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Girls and RGirls pages should work for the most part.
Config now works for .05 and .06. (but tool tips need to be written)
Traits will display and load/save in either .traits or .traitsx.

* the new traits changes in 0.8.12 causes the editor to run a little slow, I am looking into why.

The source code is in with the game's source code here -

Current Version: 0.8.32 -!hZQDGbAS!mBZ4G1XD7RQ7XXcF33_9TMLjJXik40nO2KE4pjotWFQ
* update 0.8.32
Fixed a bug with traits not loading on Girls page
Fixed a bug on item screen add and remove buttons crashing if nothing is selected.

Version: 0.8.31 -!BQYDiR6I!EfRvanS3jMpvAmyucXtpMJZQ7tmO2pmcMBue0Fkl48Y
* update 0.8.31
Fixed a bug with Strength for random girls not loading properly.

Version: 0.8.30 -!IQgQBBxR!WM1Z6xHl9uyZd21MDmoTgLjFXW7Me4cF5jJhbntGx70
* update 0.8.30
Fixed a bug with items not working with Girl Status effects
Added custom Items folder to config.xml
Updated Folder text to explain relative and absolute folder paths a little.

Version: 0.8.29 -!8dpHTDIA!_cqN8Y2UmSMWZsWotOYFW4ue5HFKPUNCgaZTpLu4Pn0
* update 0.8.29
Fixed a bug where rgirls were not saving if missing "NPCLove" stat

Version: 0.8.28 -!IVoyHYJT!CnXXHw8eSaqFAE-mBE-ob0FWSH09rlSiGW2nlL_KBU4
* update 0.8.28
Added LogShowNumbers and PreferDefault to config settings
Fixed a bug with "GirlStatus" saving as "Status" breaking some items
Fixed some other minor things.

Version: 0.8.27 -!QZdilTYR!EZBg7lT4SA3BZC57N5jSQMIKCMsG4kYvC5zw8beadQ4
* update 0.8.27
Fixed several issues with ".girls" files not loading properly

Version: 0.8.26 -!tAF2lKAI!ImzIQxmuVCGkKzdhvUh9M-BTydjVQnsqx0Jy8x4uVps
* update 0.8.26
Added Clear script and save script buttons
Loads binary and xml script files.
The editor now saves xml scripts. (not binary yet.)

Version: 0.8.25 -!pYMF3AQD!Ks9U9G3s7onma74YGO6ntuHh3TjeZyGdoT7B40qzgKs
* update 0.8.25
Added fixes so comments will not break files when loaded
Added SaveIndividualItemsXML() to the save all button on extras tab.

Version: 0.8.24 -!VRkiQbKK!IT_eiS2CHNsd1G6C71wGuLbVpkBcfKtAbfv8juuER9I
* update 0.8.24
Added "SlavesNewWeeklyMin" and "SlavesNewWeeklyMax" for config.xml
Added "FarmIncome" to config.xml
Converted Catacombs girl/gang collecting numbers from text numbers to sliders
Fixed problem with Items - temporary trait duration saving for all items instead of just temporary items.

Note about the unique chance for Catacomb girls and Slave Market girls:
 - I added a group specifically for the Slave Market so I am moving them into the groups more appropriate for them.
 - Because I forgot to add the part in the game code where it was supposed to load them, changing them now should not affect the game at all.

Version: 0.8.23 -!FB1A2bbA!dm2HSeMhp9WmnbEgQHdW-4dSXcVbTB8jnjFr7pfBcjg
* update 0.8.23
Added unique chance to config.xml for Catacombs and Slave Market
Added "GirlsAccom" and "SlaveAccom" to config.xml with defaults of 5 and 1.
Added Item Weight - not used in game yet
Added temprory trait duration customization for items
Added "Accomm" to .girlsx
Reduced element spacing to allow for more to be added.

Version: 0.8.22
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!AIcDBIbA!SOpVwiPbkGYsCUrII4B9hK26A16chR8XO2C8g0OxS8o
* update 0.8.22
Added Cooking skill and Strength stat
Added Catacombs loot to config.xml
Moved folders setction from config tab to extras tab and added a note for its use.
Added a few more tooltips.
Fixed a bug where unzero sex skills would not work for footjob.

Version: 0.8.21
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!EJdUmDJB!MpLKV_j73KMVju2jno-DhSXSpQ6ysVcZ0s-AAGs6aqo
* update 0.8.21
Sorted stats and skills for .(r)girlsx so they are arranged in the order the editor has them.
Added AntiPregFailure and MultiBirthChance to config.xml
Started adding script editor tab
 - It reads .scriptsx files but doesn't do anything with it yet.

Version: 0.8.20
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!MBkxnDYI!48p1VJmtvrBUaWmJJkjFpJAooCWj7nkeIj7IsNUJ5Mc
* update 0.8.20
Added "InheritChance" and "RandomChance" for traits
Added config.xml folders section

Version: 0.8.19
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!EVVQ2IoA!omG8WgLI4wOIxas4t-V7piuNky6Ct9e1P6CRj-qFURM
* update 0.8.19
Fixed a bug with "Your Daughter" and "Is Daughter" breaking items.
Fixed a bug when selecting no item breaking the editor.

Version: 0.8.18
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!ERkhVQaA!OwZjXRI-TMYvFo53SgbdalEVgMYtUmRjFTPDlM1Jxow
* update 0.8.18
Fixed several bugs with missing stats/skills not saving and/or loading
Fixed first/middle/last names so they save/load properly

Version: 0.8.17
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!ABVlzRrQ!0WE4bDkehfEP2mbswgMhH9R4J0lg1xgngDzjHaeDAeU
* update 0.8.17
Added the new item types: Hats, Helmets, Glasses, Swimsuits, Combat Shoes and Shields
Added First, Middle and Last names - if not set, it will fix them
Added a bunch of error checks to pass the error messages to the Extras tab error list.

Version: 0.8.16
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!cIslBRwY!5Z9Gxn4li5yyko6Y0OkSDPBMruh1SmYOkO2J5Zh2sSE
* update 0.8.16
Fixed .rgirlsx not saving.
Current to WM.06.00.29

Version: 0.8.15
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!wU9GkaQZ!T-T59tsWHh5HwDadBVoGhx3s2IFo3d0_aML2kPVK2_Y
* update 0.8.15
Added all of the new stats, skills, statuses and game configs.
Current to WM.06.00.29

Version: 0.8.14
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!QBMVGCia!SwCtSLLfs4Bqz4tAOnyFpp-G1mkKqQsrFkhssnyGXoU
* update 0.8.14
Fixed a bug in update girls button

Version: 0.8.13
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!NZ8DiKaC!gYLQ1y30v-HCiOkEv9iCfO-H0C7CBz2u8B4RjjLEmZ0
* update 0.8.13
Some minor changes.

Version: 0.8.12
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!YB8Uka7Z!He4QGywNYywn32vp936KiEEYRPpbRp3L9_tznA_HUW4
* update 0.8.12
Extensive rewrite of Traits.
Some other small fixes.

Version: 0.8.11
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!FRcFSZrL!QHbIz9ZmEp5_NtZnKbPQXRRjBMb4JB6OSoBiVj_aWkU
* update 0.8.11
Improved load error message to actually tell you what file caused the error
Added Extras tab
 - Added "Save All Girls and Rgirls to Individual Files" button
 - Added "Bad Files" list

Version: 0.8.10
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!FNNWmZaa!C4RXndHm3AT6px5Twk2FqpRkOVbUsQUwhBLFUrddPnQ
* update 0.8.10
Added "Morality" to girls and rgirls.
 - Morality ranges from -100 (evil) to 100 (good)
Removed EXP from girls and rgirls.
Rewrote the text box validation.
 - (It may seem a little clumsy at first, you have to clear the entire box to change it)
 - (I intend to make it better when I figure out how.)

Version: 0.8.09
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!oA1ijQYY!ZGr1zqG1_S0pKmxPieAGUdPB1zSRIg5ymAsMNOymsx4
* update 0.8.09
Added basic image count for girls.
Version: 0.8.08
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!kYNBGBrD!chbtTfFjAFV7tW_o2WbrfPvz10jhYYoH4Un6LLTUrbY
* update 0.8.08
Added "ShowPercent" checkbox and a few minor changes.
Version: 0.8.07
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!FQtTgLwA!t251nL5Hjpx2nkJ-4ANdQQDDMq_BQGnkbRqppqR3hTs
* update 0.8.07
Increased width and height boxes to 5 digits and interface name to 15.
Fixed the fonts to allow them to be changed.
Made all the (%) things on the config page to only allow 0-100.
Added Screen Scale to fix the 800x600 scale bug.
Added a few more tool tips.
Version: 0.8.06
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!QUd1Wa6R!M15zGvcuwEmtrcLBknu748LlCB_pe3HAAwDdnRypEBo
* update 0.8.06
Config page - added "Pay Slave Out Of Pocket" checkbox
Added some more tooltips.
Version: 0.8.05
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!4QVAUTIR!JeKaWpayi-e58XDHZtAWgyZi4ZvxaCDYWpe0Sj4hCy4
* update 0.8.05
Added "Add Missing Sex Skills On Load" check box and "UnZero Sex Skills" button for girls
 - these will try to set missing or zeroed sex skills to match close to what the existing sex skills are
 -  - if existing numbers are all the same then missing numbers get set to that
 - both will check for "round to 5 or 10" and "number spreads"
 *** these are not automatically saved yet, you must save them manually until I make the autocheck page
 *** the "Add Missing Sex Skills On Load" only works for .girlsx files. For legacy .girls files, use the "UnZero Sex Skills" button.

Fixed rgirls so all skills are saved and loaded. (no add missing yet)
Fixed items for the new skills and other things.
Fixed an old bug where if you try to enter anything other than a number into a number box, it would crash.
Added LogGirlFights, LogDebug and LogExtraDetails to config.xml
Fixed "LogAll" and other log check boxes to work together.

Major code cleanup
Removed save to legacy .girls and .rgirls files - you can only save to (r)girls to xml now
Version: 0.8.04
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!MUc0VJiR!cCABlzL7AbvMMBf_r8txTULepAFcLj9PQzPhQOkrfMw
* update 0.8.04
Config page now works for .05 and .06 (hopefully)
You can save traits as ".traitsx" for .06 - You can still save as ".traits" for .05
More cleanup.
Version: 0.8.03
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!AJlgTbCZ!xtyDEKO-50yKrmKtNcT8KjQCKfS1FfZyGAcPVs_iSfM
* update 0.8.03
Added farm skills
Added new job focus buttons for girls
Added Virgin stat for girls (if virgin checkbox is checked, adds virgin trait on save)
Made new random number generator
Added Underware item type
Added "Catacomb05" and "Catacomb01" to Items rarity
Added all new skills to item effects
More cleanup.
Version: 0.8.02
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!cIU2TZIL!e2WB61JN57dKwPoyWXr_Xx46Eh1uSEcVc4-sKQApdHE
* update 0.8.02
Updated Rgirls with the new skills.
Updated and added new Girls Randomize buttons.
Updated Status="" to include "Your Daughter"
Massive cleanup.
Version: 0.8.01
Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -!8ccGXIbI!FsFj71cLyI2C7U2QXF0EQn5VWsNcxBjl0Gx7KAqrgtk
* update 0.8.01 - All Non-Random Girls should work:
Changed how the editor loads girlsx files so if a stat/skill is not listed, it gets set to default
Updated Status="" to include "Arena"
Version: 0.8.00
Increased program screen dimensions to 1000x600 to allow more stuff.
Rearranged buttons and boxes to allow for more things in the future.
Added the 5 newest skills from .05 to non-random girls
* Only creating New Non-Random Girls or opening Non-Random Girls that already have the 5 new skills works.

All versions -!lRATWIqD!Z95IZzKbnsg43gcxXZz62A



Post any corrections/bugs/requests for the editor in this thread.

Hmm ... don't know if I'm screwing something up or if it's not pointing at the right things, but whenever I try to open a pre-existing .girlsx file, I get an XML Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


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