two/three/more girls, one/two/three/more guys: amount of partners that actually busy with the girl. Those who fuck/fucked by someone else are not included.
- guy hidden, girl hidden: related to those characters above who busy with the girl, if at least one guy/girl could be considered as unrecognizable.
- bukkake: if you don't know what is it, you could call it multimasturblowjob, I guess.
- not main participant: means that the girl is not the main participant. Without this tag all or almost all fuck her, with this tag she's just another regular part of a group action.
- others masturbate: means that there are characters who look at the group action and masturbate because of it. While not being a part of it, ie too far for bukkake for example.
- rape, restrained: how forced is it.
- ass, pussy, mouth, hands, tits, feet: currently active body parts of the girl.

A universal tag: cum covered. For pictures where nothing is really happened right now, yet girl is covered by it, no matter her pose and clothes.

New Ingame Tags:
    new_tags_dict = {
    # Main Tags:
    'nn': 'sfw',
    'nd': 'nude', # Nude Main Tag (Used to be subtag)
    'nn': 'naturalnude',
    'sx': 'sex',
    'bs': 'battle_sprite',
    'po': 'portrait',
    'qs': 'vnsprite', # Used to be quest
    # Nude/SFW Subtags:
    'pr': 'profile',
    'pa': 'girlmeets',
    'pb': 'battle',
    'pc': 'rest',
    'pd': 'beauty',   
    'pf': 'etiquette',
    # Locations:
    'l1': 'no bg',
    'l2': 'simple bg',
    'l3': 'outdoors',
    'l4': 'indoors',
    'l5': 'beach',
    'l6': 'onsen',
    'l7': 'pool',
    'l8': 'stage',
    'l9': 'urban',
    'la': 'wildness',
    'lb': 'suburb',
    'lc': 'nature',
    'ld': 'dungeon',
    'le': 'living',
    'lf': 'public',
    # Emotions:
    'e1': 'angry',
    'e2': 'confident',
    'e3': 'defiant',
    'e4': 'ecstatic',
    'e5': 'happy',
    'e7': 'in pain',
    'e6': 'indifferent',
    'e9': 'sad',
    'e8': 'insane',   
    'ea': 'scared',
    'ec': 'suggestive',
    'eb': 'shy',
    'ed': 'tired',
    'ee': 'uncertain',
    # Clothes:
    'c9': 'lingerie',
    'c8': 'no clothes',
    'c3': 'indoor',
    'c2': 'formal',
    'c1': 'everyday',
    'c7': 'transformed',
    'c6': 'cosplay',
    'c5': 'ripped',
    'c4': 'revealing',
    'ca': 'armor',
    'ck': 'cow',
    'cj': 'cat',
    'ci': 'bunny',
    'ch': 'yukata',
    'cm': 'ninja',
    'cl': 'dog',
    'cc': 'maid',
    'cb': 'swimsuit',
    'cg': 'sportswear',
    'cf': 'schoolgirl',
    'ce': 'nurse',
    'cd': 'miko',
    # Actions:
    'a1': 'stripping',
    'a3': 'cleaning',
    'a2': 'bathing',
    'a5': 'dancing',
    'a4': 'cooking',
    'a7': 'exercising',
    'a6': 'eating',
    'a9': 'gambling',
    'a8': 'fighting',
    'aa': 'healing',
    'ac': 'musician',
    'ab': 'magic',
    'ae': 'sleeping',
    'ad': 'reading',
    'ag': 'singing',
    'af': 'shopping',
    'ai': 'studying',
    'ah': 'sport',
    'aj': 'waitress',
    # Sex Actions:
    # Masturbation:
    'ma': 'masturbation',
    'm5': 'randomitem',
    'm4': 'othertoy',
    'm7': 'titsvibrator',
    'm2': 'analplug',
    'm1': 'analbeads',
    'm3': 'dildo',
    'm6': 'vibrator',
    'm8': 'forced',
    # Cumcovered:
    'cu': 'after sex',
    # Group:
    'gr': 'group',
    'gg': 'ass',
    'gf': 'group restrained',
    'ge': 'group rape',
    'gd': 'othersmast',
    'gc': 'notmain',
    'gb': 'bukkake',
    'ga': 'girlhidden',
    'gl': 'tits',
    'gk': 'feet',
    'gj': 'hands',
    'gi': 'mouth',
    'gh': 'pussy',
    'g7': 'threegirls',
    'g6': 'twogirls',
    'g5': 'onegirl',
    'g4': 'moreguys',
    'g3': 'threeguys',
    'g2': 'twoguys',
    'g1': 'oneguy',
    'g9': 'guyhidden',
    'g8': 'moregirls',
    # BDSM:
    'bc': 'cumcovered',
    'bd': 'bdsm',
    'b4': 'suspended',
    'b5': 'whipped',
    'b6': 'tortured',
    'b7': 'alone',
    'b1': 'leashed',
    'b2': 'bdsm restrained',
    'b3': 'spanked',
    'b8': 'girl',
    'b9': 'hiddengirl',
    'be': 'dominatrix',
    'ba': 'guy',
    'bb': 'hiddenguy',
    # "Normal" Sex:
    'ns': 'normalsex',
    'p2': 'straight',
    'p3': 'partnerhidden',
    'p1': 'gay', # Former "les"
    # poses:
    's9': 'standing',
    's8': 'spooning',
    's3': 'missionary',
    's2': 'doggy',
    's1': '69',
    's6': 'scissors',
    's5': 'ontop',
    's4': 'onside',
    's7': 'sitting',
    'sb': 'restrained',
    'sa': 'rape',
    # Sex to character: (startswith 2c *To Character of the image)
    'sl': '2c hug',
    'sc': '2c analfingering',
    'se': '2c lickanus',
    'sg': '2c analtoy',
    'sf': '2c lickpussy',
    'sh': '2c vaginaltoy',
    'si': '2c anal',
    'sj': '2c vaginal',
    'sk': '2c kiss',
    'sm': '2c caresstits',
    'sd': '2c vaginalfingering',
    # Sex done by character: (startswith bc *To Character of the image)
    'sz': 'bc vaginalfootjob',
    'sy': 'bc analfootjob',
    'ss': 'bc hug',
    'sr': 'bc handjob',
    'sp': 'bc footjob',
    'sw': 'bc vaginalhandjob',
    'sv': 'bc analhandjob',
    'su': 'bc titsjob',
    'st': 'bc kiss',
    'so': 'bc deepthroat',
    'sn': 'bc blowjob',
    't6': 'bc toypussy',
    't7': 'bc caresstits',
    't4': 'bc vaginal',
    't5': 'bc toyanal',
    't2': 'bc lickpussy',
    't3': 'bc anal',
    't1': 'bc lickanus',

    # Time/Season:
    'z1': 'evening',
    'z4': 'winter',
    'z2': 'night',
    'z3': 'autumn'

Alright, let's see.
First thing I noticed (something that I propably mentioned already): You're not introducing a new concept, you just made some changes to the tags. It doesn't make a difference for the topic, but misleading titles are never a good thing.

Anyway, since you did some cleaning up, here are a few problems that I still see:

--- Quote from: DarkTl on December 12, 2014, 09:15:24 AM ---it's up to pack maker
--- End quote ---
Whenever this phrase applies it is generally a bad thing because it means that the tag is not distinct enough (e.g. beauty, etiquette, girlmeets, fashionable).
* Quest - Your description says that there shouldn't be much difference to a portrait... so why is it there in the first place?
* Emotions - I can't really see an obvious difference between confident and happy and between shy and uncertain.
* Bunny, cat, cow, dog - All unified as cosplay, is it necessary to be more detailed?
* Pyjamas, nurse, maid, sportswear, ... - Those essentially describe actions, not clothing, therefore the action tag should be enough (how a character dresses for the particular action isn't relevant, is it).
* Actions - Redundancy with clothing, see above.
* Sex equipment - Dildos and strapons are sex toys, sex toys are devices, devices are items. I don't think that a generalization hierarchy is how these tags should be handled.
* Deepthroat - Very detailed and somewhat hard to determine for most pictures.
* Group - Still has the problem that active and passive are being mixed together. Wether that is acceptable or not depends on how detailed you want to descripe the pictures on the front end.Possible solutions:
* 1 & 2: Remove or change the name. The tag name should reflect the content of the picture, not what it is used for (e.g. make-up instead of beauty, large profile instead of quest, etc.).
* 3: Unify confident and happy as contented. Unify shy and uncertain as diffident.
* 4: Remove, use cosplay instead.
* 5 & 6: Remove the redundant clothing tags and describe it with the appropriate action tag instead.
* 7: Either keep it general or make it detailed, a bit of both isn't good. I don't have a concrete suggestion though.
* 8: Remove.
* 9: Use a different approach for group pictures (for example on a per customer base) or accept the fact that group pictures can't be described in detail.Have fun!

I'd like to keep deepthroat.

Quest is meant to represent a normal vn type of sprite. There are no tricks to it really... it means full height, normal look as in clothing player can associate the character with.

This is not a new concept as living pointed out. We are looking to add bondage, group and slavetraining pics and emotions. We are also looking to add tags to make lookup process simpler and more convinient to coders and content creators by adding tags such as clean, nude, sexual, girlsmeets and etc.

There is sadly no example that we can follow as ours is the most comlicated tagging system I've seen or am aware of.


--- Quote from: Xela on December 12, 2014, 03:28:15 PM ---Quest is meant to represent a normal vn type of sprite.
--- End quote ---
Right, I remember you mentioned that before.
In that case it should just be called sprite. The battle sprite tag could be removed (just use sprite and battle instead).

--- Quote from: Xela on December 12, 2014, 03:28:15 PM ---We are also looking to add tags to make lookup process simpler and more convinient to coders and content creators by adding tags such as clean, nude, sexual, girlsmeets and etc.

--- End quote ---
While I do agree that those tags are useful, I think it would be best to ignore them until all other tags are done. Adding convenience tags later internally is very simple and not important before the rest isn't finished.
Have fun!

*We could rename nobg tag to sprite, it may even be sensible. The trouble is that our tags lookups work like a database.  Sprite by itself will return any picture that is tagged with sprite, so no distinction will be made between battlesprites and sprites. I can look into improving lookup process...

**Edit: Decided to let it be until this is actually required...


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