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Kidnapping options idea



This idea is for a method where you can narrow down what kind of girls you want to kidnap. lets say you have dozens of different unique girls in your character folder, but desire certain ones. This method would allow you to pick what kind of girls your gangs targets and allows for better chances of getting girls your want.

Examples for the target system

#1) A simple, but broad version would have you picking from three options: Loli, Milf, and Young (which is basically means girls that have neither of the previous two traits.)

#2) A bit more complex version and allows you to target girls with certain traits types: Physical traits, Sexual traits, Job traits, Etc.

#3) Most complex as I don't know if you are able to program this into, but up for suggestion and allows you to target girls that excel in specific stats or skills.
I.E. You are looking for a girl skilled in cooking, so they will target girls whose highest skill level is cooking out of the rest.

Not sure if this can be done, but its a idea nevertheless.

I'll look into it but can't promise a time frame.


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