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I've been working on an updated version for quite some time, and though there is still quite a bit unfinished, I think the number of game-breaking problems is sufficiently low by now that it is ready for testing by some wider audience.
You can find the download for the new version here:

I'd be happy to hear your feedback, both in terms of bugs and problems that you found, but also regarding the new game mechanics (e.g. training job; movie studio, ...)
If you want to help the development of the game or want to do some modding yourself, but don't know C++, you may want to have a look at the new lua scripts (under `Resources/Scripts`)
and the job xml files (`Resources/Data/Job`). Especially the latter should make it easy to add more variation to the text messages. If you have questions about these, feel free to ask.

A couple of problems I've found in your game. "Whore" jobs and "Intern" at the clinic cause issues on the turn summary screen, and time won't always move forward when you end the week. the girls detail screen at the farm, doesn't have a "Producers" section and the "Laborers" section is listed twice. Some events cause, like impregnation, will cause pop-ups to happen multiple times, and girls can be captured or found in events multiple times as well. these are the more major ones I've found.

thanks for the report. The missing "Producers" is an easy fix. For the things that cause problems during the turn summary, the game should give an error message (that should also be in the gamelog.txt if you search for ERROR). That would be helpful in tracking down the cause of the error. For the event, I guess I'll have to investigate.

I could not find the original message, nut instead of an error, it gave an 'identity' warning about the job, then it would stay in the same week, but with reset button values and events basically ignored. it was kind of weird. Currently I'm trying to get it to happen again so I can screen shot it.

I've uploaded a small update that fixes a few bugs.

## Fixes
* fixed releasing customers from dungeon
* fixed missing half of arena meet script
* girls from arena tryouts are now send to arena
* fixed naming error for brothel background images
* fixed saving/loading of missions
* fixed anger management/extreme therapy jobs


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