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A sticky would be good, especially since .girls file support will eventually disappear from the game, and we will need some way of letting people know how to update old packs to the newer format.  I'll start a guide here; everyone feel free to chime in on things I may have missed or ways in which it can be improved.  I would really like input from new players, too: this will be for your benefit, if you can't follow it, I need to fix whatever is unclear.

How to add the girls from girl packs to Whore Master

1.  Download any girl packs you are interested in, links are located in the User mods section of the forum.

2.  Unzip/unrar the packs.

3.  Copy the folders with character names to the directory [Whore Master's root directory]\Resources\Characters\

4a.  If the pack contains a .girlsx file or files, copy those to [Whore Master's root directory]\Resources\Characters\

4b.  If the pack contains a .girls file or files, or does not contain either a .girls or .girlsx file, see the section "How to update character packs to the new format."  Copy the newly created .girlsx file(s) into [Whore Master's root directory]\Resources\Characters\

5.  You're done!  Enjoy the game.

Note: for random girl packs, substitute ".rgirls" or ".rgirlsx" for ".girls" and ".girlsx," respectively.

How to update character packs to the new format

1.  Download the latest Whore Master editor (found here).

2.  Unzip the file and copy WMEdit.exe to [Whore Master's root directory]

3a.  If you have a .girls file, run the editor.  Switch to the "Girl Data" tab and click "Load Girls" on the right hand side.  Open the .girls file that came with the pack (repeat this process if there are multiple .girls files included in the pack; a list of girls included in the pack should appear in the pane) and then click "Save" on the lower right.  Enter a name for the file in the file name field (make sure it is unique, or you will overwrite another girl pack), and make sure the "Save as type" field has "Whore Master XML girls file" selected.  Save the file in the [Whore Master's root directory]\Resources\Characters\ directory.

3b.  If you do not have a .girls file, check to see if there are any .txt files included in the pack (some may have put them in the girls' folders).  Open the text file(s) and identify those which have entries that look like this:

Henrietta was the queen of a foreign land during a period of war. Her country lost, and was forced to free undercover to Crossgate. Old friend of Louise.
Big Boobs
Great Figure
Great Arse
Long Legs
50 100 15 45 70 30 0 50 0 0 0 0 0 20 50 30 60 0 100 0 0 0
0 10 0 0 0 0 15 15 0 5

They may have multiple entries or they may have only one.  For each such file, rename the file "<file name>.girls" (replacing the .txt extension with .girls).  Follow step 3a from here.

3c.  If the pack contains neither .girlsx, .girls, or .txt files, then it probably is an update to existing characters.  Compare the names of the girls in the pack with the girls in your [Whore Master's root directory]\Resources\Characters\ directory to see if you have any matches.  If you do, then you probably can overwrite the contents of the existing folder with the new one.  Check the images in each folder to confirm that they of the same character before overwriting.

What do I do if I have two characters with the same name from different girl packs?

1.  Examine the images in each character's folder to see if thecharacters are the same or are different but share a common name.

2a.  If they are different characters, rename at least one of the girls' folders (I typically append the series or game the character comes from to the end).  Open the corresponding .girlsx file in the Whore Master editor (instructions are in "How to update character packs to the new format").  Locate the girl in question in the list and edit the "Girl Name" field to be the same as the name of the folder.  Click "Update selected" and then save the file, overwriting the .girlsx file.

2b.  If they are the same character, you have multiple choices available to you:

* Merge the two sets of images into one.  Keep one set as the base and add the unique images from the other set, renaming files as appropriate (ie, if both packs contain "BDSM 1.jpg", but the image from the second pack isn't found in the first, rename the file from the second pack to "BDSM X.jpg", where X is the lowest number not used for BDSM pics in the first pack).  Open the .girlsx files in the editor and locate the characters in question.  Choose which one has the better description or stat package in your opinion and delete the other one, then save both files.  Note: if you open them both at the same time in the editor, you will merge the .girlsx files into one file (there is nothing wrong with this, but some players prefer to keep them separate).  If you want to keep the files separate, edit one, save it, then clear the list before you open the second file.  If you merge both files, make sure to delete the old .girlsx file(s) after you are done.
* Pick the image set from one pack to keep.  Examine both packs and choose whichever one looks better to you.  Delete the folder for the other pack and copy the folder you like to the [Whore Master's root directory]\Resources\Characters\ directory.  Follow directions in option 1 for choosing which girl description to keep.You don't have to choose only one girls entry in a .girlsx file, but if you leave multiple entries you may end up with multiple copies of the girl in your game.

OK. I've stickied this. Or would it be better to start a new thread with the useful info at the top?

Make a new thread.  The relevant information could get lost if it isn't at the top of the thread.

Now better? :)

Yup.  How's the write up I did?  Does it need any changes/additions/subtractions?


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