Author Topic: Help Wanted to project Brothel Master.  (Read 2522 times)

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Help Wanted to project Brothel Master.
« on: July 19, 2016, 01:55:15 PM »
Hi as you know from my topic I'm developing a game similar in gameplay to whoremaster (basically you run a brothel and other buildings). But here comes my problem I'm kinda lost when comes to developing real game mechanics besides those side like projecting character class or svg display class. What i would want is to develop open source game with svg images as basic component to display different characters (basically because I can make characters similar to those from anime/manga), also as we render during runtime depends on current equipment images so basically it's possible to get different outfits depends on equipment in different scene (so during sex character could be naked or clothed). But currently i'm lacking in experience of programming simulation game, basically i only have experience in rpg games, so those classes from rpg are projected, but the idea how entire mechanic should work together here I'm lost especially with work/job mechanic.
Many asks why not use Whore Master, I would say that i saw c++ to render svg and also i do not know how it's works but know one thing it's uses c++'11 (which i believe is newest definition of this language) and whore master is older, so if i would want to help with whore master it would need a mayor rewriting (which i would help) (And alos there are compilation errors with only trying to add necessary libraries to whore master project). Also anyone knows any other forums where there might be a people interesting in clone of whoremaster.

ps. If someone want to payed for his help i can propose that we would set up a patreon page for those who would want support development, but at the end i want to remain this game as free (with some bonuses to patreons?)