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My Girl Packs!S2gg0AxK!jrLsjiNJxT0ZkKALRnY9QA

I have made to many packs for the list to fit here so I uploaded a text doc that u can check or you can go on the discord and in the pins of gameboys-gals is the list plus what im currently working on

Mega List


My Laptop died and I lost all the packs I made so I spent the last 3 days rebuilding my packs and updating them as well as adding some new ones!S2gg0AxK!jrLsjiNJxT0ZkKALRnY9QA

Re Zero: Rem - Rebuild and updated

KonoSuba: Megumin - Rebuild and updated

Inuyasha: Kagome - Rebuild and updated //Never released because of poor image quality

Fire Emblem: Lyn - Rebuild and updated //Never released because thought community was dead

Haganai I don't have many friends: Sena Kashiwazaki - New

Nisekoi: Kosaki Onodrea and Marika Tachibana - New

Persona: Futaba Sakura - New

Update Jan 26th 2020

Nisekoi: Chitoge Kirisaki - new

Akame Ga Kill: Mine - new

Overlord: Shalltear Bloodfallen - new

Toradora: Taiga - new

Update Feb 13 2020


Quintessential Quintuplets
-Ichika Nakano
-Itsuki Nakano
-Miku Nakano
-Nino Nakano
-Yotsuba Nakano


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