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Silent Guy:

--- Quote ---Name: Mami Tomoe
Series: Mahou Shoujo Madoka*Magica
--- End quote ---
Most excellent!

Interesting choice for a girl, thanks for more!

Edit: Otome Sakuragi is an....

790 Series Lusticon Operations Unit:
The idea of the so called Mini Pack (patent pending) is to make a custom girl from a character who lacks the needed images to do a more fully featured girl, or Full Pack (patent pending). In essence, I want to make a character out of a girl who I cannot find images to cover most roles, be it actual sex or what have you. I will list what image types they have or jobs they can do.


Name: An
Series: Pretty Soldier/Guardian Sailor Moon
: Link
Images: Les, Nude, Sex, Strip

Name: Beruche
: Link
Images: Combat, Formal, Magic, Strip

Name: Cyprine
: Link
Images: Death, Group, Hand, Les, Magic, Oral, Sex

Name: Diana
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Farm, Formal, Hand, Oral, Sex, Sub

Name: Esmeraude
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Formal, Mast, Milk, Nude, Sex, Shop

Name: Eudial
: Link
Images: Bed, Group, Herd, Les, Mast, Milk, Nude, Sex

Name: Guardian Cosmos
: Link
Images: Combat, Craft, Ecchi, Farm, Formal, Magic, Sex, Sing

Name: Iguara
: Link
Images: Sex

Name: Ikuko Tsukino
: Link
Images: BDSM, Les, Milk, Nude, Sex, Shop, Strip, Sub

Name: Kaolinite
: Link
Images: Anal, Combat, Group, Magic, Nude, Oral, Sex, Strip, Titty

Name: Koan
: Link
Images: BDSM, Sex

Name: Mistress 9
: Link
Images: Combat, Formal, Strip

Name: Nehelenia
: Link
Images: Formal, Magic, Shop

Name: PeroPero
: Link
Images: Bunny, Sex, Sing, Strip

Name: Pollux
: Link
Images: Beast, Group, Hand, Les, Oral, Sex, Strip

Name: Princess Snow Kaguya
: Link
Images: PregSex, Sex

Name: Ptilol
: Link
Images: Death, Formal, Group, Les, Magic

Name: Queen Beryl
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Formal, Magic, Nude, Sex, Strip

Name: Rikoukeider
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Milk, Sex, Strip, Swim

Name: Sailor Lead Crow
: Link
Images: Combat, Group, Les, Nude, Sex

Name: Sailor Tin Nyanko
: Link
Images: Combat, Cook, Foot, Group, Mast, Nude, Sex

Name: Scar
: Link
Images: Anal, Combat, Ecchi, Milk, Nude, PregMilk, PregSex, Sex, Strip

Name: Steering
: Link
Images: Group, Hand, Oral, PregSex, Sex, Strip

Name: Tellu
: Link
Images: Combat, Craft, Death, Ecchi, Farm, Formal, Nude, Sex, Shop

Name: Thetis
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Formal, Milk, Sex

Name: U-Henshu
: Link
Images: Nude, Sex, Strip

Name: Viluy
: Link
Images: Combat, Craft, Ecchi, Mast, Milk, Nude, PregBeast, Sex


Plug in.

Name: Mariko Ozono
Series: Rockman.exe
: Link
Images: BDSM, Ecchi, Formal, Les, Mast, Sex, Strip

Name: Miyuki Kuroi
: Link
Images: Oral, Sex, Strip

Name: Saroma
: Link
Images: Group, Hand, Les, Nude, Oral, Sex, Shop

Name: Shuuko Kido
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Group, Maid, Mast, Oral, Sex

Turn on, tune out.

Bouncy ninja thief.

Name: Marino
Game: Rockman X: Command Mission
: Link
Images: Anal, Combat, Dom, Ecchi, Group, Les, Mast, Milk, Nude, Sex, Strip, Sub, Titty

Will bounce for Zenny.

Humans and Reploids are now equal.

Name: Jaune
Series: Rockman Zero
: Link
Images: Group, Les, Sex, Swim

Name: Neige
: Link
Images: Craft, Les, Sex

Name: Rouge
: Link
Images: Group, Les, Sex, Swim

Equal in being whored out, that it.

Ovary belt is best belt.

Name: Prairie
Series: Rockman Zero/ZX
: Link
Images: Group, Milk, Sex, Strip

Kill the bosses, get stuffed toys.

They're queens!

Name: Queen Ophiuca
Series: Shooting Star Rockman
: Link
Images: Formal, Group, Herd, Les, Sex, Strip, Swim, Titty

Name: Queen Tia
: Link
Images: Bed, Ecchi, Formal, Herd, Magic, Mast, Sex, Strip, Swim


Whoa mama.

Name: Matilda Caskett
Series: Rockman DASH
: Link
Images: Dildo, Group, Hand, Oral, Sex, Sing, Strip, Swim

Mama mia.

Today on MILFhunters...

Name: Yasuko Takasu
Series: Toradora
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Hand, Oral, Sex, Strip, Titty, Wait

So few images...

Dye her hair black to make her a proper princess.

Name: Princess Melora
Series: TwinBee
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Ecchi, Group, Hand, Oral, Sex, Strip, Titty
WARNING: There are 4 monochrome images in this pack. If you don't like that, just remove them.

Nothing can save her now. Not even an animated spaceship.

If basketball were like this, I would watch it.

Name: Natsune Tachibana
Series: Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers
: Link
Images: Bath, Combat, Ecchi, Formal, Les, Magic, Milk, Nude, Oral, Sex, Strip, Swim, Titty

Old games from decades ago can be a great source for slaves.

A walking sperm bank.

Name: South Pole One
OVA: Soreyuke Marin-chan
: Link
Images: Anal, Oral, Sex, Strip, Titty

Don't rupture her tanks.


Name: Minerva
Franchise: Transformers
: Link
Images: Combat, Formal, Group, Oral, Sex

Name: Miranda Jones
: Link
Images: Group, Les, Milk, Oral, Sex, Strip

Name: Misha Miramond
: Link
Images: Anal, Bunny, Ecchi, Formal, Les, Nude, Presented, Sex, Strip

Name: Sally Jones
: Link
Images: BDSM, Ecchi, Formal, Group, Les, Mast, Nude, Oral, Sex

Name: T-AI
: Link
Images: Beast, Formal, Group, Nude, Sex, Strip

This is poor comedy.

"You will never rape me, so say I, Hilda of Lorule."

Name: Princess Hilda
Game: Link Between Worlds
: Link
Images: Beast, Formal, Group, Hand, Les, Magic, Nude, Oral, Sex, Strip


Mostly incest.

Name: Aki Aoi
Series: Aki Sora
: Link
Images: Bath, Bed, Hand, Nude, Oral, Sex, Strip, Swim

Name: Kana Sumiya
: Link
Images: Death, Formal, Les, Nude, Oral, Sex, Strip, Titty

Name: Nami Aoi
: Link
Images: Les, Sex, Strip

Except when it's not.

I heard they have this at a game store.

Name: Dark Queen
Franchise: Battletoads
: Link
Images: BDSM, Beast, Bed, Combat, Dildo, Dom, Group, Herd, Les, Nude, Sex, Strip, Titty

Pause for music.

Evil wingwong.

Name: Sana Kuranaka
Series: Oni ChiChi
: Link
Images: Anal, Formal, Mast, Group, Oral, Presented, Sex, Titty

Name: Yuka Mikami
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Mast, Milk, Presented, Sex, Strip

But not a tentacle.

In war, everybody needs a whore.

Name: Brunya
Game: Fire Emblem 6
: Link
Images: Dom, Farm, Group, Hand, Sex, Strip

Name: Dorothy
: Link
Images: BDSM, Combat, Death, Farm, Group, Hand, Sex, Sub

Name: Guinevere
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Foot, Group, Magic, Les, Sex

Name: Igrene
: Link
Images: Anal, Bath, Bed, Combat, Dom, Ecchi, Group, Oral, Sex, Titty

Name: Lalum
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Group, Hand, Les, Nude, Sex, Sing, Strip


More war, more whores.

Name: Farina
Game: Fire Emblem 7
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Combat, Group, Herd, Sex

Name: Karla
: Link
Images: Bath, BDSM, Combat, Farm, Formal, Group, Sex, Strip

Name: Sonia
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Group, Les, Magic, Sex, Titty

The war on women has been won, because they're all slaves now.

Monster war.

Name: Neimi
Game: Fire Emblem 8
: Link
Images: Combat, Ecchi, Group, Hand, Herd, Sex

Name: Selena
: Link
Images: Group, Magic, Sex

Name: Syrene
: Link
Images: Bath, Combat, Ecchi, Group, Hand, Les, Nude, Sex

Name: Tethys
: Link
Images: Bed, Group, Hand, Sex, Sing, Strip, Titty

Watch out for tentacles.

Bad boys, whatcha gonna do...

Name: Lilica Ebett
Franchise: Burn Up
: Link
Images: Bath, BDSM, Ecchi, Les, Oral, Sex, Sing, Swim

Name: Nanvel Candlestick
: Link
Images: Bath, BDSM, Combat, Craft, Ecchi, Formal, Les, Oral, Sex, Sing

Name: Maki Kawasaki
: Link
Images: BDSM, Formal, Hand, Oral, PregSex, Sex

Gotta cum for them.

Three cheers for slavery.

Name: Mii Koryuji
Game: Project X Zone
: Link
Images: Beast, Combat, Ecchi, Foot, Formal, Herd, Nude, Shop, Sing, Strip

It puts rich bitches in their place.

Bad kitty.

Name: Koma
Game: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Cook, Combat, Ecchi, Foot, Group, Herd, Sex, Shop, Titty

She must be punished.

Ain't nothin' fake 'bout these tits.

Name: Angel
Game: Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
: Link
Images: Anal, BDSM, Combat, Dom, Group, Hand, Sex, Titty

Too bad she's fictional.

Magical floating island.

Name: Cadena
Franchise: Ys
: Link
Images: Foot, Sex

Name: Epona
: Link
Images: Combat, Milk, Sex, Swim, Titty

Name: Terra
: Link
Images: Beast, Sex, Strip

Floating like Zeal.


Mod the soul.

Name: Ririn
Series: Bleach
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Sex, Strip
Password: puddinblaster

Everybody do the filler dance.

Rich loli.

Name: Yaito Ayanokoji
Series: Rockman.exe
: Link
Images: Anal, Ecchi, Mast, Sex, Strip
Password: richpuddin

Even they are enslaved.

Before the ovary belt.

Name: Alouette
Series: Rockman Zero
: Link
Images: Ecchi, Sex, Shop, Strip
Password: ruinedpuddin

It all began with a cat plush.

Ya'll are bitches.

Name: Kyon Feulion
Game: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier
: Link
Images: Anal, Beast, Combat, Ecchi, Group, Hand, Presented, Sex
Password: blackmagicpuddin


Evil ghost loli.

Name: Acheri
Franchise: Megaten
: Link
Images: Anal, Sex
Password: illnesspuddin

But still a loli.

Not a sailor.

Name: Michiru Kamizono
Franchise: Azure Striker Gunvolt
: Link
Images: Group, Sex, Strip
Password: musepuddin

Nor a warrior.

*Sees new options on Poll*
*Frantically looks for option to undo previous vote*

Yes, do Yuyuko!

790 Series Lusticon Operations Unit:
Shockingly several of these ladies do not have hats. Can it even be Touhou then?!

Names: Clownpiece (busty), Daiyousei, Komachi Onozuka, Lily Black, Lily White (busty), Nue Houjuu, Rei'sen, Wakasagihime, Watatskui no Toyohime and Yorihime (MOONBITCHES), Yuuka Kazami, Yuyuko Saigyouji
Series: Touhou
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link

Everything must be invaded by teh 2huz.

Floating island.

Names: Elena Stoddart, Feena, Lilia, Olha, Reah
Franchise: Ys
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link

Floating breasts.
Rich meido.

Name: Miwako Shiraski
OVA: Bakunyuu Maid Kari
: Link

The wealthy shall all be broken and made into slaves.

Beat them all up for the seven Dragon Balls Waku Waku balls and make your wish!

Name: Arina Makihara
Game: Waku Waku 7
: Link

Hop hop watchin' bitches drop.

Win a war, enslave all the female soldiers.

Name: Sofya Obertas
Series: Lord Marksman and Vanadis
: Link

Always be the winner.

Bouncy fight.

Name: Roomi
Game: Galaxy Fight
: Link

The name of her planet starts with an L. Every other family member has names that start with an L. I honestly think she should be called Loomi.

Sex is natural, so get to it nature priestess!

Name: Nakoruru
Series: Samurai Spirits
: Link

NOT AN ARMPIT MIKO. This is my rebuild version, credit goes to Lurker for the original.

Another titty miko for Reimu to be jealous of.

Name: Koyori Togashi
Franchise: Sengoku Ace
: Link

Koyori for new 2hu protag plz ZUN.

Producer of quality sex toys and a living sex toy.

Names: Marilyn Willow, Marin Nonohara
OVA: Soreyuke Marin-chan
: Link
: Link

But they're both excellent quality sex toys anyway.

Deadly talons.

Name: Passionlip
Franchise: Fate
: Link

Deadlier tits.

Armpit magical warrior.

Name: Yohko Mano
Series: Devil Hunter Yohko
: Link

That accursed other other red white!

Swords Dance ain't just for Pokemon anymore.

Name: Aira
Game: Dragon Quest VII
: Link

Dance with that blade.

It all burns.

Names: Maya Jingu, Rio Kinezono
Franchise: Burn Up
: Link
: Link

Incendiary rounds are a bitch.

It's time for waifu.

Name: Kyouko Okita
Series: Okusan
: Link

Waifu from a waifu manga.

Mahjong is serious business.

Names: Etsuko Toyohara, Natsuki Asahina, Yurina Asahina
Franchise: Super Real Mahjong
: Link
: Link
: Link

Clack clack.

Shots will be fired.

Name: Rushuna Tendou
Series: Grenadier
: Link

Can you dodge them?


Name: Cia
Game: Hyrule Warriors
: Link

It's not just a fragrance anymore.

A man hater.

Name: Meiko Shiraki
Series: Prison School
: Link

Who is maybe a man eater.

Bitches and whores.

Names: Alicia Arcturus, Celestine Lucross, Chloe, Claudia Levantine, Kaguya, Maia, Olga Discordia, Prim Fiorire
Game: Kuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru~
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link (GIRL 200!)
: Link
: Link
: Link
: Link

That is their fate. Also lots of .gif files.

Magical Zeldar

Name: Zelda
Game: Link to the Past
: Link

Zelda is your...

Dark and Light.

Names: Cloud of Darkness, Refia
Game: Final Fantasy III
: Link
: Link

It's all sexy.

Magical blondes.

Names: Barbariccia, Rosa Farrell
Game: Final Fantasy IV
: Link
: Link

Do the lancer.

Stupidly cold.

Name: Elena, Snow
Game: Final Fantasy VII
: Link
: Link

Frosty dimness.

Twist those genes.

Name: Kuja
Game: Final Fantasy IX
: Link

Bend the gender so hard that the penis vanishes.

They'll fight you.

Names: Aranea Highwind and Iris Amicitia
Game: Final Fantasy XV
: Link
: Link

They will indeed win.

Not really a loli.

Name: Nene Fujinoki
Series: Hajimete no Gal
: Link

But she likes to be a little sister.

Fiery elf.

Name: Mail
Game: Popful Mail
: Link

Them pointy ears.

Fondle the witch!

Names: Maho Akai
Game: Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!
: Link

The fewest images yet... but eh, I tried.

Looks legal...

Name: Dizzy
Series: Guilty Gear
: Link

... but not sure if should be under loli...


If you consider me a monster, then you must seriously hate yourself and this game. Or are you saying that loli is somehow worse than buying girls to whore out, kidnapping them to whore them out, whoring out your daughters, complete with torture, forcing them to get pregnant against their will, breeding them with monsters against their will, getting them addicted to drugs to make them more obedient, forcing them to fight in an arena to a potential death, and so much more?

Seriously, it's all fantasy. Nobody is being harmed.

Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon.

Name: Tabitha
Game: Dragon Quest V
: Link
Password: ilikespuddin

My very first daughter character... that I've shared, anyway. Originally named Tabitha in the Japanese release, so I went with that.

Another dragon franchise, another loli.

Name: Pan Son
Series: DBGT
: Link
Password: dragonnutspuddin


Loli love can just be as impure and crazy as adult love.

Name: Rin Kokonoe
Series: Kodomo no Jikan
: Link
Password: tastypuddinpops

The time of children is not the same as the time of apes.

Push button house keeping robot from the year 20XX!

Name: Roll
Series: Rockman (Classic)
: Link
Password: icypuddin

The highest quality cleaning robots, only from Light Industries.

Jack in to jack off.

Name: Meiru Sakurai
Series: Rockman.exe
: Link
Password: fudgepuddinpops

Make porn while using the Internet for porn.

Shoot in their stars*.

Names: Luna Shirogane and Misora Hibiki
Series: Shooting Star Rockman (Star Force)
: Link
: Link
LPass: shootingpuddin
MPass: starpuddin

*Stars mean womb.

Black hair + black hair = ... pink hair?

Name: Chibiusa
Series: Pretty Soldier/Guardian Sailor Moon
: Link
Password: afilmboutpuddin

So much pink sugar.


Name: Rihoko Amaha
Series: Witchblade
: Link
Password: puddinbeamsoflove

Most of these images also contain Masane Amaha. So you know, avoid if you don't want TOO OLD AND HAS TITS EWWWW.

My midnight channel is full of porn.

Name: Nanako Dojima
Game: Persona 4
: Link
Password: puddinthesecond

Always a good girl.

Pay extra for the lolidom.

Name: Rei Mii
Franchise: ZOIDS
: Link
Password: omegapuddin

A princess who isn't very ladylike.

Universe jumping loli goddess.

Name: Haruka Kaminogo
Series: Noein
: Link
Password: puddincheese

Treat her well or Crispin Freeman will appear in your bedroom.

White magic.

Name: Porom
Game: Final Fantasy IV
: Link
Password: paradoxpuddin

Sperm magic?

Young Rydia is tied for best Rydia.

Name: Rydia
Game: Final Fantasy IV
: Link
Password: puddinpuddinyall

Super adorable summon time!

Magical Heart!

Name: Kokoro Katsura
Games: School Days, etc.
: Link
Password: puddinfordays

Kokoro is a good girl.

This is some Old Testament slavery right here.

Name: Little Sister
Franchise: Haruhi Suzumiya
: Link
Password: puddinbagel

As she has no official name and I didn't feel like referring to an unimportant character, I have decided to work with it and have her just be refereed to as Little Sister.

Transforms from adorable loli...

Name: Fa
Game: Fire Emblem (6, cameo in 7)
: Link
Password: dragonpuddintime

... to fluffy dragon in seconds!

Cannot become a fluffy dragon...

Name: Myrrh
Game: Fire Emblem ( 8)
: Link
Password: dragonpuddintime2

... but is still an adorable loli.

A different kind of elf.

Name: Isha
Franchise: Ys
: Link
Password: fluffyelfislandpuddin

Fluffy tailed!

The cutest Fiend.

Name: Alice
Franchise: Megaten
: Link (GIRL 250!)
Password: dieforpuddin

Die For Her, please.


Name: Moh Shuvuu
Franchise: Megaten
: Link
Password: flappypuddin

She does enjoy them.

Card trouble? Call a pro!

Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Franchise : Cardcaptor Sakura
: Link
Password: cardspuddin

She'll hit them with a wand.

A cute witch.

Name: Carrie Fernandez
Franchise: Castlevania
: Link
Password: witchypuddin

She'll kill all them draculars.

Bondage fairies?

Names: Clownpiece, Lily White, Luna Child, Star Sapphire and Sunny Milk
Series: Touhou
: Link
Password: fairypuddin

More like onahole fairies.



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