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PyTFall Beta Release
« on: November 16, 2018, 11:44:13 AM »

Download (Hentai/NSFW):
- PC/LINUX (Beta v.0.70) (Mega/DropBox)
- MAC (Beta v.0.70) (Mega)
(you only need one of the files)

Archive password: pytfall

PC/Linux version is well tested, Mac version is not. Have fun :)

Please support us at:

PyTFall is an open source, turn-based Sim game with a Hentai twist developed to serve as a next-generation of WM and SimBro focusing on gathering a team of workers, managing businesses, leveling up the MC and other characters, Date-Sim Elements, RPG Style Combat and Exploration, Interactions and etc.

Events of PyTFall take place in the same universe as those of WM (Whore Master).

In the future, we're hoping to expand it with many more cities, businesses, gang-fighting, Politics that have a direct effect on game world rules (such as slavery being forbidden, slaves not being able to part-take in combat, prostitution banned and etc.), Economy, Religions, World Events and much more.

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