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790 Series Lusticon Operations Unit:

They're only monsters IN BED.

Names: Ai Kashiki, Airu Suzaki, Akari Hinomoto, Akiho Rindou, Ami Aiba, Angewomon, Dianamon, Eri Karan, Fairymon, Izumi Orimoto, LadyDevimon, Lilimon, Lilithmon, Mervamon, Mirei Mikagura, Nene Amano, Ranamon, Rina Shinomiya, Rosemon, Sakuyamon, Shutumon, Venusmon
Franchise: Digimon
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link

All are catacomb girls.

All the nautical waifus.

Name: Seaport Hime (or Harbor Princess)
Game: KanColle
: Link

Even the seaports are waifus.

The most serious business card game evar.

Names: Asuka Tenjoin (Alexis Rhodes), Black Magician Girl, Burstinatrix, Cyber Tutu, Harpie Lady, Harpie Queen, Rei Saotome (Blair Flannigan), Silent Magician
Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh!
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link

At least there aren't any motorcycles involved... yet...
Basically a cave woman.

Name: Kiyoh Bachika
Series: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
: Link

So few images...

I'd let her play with my Ball... Boy...

Names: Shaia Hishizaki
Game: Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
: Link

Is it scraping the bottom of the barrel when you're making girls from obscure SNK fighters? Or is it just tapping an otherwise underutilized market?

All the pink.

Name: Pastel
Series: TwinBee
: Link

At least it's not neon.

A mighty let down.

Name: Call
Game: Mighty Number 9
: Link

A good thing there were like a half dozen designs so I could Frankenstein a release together.

Something about boobs.

Name: Ryouka Narusawa
Series: Occultic;Nine
: Link

... Boobs...

Dragons, puppers, bunnies and humans, oh my.

Name: Cerberus, Cleo, Elisanne, Mym
Game: Dragalia Lost
: Link
: Link (three in one pack)

Hell puppy is still best puppy.


Name: Reika Kirishima
Game: Time Gal
: Link


Cave exploration!

Name: Curly Brace, Misery
Game: Cave Story
: Link
: Link

Spunking while spelunking?

Get On, Head On, God On...

Name: Anice Farm
Series: Sonic Soldier Borgman
: Link

Borg On...?

Time to make somebody angry.

Name: Corona-chan
Origin: Likely a lab somewhere
: Link

Coof coof.

If I painted my balls two different colors, would she fall for my calling them Chaos Emeralds?

Name: Maria Robotnik, Rouge the Bat
Franchise: Sonic the Hedgegog
: Link
: Link
: Link

Two different kinds of Rouge, both of which can be used at the same time for maximum reality bending, which is what this game is all about. You know, minus the whoring and such. Normal Rouge is the jewel loving bat in all of her furry glory, while Kemonomimi Rouge is, as you would expect, a humanized version who still usually has the ears, wings and sometimes tail.

Ladies who bap one another on the nose.

Name: Mai Shiranui, Malin
Company: SNK
: Link
: Link

Bap, bap, bap.


Name: Imaichi-tan
Origin: Kobe Shinbun
: Link

If you can think of three reasons as to why, maybe you can get a job at a newspaper...

Hi, good work. I like your packs, as they don't include any junk and unneeded images. I'm not  sure, what is your source of images, but I was able to find quite more files for Fuuro on I've added them into the image folder and put the new pack on!2skyCYDb!KFFdVLBdOsXV0qcuuloEUBMZdETnhjrSNAoJpRrccjA. Feel free to use it or edit it if you like some of them.

790 Series Lusticon Operations Unit:
Yet another Mini Pack post...

When Bleach went bad.

Name: Candice Catnipp
Series: Bleach
: Link
Images: Combat, Group, Magic, Sex

Name: Meninas McAllon
: Link
Images: Combat, Les, Sex, Strip, Swim, Titty

Can't get rid of that stain.

Insert maid joke that uses made here.

Name: Chuiru
Series: Gravion
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Maid, Milk, Sex, Sing, Strip, Titty

She is fully capable of polishing spears.

Another day, another maid.

Name: Tesse
Game: Waku Waku 7
: Link
Images: Combat, Ecchi, Foot, Hand, Maid, Oral, Sex, Strip

Robo maid does not understand love. You must show her.

Maid cafes are the best training ground for slaves.

Name: Ai Miori
OVA: Bakunyuu Maid Kari
: Link
Images: Anal, Bed, Group, Les, Maid, Milk, Sex

Name: Reisa
: Link
Images: Bath, BDSM, Group, Maid, Milk,  Oral, Sex, Wait

Name: Asuna Arsen
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Maid, Milk, Nude, Oral, Sex, Strip, Wait

Maids are made to please.

i likz teh digimanz moar den teh porkimanz

Name: Nokia Shiramine
Game: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
: Link
Images: Anal, Beast, Combat, Ecchi, Formal, Group, Herd, Milk, Sex, Strip

Name: Kyoko Kuremi
: Link
Images: Combat, Death, Ecchi, Formal, Group, Hand, Oral, Sex, Strip, Wait

Name: Yuuko Kamishiro
: Link
Images: BDSM, Cook, Formal, Herd, Oral, Sex

Name: Mienumon
Franchise: Digimon
: Link
Images: Combat, Ecchi, Maid, Nude, Sex, Strip, Wait

Name: Minervamon
: Link
Images: Combat, Group, Hand, Herd, Oral, Sex, Strip

Name: Bastemon
: Link
Images: BDSM, Bed, Formal, Les, Nude, PregSex, Sex, Sing, Strip

Name: BeelStarmon
: Link
Images: Combat, Cook, Dildo, Ecchi, Group, Strip, Wait

Name: Shiki
Game: Digimon World Next Order
: Link
Images: Combat, Herd, Les, Nude, Sex, Swim

Name: Sayo
Game: Digimon World Dusk
: Link
Images: Formal, Group, Herd, Les, Sex, Swim

cuz dey iz teh CHAMPZ

It's a vain castle.

Name: Angela
Series: Pachislot Akumajō Dracula
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Formal, Sex, Strip

Name: Sonia Belmont
Game: Castlevania Legends
: Link
Images: BDSM, Bed, Combat, Ecchi, Sex, Strip

Name: Sypha Belnades
Game: Catlevania III (origin)
: Link
Images: Beast, Death, Group, Hand, Magic, Oral, Sex, Strip

Name: Yoko Belnades
Games: Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow
: Link
Images: Beast, Combat, Ecchi, Formal, Magic, Sex, Titty

What do you mean that's not what Castlevania means?!

Metal balls go ping ping ping.

Name: Mifuyu Tachibana
Game: Pachinko Sexy Reaction
: Link (all in one pack)
Images: Bunny, Ecchi, Formal, Strip, Wait

Name: Miruru Sugimoto

Images: Bunny, Combat, Ecchi, Formal, Nurse, Sex, Strip, Wait

Name: Reina Kazami

Images: Bunny, Combat, Sex, Strip, Wait

Breasts go boing boing boing.

Kiss dead furry.

Name: Princess Elise the Third
Game: Sonic 2006
: Link
Images: Anal, Beast, Herd, Mast, Oral, Sex

Have your romance erased from history.

Dragons can get lost too.

Name: Aeleen
Game: Dragalia Lost

Images: Combat, Magic, Oral, Sex, Strip

Name: Althemia

Images: Group, Hand, Sex, Shop, Strip

Name: Celliera

Images: Combat, Group, Hand, Oral, Sex, Swim

Name: Chelle

Images: Sex, Titty

Name: Ezelith

Images: Formal, Group, Nude, Sex, Strip

Name: Hildegarde

Images: Formal, Group, Magic, Oral, Sex, Shop, Strip, Torture

Name: Johanna

Images: Combat, Group, Hand, Sex

Name: Julietta

Images: Combat, Formal, Les, Sex, Strip, Swim, Titty

Name: Lin You

Images: Combat, Ecchi, Oral, Sex

Name: Melsa

Images: Group, Sex

Name: Notte

Images: Ecchi, Foot, Nude, Sex, Shop

Name: Ramona

Images: Group, Oral, Sex, Titty, Wait

Name: Sarissa

Images: Combat, Group, Milk, Sex, Shop, Strip

Name: Verica

Images: Group, Les, Magic, Nude, Sex, Strip, Swim, Titty

Name: Zethia

Images: Foot, Group, Magic, Sex, Strip, Torture

Link (contains all of them)

Sometimes they get found by the wrong sorts...

Go, creature in a sphere!

Name: Mizuho (Lola)
Franchise: Pokemon
: Link
Images: Beast, Cook, Nude, Sex


The dead shall walk the Earth.

Name: Nefer-Tina
Series: Mummies Alive
: Link
Images: Beast, Combat, Sex, Strip, Titty

The sexy dead.

790 Series Lusticon Operations Unit:
Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters is now up.

790 Series Lusticon Operations Unit:
New poll is up, girls will be done in a descending order so I don't have to make a new poll every time I finish one up.


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