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Fishing VS Diving



From what I have experienced fishing and diving are extremely unbalanced. Swimming/Diving requires a larger investment in AP, items, and vitality and the mini-game is slower/more difficult. At the same time the rewards for diving are much lower than for fishing. I suppose this could be fixed by simply making the items received via diving much more valuable, but preferably there would be more progression the the diving mini-game/rewards to match the investment of time and money required to train the swimming skill. 

I am still a new player so there may be things I've missed entirely. When I starting my first game I decided to focus on diving on a whim and the rewards were so low it almost put me off the game entirely. Then I tried fishing and realized how much easier everything was.

This issue was brought up about a month ago by the test team and the dev team knows about it.
At this point Xela is working on making the exploration engine - sending teams into the wilds. As a result, retagging of items is halted untill the SE is finished. 

But thank you for sharing your view on the game and pointing what can be improved.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm glad to hear it's a known issue and I totally understand that it's not a priority.

btw. if you like this game and you will continue to play it and found addictional bugs, have other problems, ideas or an opinion you would like to share/talk about;
I would suggest joining the discord channel: Invite link:

And if you dont want to click a link provided by a random dude with a frog avatar; here is the link to the official topic made by Xela with the discord link: that can be found in the "PytTall: General information" tab.


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