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Build your own robot girl


Heya! So admittedly, this is my first post to a forum site like this, so if I put this in the wrong place or something, please do tell me.

So I recently started playing this game, and I had an idea for a character that I thought would be fun, but had no idea how to implement it, since I don't know how to use the script editor, and I couldn't figure how to use the item editor is such a way to get around it. The idea was for the player to be able to find items in game (via shop or catacombs) that they can use to assemble a new type of random girl. Like, you send out someone to the catacombs, boom, they came back with, say, a robot torso. Then you go and find a head in the shop, etc etc, boom, you've got the parts. Once you get them all, you use them in the player inventory or something and bang, new girl added.

I was trying to make it myself, but again, I find the script editor to be a tad confusing. If anyone happens to have some sort of link to a post on how to work the editor, or maybe just other ways I could get it to work, I'd appreciate the help!

Thank you very much.

You could use the same idea for a Genie bottle and get a girl.

You could use it for a couple things. Genie girl, robot girl, wanna use a summon ritual, cool, go for it, How about a grow-your-own-Alraune kit? Yeah, sure. I'm just not meeting with much success trying to make it.

What about a mission to the catacombs in which (maybe randomized) your girl comes across different robot parts to assemble it?

Good idea, I'll save this for later


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