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To quote Doc:

--- Quote from: DocClox on May 05, 2010, 12:52:40 PM ---Let's try and keep the bugs for a release to the one thread, folks.

--- End quote ---

... aaaaand I just committed a fix for a crash on girl details.  Happens if you're browsing through the girls - sometimes it gets called with selected_girl set to zero. I've fixed it so it won't crash any more, but don't know why the problem occurred in the first place.

Anyway - but and fix

Navigate with the Arrow Keys in the Turn summery doesn't work for me, if i press up or down it jumps back to the last selectet Girl...

That mousewheel-event-as-click bug happens on the main screen, too


Here's of an odd one.

* I unpacked the full install for the beta
* renamed Resources/Characters to Resources/Characters.orig
* moved the Characters folder from my alpha install into place
* started a new game
* ... and I'm not seeing any unique girls!
Looking at the gamelog, the file doesn't seem to be loading at all. Did the .girlsx format change? I'm not seeing any errors.

Anyway, I'll have a dig and see what I can find.


The file is found, but the master file reports the file as already loaded, even on a new game. So it never gets loaded.

Anyone else having this problem, or is it just a linux file issue? I can't believe no-one's noticed that the unique girls aren't loading.

Confirm. No unique girls in new game. (windows)


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