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Title: Um not that hard to fix asking/forcing lesbian, group and threesome
Post by: AtomicWolf on January 31, 2012, 09:40:46 PM
Im sure people already done this, but i found it was quite easy to use the script editor to fix the issue of not being able to ask or force girl to do lesbian group or threesomes. I just copied format of existing scripts for the other actions.

Only issue is that their is no "have lesbian/group" option to add to the script so its like she doesnt officially do the act but it still has effects on whichever stats/skills you choose.

also doesnt show the equivalent picture, just a profile picture. otherwise its all good. awesome game just wonder why this 5 min job left unfinished, no offence! you guys rule!

I could probably put a lil sample up if anyones interested, only got this game other day so still sussing out the modding. all works for me though.