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Any chance of male slaves?


While I have found this game a little confusing (just got into it), I still think it's pretty fun, and I was curious if there were any plans in Crazy's mod to include male slaves/workers. I do love my ladies, but as a bi female I'd adore it if male slaves were a thing. I even have a list of potential boy packs I'd like to make if this became a feature.

I know there was a male slave released by one of the fellow Slave Masters.  He is listed under "Trap."  Named:  Astolfo

I have also built a .rgirls file with a Shemale and changed the file names to work with the Futa settings in the game.  To have a full male slave serving Ladies will require a total change of gender wording.  IE: replace "She" with "He" in all the messages in the game.  It is a project talked about log ago, but I do not know of any projects currently going to add male children in anything other than a gang member.


That pack I made was fairly complicated to tag well as the tags Sex, Anal, and Lesbian are essentially the same. The best way I solved this was by using certain criteria when tagging each based on the images, this is how if it helps if you want to create your own packs.

For sex images, I chose pictures that didn't directly show penetration with faceless partners for the most part, so mostly doggy style angles worked or missionary with back view angles.

For anal images I chose images that did showed penetration between the two or after sex images.

 For Lesbian images I only showed images that had him and another male from the same series having sex.

While I can't alter the games pronouns usage, this was the best I could in adding a trap character to the game. Your welcome to use this method or not, or wait till someone decides to code it in.

The game technically can have male slaves but they would still need to be treated like any other .(r)girsx file.
The game mostly only has males in your gangs.
WM6 will probably not get males but WM7 will.


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