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PyTFall: General information / Re: == PyTFall Alpha release ==>
« Last post by grishnak on February 20, 2018, 11:12:25 AM »
Nice, looking forward to it!
PyTFall: General information / Re: == PyTFall Alpha release ==>
« Last post by Xela on February 20, 2018, 10:02:12 AM »
We're planning to wrap up all systems and start with testing, yes. I've been hacking/testing a bunch of systems lately.
PyTFall: General information / Re: == PyTFall Alpha release ==>
« Last post by grishnak on February 18, 2018, 09:41:56 AM »
This sounds not good. I looked at the version on github and while it is not fully playable, it is a lot of progress from the alpha version.
Are you planning to release another working version before the beta release (if only for feedback and bug reports)? It would be a shame, if the game stopped in an unplayable state.
Also, is there any help people can give without having discord?
User Mods / Re: Question Imagetypes
« Last post by grishnak on February 12, 2018, 09:34:53 PM »
Not too complicated, just not easy with numbers. You would need to make your own categories and if you want a specific pic, have only 1 in the specialized imagetype. If you do it like "profileA", "profileB" etc., all would be in the default "profile" pool still, but you could look for "profileA" first and only if nothing was found use the profile pool. Just numbers at the end seem problematic.

If you can compile c++ you could make your own imgtype categories like i did (you need to change and update  the constants.h and cimagetypes.cpp for that). I am still looking how to update the editor, but maybe with aevojoes work on scriptx files there, it might already recognize the types if simply edited with a basic text editor.

User Mods / Re: Question Imagetypes
« Last post by HuiBui on February 12, 2018, 02:15:16 PM »
Not shure if I'm understanding all your explanations correctly, but obvisiously its too complicated to make the suffxes in that way which I was thinking. OK

But would you be so kind and add the Picturetypes like face and so on into the scripteditor?

and please have a look wheather the removeTrait(Virgin) command isn't working.

Kind regards,
User Mods / Re: Question Imagetypes
« Last post by grishnak on February 12, 2018, 04:05:21 AM »
Face is already added, with the intention to use it as default for any pov or closeup action. Adding other closeups should be quite easy.

I intended to make use of suffixes, because of being able to specify and still keep them in the same category. For example a "sexdoggy" counts also as "sex". So if the code finds no "sexpov", the pool for "sex" still includes all actions without having the pictures physically duplicated.

The problem with doing that for the other existing types like "cowgirl", "revcowgirl" etc., where it would make sense to rename them "sexcowgirl" and "sexrevcowgirl" (or a lot of lesbiantypes) etc. to have them in the sex pool without extra coding (actually now the default is handled via a case code), would be the extra workload of renaming files in every girlpacks. That is one reason i asked about pregtypes, because if i left them out or radically shortened the existing pregtypes, you could simply add sexcowgirl and keep the original cowgirl code and defaults and simply code cowgirl as 1:1 default for sexcowgirl (redundant for backwards compability).
Currently i have a problem with too many imagetypes, because my gallery crashed a few times, which i fixed by drastically reducing the types.  Now it works, but i still have fear that the crashes might have been linked to the amount of types (i have more than 340, now under 300)...though. It also means a lot of more code in general.

Handling the specific types as you quoted is a problem, because it reads and expects numbers from the end. You might specify it in a way of "strip" (general), "stripstage" (for stripping on a stage) and for your special types "stripstagespecialtypeA", "stripstageclothed", "stripstagetopless", "stripstagecustomerA" etc.. You could also do "strip_01type_009" where 009 works as index number and 01type could be your special stage of undress/customer combination.

What would be possible is to add customer categories (like noble, rich, common, poor, criminal) and also add a few special chars...but each would have to be defined in a unique type. For unique chars it might be better to either make them their own picpool (you would use the sex pic from the other char not the current girl in that case) or add a category of their own (like "mayorsex" or "mayorescort") where it only shows this special girl doing the actions with the prefix character. If you really want to show only charA doing actions with charB, you could do it with a check for pics in charAs pool starting with charB and viceversa.

If you look at the escort job code, there was an idea for special chars (sheriff, mayor etc.) already.
User Mods / Re: Question Imagetypes
« Last post by HuiBui on February 12, 2018, 02:52:39 AM »
Dear grishnak,

comming back to your second question.

I would really love to have additional types of pictures (especially since it is possible to show more than one pic while running a script. Now you can really tell storys with the matching pics)

So, what i would love to have included are:

In addition: Couldn't it be possible to upgrade all pic-commands with a suffix? These would make it realise to show a specific pic and not a random one of these type.
If there is no suffix, a random pic will be shown, with a suffix the specific one....
Example:   have profile or have profile04
or adding a strip show while showing strip01, strip02 and so on....

Kind Regards,
PyTFall: General information / Re: == PyTFall Alpha release ==>
« Last post by DarkTl on February 11, 2018, 12:48:32 PM »
I did everything I could for PF at this stage. The rest is up to Xela, as he coded the complex logical core personally. Whether PF will be completed or not does not depend on me, and is unknown to me.

Meanwhile I've focused on GiBC, and together with The Worst we are planning to release other games with original art after it. I'll gladly resume my work on PF too if the game will be ready for it one day.
User Mods / Question Imagetypes
« Last post by grishnak on February 10, 2018, 01:13:49 PM »
In reference to my last post in the request subforum, i have some questions:

- Is it possible to add imagetypes without a pregnant version without breaking existing stuff? Some types i added make no sense with a pregnant prefix for example.

- Are there some actions and imagetypes you want to include or some you would change?

Finally i got a working compiler again and modified and updated the files i already posted before (after fixing the spelling mess it was as well).
User Mods / Re: DaBanishers Girls
« Last post by dabanisher on February 09, 2018, 10:07:03 PM »
soon 2b shall be done as well and im thinking if doing midna(imp version) and shauntal too
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