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User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by CasualFire on January 29, 2023, 04:30:54 PM »
Quick question I'm not sure if its just me, but I'm getting slowdown on character videos. size doesn't seem to be a factor and the only format that isn't slowed down is .gif, webm and mp4 both experience the same slow down.
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by h1262216 on January 29, 2023, 01:43:00 PM »
@renat Great to hear. Yes, the spelling is wrong, but it is used in so many places that I've so far avoided to fix it. I'm still trying to improve the displayed error messages, so that these things become easier to debug.

I've just uploaded a new version here:

With the therapy crashes now (hopefully) fixed, I think this has matured enough since my first introduction of the new image selection code to be called a beta version. Apart from bug fixes, this version introduces two features that have been requested some time ago:
1) The ability to load game settings (the More Details part from New Game) from files, placed in `Resources/Presets`. I've put some very simple files for different difficulties there, that change mostly how much money things cost and give, but I haven't really playtested this to see if it makes sense from a balancing point of view.
2) The ability to select image preferences. With the new image tagger, you can declare whether an image is a drawing, rendering, or photo, and the player can select their preferences. This is just a relatively small nudge into the direction of images to use---if a tag with lots of images is requested, then the preference will be fulfilled, but if there are few or no images of that type, the game will ignore the preference setting.

From now, I hope I can focus my attention on implementing the new, generalized job code. I've made some progress on this, but as jobs make up a good chunk of the game, its a large amount of code to deal with, and it will probably take several more weeks till I have something playable again.
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by renat on January 29, 2023, 11:32:58 AM »
That was exactly it. Bestiality is spelled incorrectly (Beastiality) in the game files and I was spelling it correctly (Bestiality) and it didn't like that. Thank you.
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by h1262216 on January 29, 2023, 09:05:26 AM »
This is likely caused by me adding traits, but I'm getting a "_Map_base::at" error at load or new game when loading traits.

Any idea what I screwed up?

on alpha 5 atm

"_Map_base::at" indicates that the game tried to look up something, but could not find it. First thing is to look at the `gamelog.txt`, that might give some more clues as to where these invalid lookups happened and what it tried to look up. Usually, it's just a spelling error somewhere.
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by renat on January 28, 2023, 07:13:18 PM »
This is likely caused by me adding traits, but I'm getting a "_Map_base::at" error at load or new game when loading traits.

Any idea what I screwed up?

on alpha 5 atm
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by h1262216 on January 21, 2023, 02:18:11 PM »
@Zephisto, thanks for reporting, it appears there are some spelling errors in the job xml files. I've fixed them, and also changed the code to validate that traits exists already when the game is loaded, so that there is less chance of such a thing going unnoticed.

@renat For the Advertise job, there is actually already something similar, in that it can generate an event where the girl says that she doesn't like the job and wants to be reassigned. When unifying the code for all jobs, I guess it makes sense to allow this more generally.
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by Zephisto on January 19, 2023, 04:32:58 PM »
With the new release, i have the same error than before :

INFO:    [interface] Push Window 'Girl Details'
ERROR:   [traits]    Could not find trait: Dependant
ERROR:   [interface] An error occurred when trying to initialize 'Girl Details'
ERROR:   [interface] Error when handling MouseClick event at (269, 387): Could not find trait: Dependant
DEBUG:               Loaded XML File .\Resources\Interface\Light-16-9\popup_message.xml

The bug income after sending girls in treatement in the centre
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by renat on January 18, 2023, 06:51:12 PM »
hmm for my personal use this game is more of a colletathon game for the 1000+ girls I intend to eventfully have, so the more convoluted things get, the more time I have to spend micromanaging. So i like the idea of simplifying the job enjoyments, but also I kind rely on the girls eventfully likening the job they are given. also the more complex you make the job interactions the less clear it becomes how they go about using those mechanics. tool tips may be needed eventually or tutorial popup or a help tab?  there mechanics in wm6 that I have no idea what they are for or how there work( fame/disposition all over the place week to week and what does disposition even effect?)

idk maybe the matron could help keep girls for getting to upset with there jobs?
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by h1262216 on January 18, 2023, 06:23:33 PM »
I really like the idea. It'll be more fun and immersive this way. Now you aren't forced to use someone whos not cut out for a job till you find some one better. You can have them grow into there rolls.
Having it show how long they have till they gain the trait will give the game a more RPGesc feel which I dig. :) 

Maybe add the tables to the "Docs&Tools" folder?
Thanks for noticing, I just forgot to copy these files into the zip.

Unfortunately, I don't think the your daughter spawn has a quick fix, and my priorities are currently on something else, so that it probably will take a while till I can get to that.
What I'm trying right now is to, finally, finish the long-term project of trying to unify all the job processing code. I've done bits and pieces so far, things that worked well in isolation, like giving all the production/crafting kind of jobs the same basic code, but now I'm trying to do the things that actually interact, and need to be changed together -- which is a lot, since the job code is closely interwove with the building and customer processing, and even the gold tracking. I still found some things that work standalone, e.g. the new trait gain mechanism is actually a consequence of that effort.

I now have a second candidate, which is the job enjoyment code. What I'm planning to do:
* Drastically reduce the number of different "enjoyments" there are -- right now, the game has 36 different activities/actions a girl can enjoy, so far for the new code I've got 12. These are
"fighting", "fucking", "stripping and teasing", "crafting", "working on the farm", "preparing food and drinks", "physical labor", "social interactions", "mental labor", "working in the medical field",            "performing", "providing services". Did I miss anything?
* Instead of the girl (almost) automatically starting to enjoy the job you assign her to after some time, do the following: Get the current enjoyment values of the actions associated with the job, and combine them with the girls happiness to get a starting enjoyment. Add some modifiers (less enjoyment if very tired or really bad at the job, traits, if you let her keep tips, etc. ) and a bit of randomization. Certain events during the shift also could influence the enjoyment. After the shift, compare the enjoyment value of the shift with that originally associated with the actions, and if it was better or worse, there is a chance that she'll start liking that action more/less.
The consequence should be that if you keep a girl working a job while she is unhappy, she'll start to associate the unhappiness with these activities and start enjoying them less. Also, if a job combines two activities, you could user her love for one of them to increase her enjoyment of the other.
* Each job should also have a basic enjoyment value, depending on how enjoyable it is by default, e.g. Free Time would have a very high value here, whereas "Film Public BDSM" should have a negative value. If that works as I hope it will, that would mean that even if a girl generally enjoys fucking, she would enjoy this job much less than an "easier" fucking-type job, so unless she has some corresponding traits her enjoyment of fucking would actually go down if you make her do this many times.

I've partially implemented this. I still have to figure out a good way to integrate the "will she do the job this shift" checks into this, which should in some way combine obedience, fear, love, and her enjoyment of the job.

Any thoughts?
User Mods / Re: Whore Master 7
« Last post by renat on January 17, 2023, 05:25:27 PM »
Thanks for the clarification, I think I misunderstood the original problem -- I was looking for cases where a(any!) girl would be born as the player's daughter, and no girl appeared instead.

It may be cause of how the girls where created. My girls where made with the drop down "this girl can only be born as your daughter" in the girlmaker, but another user said that your version looks for the "Your Daughter" perk to decide who should be a random and who should be a daughter.

In WM6 the "your Daughter perk is automatically given to any girl born as your daughter, so none of my girls have that perk by default.
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