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Updates and Notes for Crazy's Mod --- Current Version .06.04.01

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Now that there is a chat available on the forums, when I am working on the game I will have the chat open so you can talk to me if you want. I will be in either the Public or User_Mods channel.
If I am in the Public channel ask me to go to the User_Mods so we don't disturb the others.
There is a chat log so remember that anyone who logs into the chat can read what you say.

Now that I have a Patreon page, I will be releasing new versions there first then here a few days later.
Current Patreon Version: .06.04.01You can get the newest version from my Patreon Page. My followers get access to the new version 3 days before everyone else.
Version changes are listed here - .06.04.00-01
Older Version: .06.03.07!wJxCxSCB!RaRelCNt3ODj96OXr6VpaW4UBj398YEsc2ANFxz464E
Version changes are listed here - .06.03.00-07
Girls Packs can be found in these threads (and probably some others but these are the ones that have been updated recently):

* My Characters folder torrent thread
* The CaptC Experience (Scripts and Girl Packs)     >300, Mega Folder, Recent Updates
* Lurker's packs for Crazy and PP's mod     >175, Mega Folder
* Random Girl Packs     >100, Mega Folder
* Cipher's Gallery of Strange and Wonderful Girl Packs   >30, Mega Individual
* Big Boob Girl Packs  (Formerly ONE-UP Girl Pack)     >20, Mega Individual, Recent Updates
* HeWhoCumsByNight's Girl Packs     <20, Mega I+F, Recent Updates
* Pronatrator Gif and Girl packs     >20, Mega Folder
* Celebrity Packs     >20, Mega Individual
* Multiple girls and items for your possible delectation.     <20, Mega Individual, Recent Updates
* Deadkings ressurection     <20, Mega Individual
* Flam's Items and Girl Packs, Stuff, and Ends (Formerly R's Items and Girl Packs and Scripts)     <20, Mega Folder, Recent Updates
* Ohki's Girlpacks     <20, Mega I+F
* Mata's girls     <20, Mega Individual
* BlackWolf INC. (Formerly Bowman's Plaza)     >10, Individual
* Mystery's World     <10, Mega I+F
* Palpatine's Imperial Goodies     <5
* Shani's girls pack     <5, Mega IndividualI compiled a "DefaultImages" folder. It has almost all image types useable except a few preg types and the new image types added for .06. It now goes in the "./Resources/DefaultImages" folder. (the old Default will still work if you don't use this)
DefaultImages -!5d4QWapJ!2GjfvDwgrC4_XmGZmmU_YZMygwfIg7JgVEV5dvMG5J0
Whore Master Editor: 0.8.30 -!IQgQBBxR!WM1Z6xHl9uyZd21MDmoTgLjFXW7Me4cF5jJhbntGx70
This is included with the game but it is also here if needed.
The Source Code is here -
I use ms Visual Studio Express 2013 to edit and compile the game.
I am slowly removing microsoft specific code to allow any editor to run it but it is slow going because I'm not sure exactly what can be removed/changed.
I have consolidated several helpful threads into one area for easier access.Some of the basic concepts and variables in Crazy's Mod.The first post there has links to other threads and the other posts have extensive information on specific topics.
More will be added to that as I get time.

* If you find a bug, please report it on the bug thread - Crazy and PP's mod bug thread
* For discussion of the game, use Crazy's original thread - Combining the big mods aka crazy's mod
* For Items discussion or to submit your own Items - ITEMS - Help Wanted - also taking new items
* For Suggestions or Requests for new content (Not Girls) - Possible Add-Ons to the Game?Setup For New Players
We hope you enjoy this game and invite you to ask any questions you may have.
Over the time I have spent working on this game, I have tried to make it easier to setup and play but if you have any problems, let me know so I can fix it and make it easier for the next person.

First thing you need to do is decide where you want the game to be on your computer.
I keep mine in "C:\Program Files (x86)\WhoreMaster" but you can put it wherever you want.
This is the Main folder and everything goes inside it.

Download the "Current Version" from the link above and extract the zip file into the Main folder.
The program's EXE will then be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\WhoreMaster\WhoreMaster.06.##.##\Whore Master.exe"

In the Main folder, create a folder called "Characters", this is where all the girls are stored.
Download some girl packs from the links above and extract them into the Characters folder.
Each character has either a .girlsx or a .rgirlsx file, this holds the girls numbers and tells the game that the girl is there.
There is also a folder with the girls name as set inside the .(r)girlsx file by the "Name" attribute.
.(r)girlsx files can have multiple girls in them so don't worry if you can't pair .(r)girlsx with a folder.

In the Main folder, create a folder called "Saves".
This is where your savegame files will be stored.

Download the "DefaultImages" from the link above and extract that to the Main folder.
This will then be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\WhoreMaster\DefaultImages\(a bunch of images)"
DefaultImages are used by the game if it does not find an image specific to a girl in her Characters folder.

Upgrading the GameSavegame files from before version .06.00.00 will not work, you will have to start a new game.
If your Savegame is from before .06.01.00, you may have some minor problems but it should still work.Upgrading the Game The Easy Way
Upgrading the Game For Intermediate Players
Upgrading the Game For Advanced Players
If the game crashes
The Old Upgrading instructions: (this will be removed when the above is finished)
Before you download the new version, here are the install instructions:

1. Check what files you have changed.
1.A. Anything not in the .\Resources\Characters folder that needs to be copied to the new game may need to be checked for updating.
1.B. If you change anything in the .\Resources\Interface folder, compare your files to the files in the new J_1024x768 interface.

2. Download the new version of the game.

3. Extract the new version of the game to a new location. DO NOT EXTRACT OVER TOP OF THE OLD VERSION.
3.A. Test the new game to make sure it works without any changes.

New step 4. Starting in version .06.01.01 you can move the Characters and Saves folders. See this for help.
Old step 4. Move the .\Resources\Characters folder from the old version to the new version.
Old step 4.A. Test the new game to make sure it works with only the Characters.

5. Copy over any of the other files you have changed.
5.A. Test the new game to make sure it works.

6. If you upgraded from .05 to .06 you will have to start a new game.

If the game crashes:
7. To bug check your game I will need the following files:
7.A. Your save game
7.B. Your gamelog.txt
7.C. Your config.xml if you changed anything in it
7.D. Any files you changed except those in the .\Resources\Characters folder

8. Zip all those files into a zip or rar file and attach it to your bug report here - Crazy and PP's mod bug thread

9. Include any details that will help me recreate your crash.

All of the .06.01.xx and .06.02.xx versions are here -!ZYQknZ7A!75cGyxwHrJwN7tdEZgm4KQ

you are doing a great job as it is.
i´d say do it the way it´s most convenient for u. =)

You're doing a great job, so do whatever is most convenient for you. As a user, I would prefer to have a single update each week, but it's not a big deal.

I agree with the above people, do what works for you. Thank you for the great work so far. And could you possibly arrange for the releases to be in one post that you update?


--- Quote from: AkiraTepes on June 09, 2014, 05:37:57 PM ---And could you possibly arrange for the releases to be in one post that you update?

--- End quote ---
OK,  I'll use this thread

I changed the name of this thread so others would know what it is for.

Old Polls:
Poll #1 - Should there be lots of smaller updates or bigger updates on a regular timeframe?29 total voters - 1 vote eachLots of small updates when ANYTHING is changed. (Without bugchecking before posting)0Some small daily updates when a single topic is done.0Some small and 1 big update each week (as it is now) 14Twice weekly updates reguardless of changes 0Big updates on Sunday night->Monday morning 15
So I guess I will just keep doing things the way I have been doing it.
A big update each week, usually on the weekends, and small fixes when they are needed.

Poll #2 - Now that there is Rehab for drug addicted girls, how much change should be done dealing with drugs?34 total voters - multi-votesRemove or reduce drug cure items.7Increase random drug addict chance when a girl created or added.5Increase chance for girls to turn to drugs if they are unhappy.19Add more drug types.13Make different drugs require different times in rehab23Something else...5
Drugs are bad, mmkay.
Yes Mr. Mackey.

Poll #3 - The farm is in escrow and should be available for use soon.
What should the primary focus for implementation be?35 total voters - multi-votesFood production11Beast care19Herbs and potions9Beer and wine6General jobs10Balance of all17Something else...10
Balancing Beasts?
Beasts of Balance?

Poll #4 - With the farm getting ready to roll out, do you want:27 total voters - multi-votesIndividual parts completed before moving on the the next.18Basics built - Option trees with place holder texts.10Basics built - Option trees without texts. (something happens but you may not be told what)3Basics built - No option trees until they are complete.3Core built first and the parts are only available when finished.12Core built first and the parts are available but do only basics.6Something else...4
.06 will have a lot of changes before it gets released.

Poll #5 - How do you cheat when playing this game? (Be honest)39 total voters - multi-votesNever4Only when necessary to fix major problems.12By reloading to get new girls/items for sale.10By creating perfect (r)girlsx or itemsx files.6By changing the config.xml settings.14To get more money.6To add stats/skills/traits to girls.4To get more girls.1By using cheat codes.0By editing the source code. ( my way :P )6
I should have specified the cheat code as "Naming your new game 'Test' then changing it", then the cheat code % would be much, much higher.

Poll #6 - Should "Legacy" Code/Games/Girls/Interfaces be removed from .06?42 total voters - multi-votesYes, All the old code should be removed completely.20Yes, All the old code should be commented out.11No, All the old code should be left in as is.3  Legacy Games : Remove (You must start a new game for .06.)31  Legacy Games : Update (You must start a new game for .06 if it is not from .05.)8  Legacy Games : Keep (You want to try your luck loading your 2 year old save game?)0Legacy Girls : Remove (You must convert them with WME to use them.)5Legacy Girls : Update (Set anything missing to 0)32Legacy Girls : Keep (They may be outdated but you are too lazy to update them)4  Legacy Interfaces : Remove (All interfaces would need to be rewritten)14  Legacy Interfaces : Update (Create defaults for everything)22  Legacy Interfaces : Keep (Some interfaces may not work if not updated at least a little)2
New games, old girls and a new coat of paint on the old interface.

Poll #7 - New Dilema: I could increase the number of gangs you can hire...30 total votersbut allowing it to be controlled by config.xml would be overpowering2allowing it to be governed by how many brothels you own12or have it based on how many territories you control would require an exponential increase3If the prison is made into a buyable building, then girls as gang leaders would require tons of coding and would not come anytime soon8Or I could just leave it at 8.5


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