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Dear pinkpetal forum members,
Since WM is open source I took the liberty of forking*  h1262216's latest version and coded a few things including:

* Girl's stats display changes compared to previous week (see example pic).
* New Stat: "Violations" - keeps track how many times a girl has been violated.
* Made "Borderless Fullscreen" default display mode.
* Weekly Fatigue regain increased from 2 to 4 (less micromanagement when there's no matron).
* Fix (?) Replaced these ${name} thingies in texts with the appropriate girl's name.
* Fix: Lactation increasing, when there was no relevant trait.
* Fix: (Manually) deleted saves removed from load game menu.Download Version 7.2.0 Nada
(no girlpacks included - you know where to get them)
* For you non-coders: Forking basically means taking someone's read-only source code, copying it to gain write access (and possibly merging the modified version into the original if so desired). I'll leave this to h126. He probably won't like what I've done  :D
Quality of life feature: Stat changes compared to last week (and new '# times violated' stat).This version's source code:

Who I am?
German pervert professionally working as a programmer, who is probably jerking off right now. I made a shitty adult game called "prison entity" quite a few years ago and also made nadamod for Crusader Kings 2, which after I stopped working on it evolved into Dark World (so happy those guys still mention me yay!).

First off, nice to see someone else taking a look at this code.
For the most part, I've avoided making changes to existing behaviour unless I was actively working on that code for other reasons. So e.g. full-screen / non-full screen or the amount of tiredness regenerated each week don't necessarily express a preference of mine (though for debugging, having it windowed and less than full hd is actually useful :)

The ${name} thing you've noticed is because the long term plan is to move as much of the text as possible into external files, so that text changes don't require recompilation. I don't want to code to decide whether to use a name or a pronoun, though, because there may be good reasons why multiple ${name}'s occur in one text. If you think there are ${name} occurrences too close together, then the source text should replace ${name} with "she".

I would prefer if the recovery rate and maximum gang size were configurable parameters (using the `cGameSettings` mechanism). Then if people don't like the changes, they can keep the old values in their games. (Personally, I think reducing the gang size probably makes a lot of sense, but I'm not so sure about the recovery, because I think there should be significant negative consequences for letting a girl work double shifts.)

As for the violated stat, this seems like an add-hoc fix for a larger underlying issue -- that of having stats that are really statistics in the sense of counters of how often something as happened, as opposed to stats that are more like attributes (And the current "STATS" thing really is a mess, it combines "trainable" attributes like strength and agility with more "inherent" attributes like beauty and age, with quickly fluctuation things like current health, mana, and energy (tiredness)).

Oh, and showing the changes compared to last week definitely is a nice improvement.


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