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Updates and Notes for Crazy's Mod --- Current Version .06.04.01

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Changes Made for Older Versions:

Version .05i was the first version I put out, The previous versions were done by Crazy.
.05i -
.05j -
.05k -
.05l -
.05m -
.05n -
.05o -
.05p -
.05q -
.05r -
.05s -
.05t -
.06.00.00-04 -
.06.00.05 -
.06.00.06-09 -
.06.00.11-15 -
.06.00.16-20 -
.06.00.21-25 -
.06.00.26-30 -
.06.00.31-34 -
.06.01 folder -!wQJW3SKL!ssKscUmmeShOIn4mTOGW7w
.06.01.00-04 -
.06.01.05-09 -
.06.01.10-16 -
.06.01.17-19 -
.06.01.20-21 -
.06.02 folder -!8F5UDZxL!SDrXNuRF8xVzbDX_C-htlQ
.06.02.00-17 -
.06.02.18-19 -
.06.02.20 was released by jonwich because I was unable to be on for more than a month.
.06.02.21-29 -
.06.02.30-39 -
.06.02.40-42 -
.06.03 folder -!0AglkKJJ!WcGpINc72BCHfGNoaiCNfQ
.06.03.00-07 -

Image Names that the game will recognizeThese are the base names with the non-pregnant and pregnant versions together.
Anal   PregAnal   |   Bdsm   PregBdsm   |   Sex   PregSex   |   Beast   PregBeastGroup   PregGroup   |   Les   PregLes   |   Torture   PregTorture   |   Death   PregDeathProfile   PregProfile   |   Combat   PregCombat   |   Oral   PregOral   |   Ecchi   PregEcchiStrip   PregStrip   |   Maid   PregMaid   |   Sing   PregSing   |   Wait   PregWaitCard   PregCard   |   Bunny   PregBunny   |   Nude   PregNude   |   Mast   PregMastTitty   PregTitty   |   Milk   PregMilk   |   Hand   PregHand   |   Foot   PregFootBed   PregBed   |   Farm   PregFarm   |   Herd   PregHerd   |   Cook   PregCookCraft   PregCraft   |   Swim   PregSwim   |   Bath   PregBath   |   Nurse   PregNurseFormal   PregFormal   |   Shop   PregShop   |   Magic   PregMagic   |   Sign   PregSignPresented   PregPresented   |   Dom   PregDom   |   Deepthroat   PregDeepthroat   |   Eatout   PregEatoutDildo   PregDildo   |   Sub   PregSub   |   Strapon   PregStrapon   |   Les69ing   PregLes69ingLick   PregLick   |   Suckballs   PregSuckballs   |   Cowgirl   PregCowgirl   |   Revcowgirl   PregRevcowgirlSexdoggy   PregSexdoggy   |   Jail   PregJail   |   PregThe game checks them as all lower case so capitalization does not matter.

After the name can be anything, but is generally accepted as a number with or without ().
The file extension should be ".jpg" but ".jpeg" will work and ".png" may or may not work depending on how it was made.
Example: The game looks in the folder for "sex*.*g" where the * can be anything and the game will find it.
The ".ani" extension should also work if made correctly.
".gif" will load but will not animate yet - see Ani and Gif files for updates on the progress of this.
".gif"s load and animate but large files may take a little while to start running.

.06.02.00 and on will have the Gallery with the list box.
None of the new prefixes has been added to the gallery yet.
I have not gotten around to making a list box to list all the image types and how many of each the girl has yet.
Until the list box is made, the up and down arrows as well as the w and s keys cycle through the available image types while the left/right and a/d keys cycle through the images for that type.

Pregnant Images:
Pregnancy is checked and the image type is adjusted accordingly.
If Pregnant, the preg(image type) is checked first, then the preg(alt types) then the non-preg(image type) finally the non-preg(alt types)

For .06.02.00 and on,
 - The game looks for "pregnant*.*"
 - then looks for ("preg" + numeric.substr(i, 1) + "*.*")
 -  - numeric is any of these: "0123456789 ().,[]-" plus spaces
So These files would be found for pregnant:
"Pregnant.jpg", "Pregnant123.gif", "PREG a.jpg", "preg.jpeg", "preg1.jpg", "preg(1).jpg", "preg-2.jpg"
and these would not:
"pregs.jpg", "prega.jpg", "preg<d.jpg", "preg#1.jpg", "preg!2.jpg"

For each image type, if there are no images found for that type, the game looks for alternate image types to display.
If no image is found, then a default image for the first requested type is displayed.
If all else fails, a profile pic is displayed.
Sex  >>  Anal  >  Group  >  Lesbian  >  Oral  >  Titty  >  Hand  >  FootAnal, Bdsm, Beast, Group  >>  SexLesbian  >>  Nude  >  SexOral  >>  Hand  >  Titty  >  Foot  >  SexTitty  >>  Hand  >  Oral  >  SexHand  >>  Oral  >  Titty  >  Foot  >  SexFoot  >>  Hand  >  Oral  >  Titty  >  SexNude  >>  Strip  >  EcchiMast  >>  Nude  >  Strip  >  EcchiEcchi  >>  Strip  >  NudeStrip, Bed, Swim, Bath  >>  Ecchi  >  NudeMilk  >>  NudeMaid, Wait  >>  BunnySing, Card  >>  Formal  >  BunnyCook  >>  Wait  >  MaidHerd, Craft  >>  FarmCombat  >>  MagicTorture  >>  Bdsm  >  DeathPresented  >>  ProfileDom  >>  CombatFarm, Bunny, Death, Nurse, Formal, Sign, Jail, Pregnant and Profile have no alternate types.
If there is no alternate type available, DefaultImages will be used if there is one.

Most image types are self explanatory.
Profile is the main image of the girl.
Anal, BDSM, Sex, Beast, Group, Les, Oral, Titty, Hand, Foot and Mast are all for sex. (Foot Job is not implemented yet)
Combat, Death and Torture are for combat and dungeon jobs.
Bunny, Maid, Sing, Wait and Card are for common jobs.
Milk is for when the girl has her breasts milked.
Strip, Ecchi and Nude are for single girl images with and without clothes.

The following image types are not fully implemented yet:

Swim will be for rest jobs and possibly for a Vacation job that will get added to the house as a better rest job.
Bath does not currently have anything definitive planned yet.
Bed will be added for Personal Bed Warmer job.
Farm will be for general work on the farm.
Herd, Cook and Craft will be for specific jobs on the farm.
Nurse is for the Nurse and Intern jobs.
Formal is for Formal Dresses that will be used for the Escort job and other things.
Sign is for the advertising job.
Presented is for the Slave market.
Dom is for Dominatrix or Dominant in BDSM - NEW (image type BDSM supposed to be for submissive)
*** For help on finding images look here -


--- Quote from: aevojoey on June 10, 2014, 11:30:36 AM ---OK,  I'll use this thread

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Thank you very much

Hotkeys currently in the game:

These are the Hotkeys that the game currently uses.
The "Alternate Set" is really the default because they were an alternate from what the game originally used.
They are the hotkeys I use and update.
I made it harder to change the hotkey set and will probably eventually remove the "Default Set" entirely.

Global Hotkeys
F1   =   Girl ManagementF2   =   Gang managementF3   =   DungeonF4   =   SlaveMarketF5   =   StudioF6   =   ArenaF7   =   CentreF8   =   ClinicF9   =   FarmF10   =   Town ScreenF11   =   Turn SummaryF12   =   HouseControl + (F#)   =   Go to building setup for that buildingShift + (F#)   =   Go to building entry screen for that building1-7   =   BrothelsTab   =   Cycle BrothelsShift-Tab   =   Reverse Cycle BrothelsEscape   =   Back one screen9   =   List Hotkeys for the screen you are on.0   =   List Global Hotkeys.I   =   Shop Screen (Inventory) with Current Girl selectedUpdatedCtrl + I   =   Shop Screen with Player and Shop selectedNewSpace Key   =   Clears message boxes.End   =   Turn SummaryHome   =   HouseCtrl + Home   =   Default HotKeysCtrl + End   =   Alternate HotKeys-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brothel Screen (Home Screen)
Right Arrow   =   Next BrothelLeft Arrow   =   Previous Brothel-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gang Management
Up Arrow   =   Previous GangDown Arrow   =   Next GangA   =   Previous GangD   =   Next GangW   =   Previous MissionS   =   Next MissionQ   =   Previous RecruitsE   =   Next RecruitsSpace   =   Hire Gang-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Left Arrow   =   Previous PictureRight Arrow   =   Next PictureUp Arrow   =   Previous Image TypeDown Arrow   =   Next Image TypeA   =   Previous PictureD   =   Next PictureW   =   Previous Image TypeS   =   Next Image Type-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Turn Summary Screen
Up Arrow   =   Previous GirlDown Arrow   =   Next GirlLeft Arrow   =   Previous EventRight Arrow   =   Next EventA   =   Previous GirlD   =   Next GirlW   =   Previous EventS   =   Next EventQ   =   Next CatagoryE   =   Previous CatagoryO   =   Change sort order *New*Space   =   Change current picture-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Girl Management
Most of the rest of the screens use these keys for switching between girls:
Up Arrow   =   Previous GirlDown Arrow   =   Next GirlA   =   Previous GirlD   =   Next Girl-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C   =   In the Movie studio - Create MovieNew for .06.04.00-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Create Movie Screen
Q   =    Available Scene Select Up New for .06.04.00A   =    Available Scene Select Down New for .06.04.00W   =    Current Movie Select Up New for .06.04.00S   =    Current Movie Select Down New for .06.04.00E   =    Current Movie Move Up  New for .06.04.00D   =    Current Movie Move Down New for .06.04.00R   =    Add Scene New for .06.04.00F   =    Remove Scene New for .06.04.00-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Building Screens (Most screens with girls lists)
W   =   Previous Work AreaS   =   Next Work AreaQ   =   Previous JobE   =   Next JobZ   =   Day ShiftC   =   Night ShiftSpace   =   Goto Girl Details-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Girl Details
S   =   More DetailsShift + S   =   Job Quality DetailsSpace   =   GalleryJ   =   House Percent UpH   =   House Percent Down-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Slave Market
S   =   More DetailsShift + S   =   Job Quality DetailsSpace   =   Purchase Girl-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inventory Screen
The Inventory screen is a little more complicated:
List   Up   DownInventory type   R   FOwner list left   T   GOwner list right   Y   HItems list left   U   JItems list right   I   KThere are no hotkeys for buy and sell buttons or for equip or unequip buttons to prevent accidental buying, selling or equiping of items

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New Game Screen
Up/Down   =   Select Input rowNewLeft/Right   =   Adjust Sliders (if selected)NewTab   =   Next InputNewEscape   =   Clear Text BoxNewPageUp/PageDown   =   Adjust MonthNewHome/End   =   Adjust DayNewF1-F12   =   Choose MonthNew1-0   =   Type in Day (if day slider selected) - (needs work)New-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Load Game
Up/Down   =   Up/Down the list of gamesNewEnter   =   Load selected gameNewEscape   =   Back to main menuNew-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Main Menu
C   =   Continue autosave.gamNewL   =   Load gameNewN   =   New GameNewS   =   Settings (does nothing yet)NewQ   =   Quit gameNew-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This assumes you are using a standard QWERTY keyboard.
If you are using a different style keyboard the hotkeys may be different for you.

The original text of this thread:

Changed the Poll.

I will try to make a new poll each week.
If you post about a poll, Try to include the poll number or title.

I found that I can rename the main thread so I did  ;D
I will keep the main part and update it with the version number
Updates and Notes for Crazy's Mod --- Current Version .05q.03

I did the poll, sadly I could only choose 3 things... I wanted to tick all xD This game needs some difficulty. Frankly I find it somewhat boring.
You dudes are doing great work adding new stuff to it though so keep up the good work.  8)


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