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Before beginning the tagging process, I strongly recommend you to read the tagging manual below.
Note the we support only jpg and png pictures in packs, and not animated ones only.
Step 1. Select main tag.
SFW: Any image without explicit nudity (not even a naked nipple) and obviously any sexual acts. Bikini would belong here (such nudity should not be considered explicit).
Nude: Any image with any explicit nudity but NO sexual acts of any kind. Bikini and lingerie do not fit here as long as they are not transparent (no see-through), topless does.
Sex: Any image with sexual acts of any kind.
Battle Sprite: backgroundless picture that looks suitable for battle. Yes, you have to remove background in graphics editor if needed (I recommend or GIMP) and save it as png to preserve transparency.
Portrait: characters portraits without backgrounds, ie head only. Ideally there should be 1 portrait per emotion if possible. But at very least characters need happy, indifferent and sad portraits.
Also ideally either clothes at portraits should be the same, or they should not be visible.

Sprite: full sized pictures without background that suit portraits. Meaning that ideally there shouldn't be much difference in clothes between sprite and portrait pictures if portraits display clothes.
We don't need many, but we need at least one, preferably with neutral expression.

Step2. Select additional tags.
Battle sprite doesn't need any additional tags, Portrait and Sprite need emotions. All others could use as many additional tags as possible.

Emotions are quite intuitive. Note that emotion tags are not not mutually exclusive, often expression of the character is a mix of several emotions.
No bg means png with no background, if it's not battle sprite, portrait or sprite.
Simple bg means pictures with monochromatic and/or indeterminate background, usually it's pure white color or some abstract pattern.
Usually in both cases it's impossible to describe location, though sometimes you can say if it's indoors or outdoors.

Outdoors and indoors; you can use one of them almost always, and when you can't, it's usually no bg or simple bg.
Here tags system becomes a bit hierarchical.
For outdoors:
urban: represents places inside of a city. It could be a street, a park, a market.
wildness: represents places without any traces of civilization. It could be a forest, a cave, a meadow, even some old ruins.
suburb: none of the above. Meaning that there are traces of civilization, like a road, a tavern or a small village, but clearly not a big city.
nature: general tag that represents stuff like a lot of trees and plants. Ie for example urban+nature = park or garden, wildness+nature = forest or meadow.
For indoors:
living: all rooms that look suitable for normal living, from bedroom to dining hall; even though one can live in warehouse, it's hardly normal.
dungeon: pictures with dungeons/prisons/torturing rooms, ie anything suitable for bdsm stuff and slave training.
public: clearly public places, from library to bar.

If picture is specific, it might have its own tag. These tags are mutually exclusive, and they cannot be used with tags like outdoors and indoors (the tagger will not let you).
Specific tags are: beach, stage, onsen, pool.

Clothes tags:
everyday clothes: usual, standard clothes for the character. There are characters that stick to one certain type of clothes most of time, like armor or maid dress, this is especially useful for them.
revealing clothes: more revealing clothes than usual, if possible. It don't have to be bikini, it could be miniskirt or shorts for example, ie anything that shows a lot of skin.
formal clothes: clothes that are suitable for high society actions. It's usually some rich-looking dress.
indoor clothes: clothes that considered absolutely unsuitable for outdoors in any case, like pajamas.
ripped: when clothes are clearly damaged a lot. Could be useful for events.
cosplay: any type of cosplay.
transformed: for characters that can transform to some another form.

Specific clothes tags describe some most common clothes types. You can select one of them if needed.
You can use both specific and general clothes tags for the same picture to describe it better if you find it suitable. For example school uniform could be more or less revealing.
You can use only general tags if non of specific ones is suitable.

Step3. Subtags.
Now you should choose subtags that describe what's going on on the picture.

For SFW and Nude:
Profile: A good representation of character to be displayed in the profile/girlslists screens and to default to in case no images can be found. Any pack should have at least one such image.
Girlsmeets: this tag states that a picture is usable for girlsmeets, ie meeting with a girl somewhere. Not every picture could be tagged with it, for example things like sitting on invisible chairs or lying characters probably should not have this tag.
Battle: pictures that could be used at arena, after exploration, etc. Ie when a character is ready for combat or for example has a weapon, but not actually fighting with someone.
Rest: pictures that depict resting characters. They could sit or lie somewhere, drink tea, play a game (not a sport game, more like video games or chess).
Beauty: tag for beauty school and similar activities, like applying makeup or combing hair.
Etiquette: same for etiquette school and similar activities, like showing skill in, knowledge of or otherwise displaying high society behavior or an action that can be associated with it.
Actions tags are quite obvious.

For Sex:
For a start select type pf action. Normal means sex with one partner (both male and female), Group is group sex, BDSM is any type of bdsm action except for rape, Masturbation is self pleasure (note that it's possible to masturbate during any other sexual action, so you can select it anytime), and Aftersex is for pictures with traces of sex (like, a girl covered with cum) but without any partners or sexual actions.

MC only means that the picture will never be used for sex with customers, and only will be used for the main character, ie you.

For Masturbation you can select how it's going on, and if it's forced or not (either girl is tied, in which case you should use bdsm tags too, or for example cannot remove device for some reason).

For Group you can select:
1) one/two/three/more girls, one/two/three/more guys: amount of partners that actually busy with the girl. Those who fuck/fucked by someone else are not included.
2) guy hidden, girl hidden: related to those characters above who busy with the girl, if at least one guy/girl could be considered as unrecognizable.
3) bukkake: if you don't know what is it, you could call it multimasturblowjob, I guess. Or better google it (not at work if possible).
4) not main participant: means that the girl is not the main participant. Without this tag all or almost all fuck her, with this tag she's just another regular part of a group action.
5) others masturbate: means that there are characters who look at the group action and masturbate because of it. While not being a part of it, ie too far for bukkake for example.
6) ass, pussy, mouth, hands, tits, feet: currently active body parts of the girl.
7) rape, restrained: how forced is it.

For Normal Sex you can select:
1) girl, guy: a partner. Depending on partner's gender there will be different options available.
2) partner hidden: when you cannot see who's the girl's partner, or when it could be almost anyone.
Then you should describe the picture with remaining tags. Sex to girl is what partner does to her. Performed by girl is what she does to partner.
Note that if partner is a girl, then fuck/fucked means strapon use.

For BDSM you can select:
leashed, restrained, suspended, etc. are obvious.
tortured: suffers pain except whips and spanking.
dominatrix: the girl is the mistress there, anything else doesn't matter much since such pictures are quite rare already.
guy/girl/partner hidden/alone: if the girl is not mistress, then who is mistress/master. Or if she's alone on the picture.
cumcovered: for case when during bdsm action girl is covered by it, but still without sex as such.

If your pack doesn't have some kind of images, the game will do its best to compensate it by using available ones.

All these tags may be confusing, but with some practice it becomes very simple.
In general you don't have to use all the tags available, like you don't have to specify sex positions. But it will help the game to pick the most suitable picture instead of some random one.

Now let's talk about tagger.

To download the tagger, use these links:
Win32bit, Win64bit.
Optional settings file for tagger, where path is the starting folder it opens, and in form you can set default size and color for the window. Should be in the same folder with the tagger.

Open opens a folder, delete deletes currently selected picture, save saves selected tags to filename, reset tags unselects all flags in gui, refresh refreshes filelist if you need it for some reason.

Purge resets all filenames in the current folder to pure indexes, use it only when you tag pictures from the scratch.
Normalize does it only with pictures that are not tagged properly, use it when you want to add new files to pack.

File name starts with a hexadecimal number followed by tags divided by "-". Tagger renames files automatically and gives less possible hex index to file if needed.

After you open a folder with pictures, every time you select a file tagger reads tags and sets all flags according to them, if there are any known tags in the filename of course.
To save selected flags into the filename, you have to push save after you set all flags.

Most buttons, except a few obvious ones, have tooltips that shown when you hover mouse cursor over them.

Known issues:

- Filelist can see only jpgs and pngs. But it cannot filter out animated jpgs and pngs, and this application does not support them, just like the game. If you try to select one, the tagger will throw an error (nothing bad will happen though).

- The tagger works only on vista and newer windows systems. This is because it uses certain OS built-in functions to browse files and folders, and these functions not existed before vista. It is possible to write a version that will work on XP, but it will take time that can be used to improve something else.

Also it wasn't compiled to work on linux or mac os, and I'm not sure if it should be. It requires multiple people who don't use windows os and want to make packs.

- The gui does its job, but looks kinda bad, especially without the optional settings file  :)

Hi, I'm having trouble making my own character folder. I feel like I've done everything properly but they just will not show up in game. I went through the image tagger and tagged all the pictures. I have at least one png sprite and battle sprite. I put them in the characters folder. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
The characters I've downloaded from the website and created on my own have a debug message each time I start a game but the randoms that were already there through downloading the game just say info. I hope this is enough. If it is not please let me know what else  I need to give you. Thanks again

--- launch game ---
INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha game directory: C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game
DEBUG    PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags writing tags to C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game\content\chars\Android_18\tags.json
DEBUG    PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags writing tags to C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game\content\chars\Angel\tags.json
DEBUG    PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags writing tags to C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game\content\chars\Asuna\tags.json
DEBUG    PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags writing tags to C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game\content\chars\BulmaBriefs\tags.json
DEBUG    PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags writing tags to C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game\content\chars\Cassandra_Alexandra\tags.json
DEBUG    PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags writing tags to C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game\content\chars\Cheria_Barnes\tags.json
DEBUG    PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags writing tags to C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha\game\content\chars\Elsa\tags.json

[/size][size=78%]INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha.tags loaded 6669 images from tags.json files[/size]
INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha Loading Random Characters:
INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha Loading from C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha/game\content/rchars/random_classes/data_Adventurer.json!
INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha Loading from C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha/game\content/rchars/random_classes/data_Angel.json!
INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha Loading from C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha/game\content/rchars/random_classes/data_Priest.json!
INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha Loading from C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha/game\content/rchars/random_classes/data_Sage.json!
INFO     PyTFall 0.45 Alpha Loading from C:\Users\Brett\Desktop\PyTFall-0.45-Alpha/game\content/rchars/random_classes/data_Soldier.json!

I'm afraid right now there is a gap between the most common version available for download and our current version. The tagger works for the newest one, but if you use the version downloaded via torrent or some other way that does not include using our repository at sourceforge, it does not support this type of tagging.
Once we realease the new version, your packs will begin to work.

Do you mean once you release the new version of the game? or the new version of the tagger?

He means of the game. We've updated tagging concept few month back, so new files do not work with the Alpha release.


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