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103's Guide On Making Packs
« on: February 05, 2020, 03:20:58 AM »
Hi. I been making packs for the past year, and I decided that I'd like to create a guide for those who might be interested in the process. Keep in mind that different people have different methods, and I'll mostly be describing my own. Albeit I have to say that I'd definitely learned from many of the pack makers that came before me, and for that I am forever grateful towards them (some who are even still actively making packs to this day).

Pack Creation Process & Tools
1: RipMe ( RipMe is a great tool for downloading images in bulk, and probably will be the most important tool in your arsenal in terms of saving time. It's as simple as finding a gallery online, and then copying and pasting the link in the program. It will then proceeded to download all the images from the link you provided. I couldn't believe that this tool existed when I first discovered it. Prior to this tool I actually done many of my packs through intensive manual labor, and the discovery of this tool speed up my process tremendously.

2: An Organized Folder: So after you downloaded a bunch of images or gifs; you're going to need a way to sort everything you just downloaded based on existing tags. Simply enough create a folder and within that folder create a bunch of sub-folders and name them after the tags. Alternatively you can download a set of three pre-made folders that I kindly provided. It can be found under my mega link under 'Z-Other' (See my signature for the link). Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

3: Faststone Photo Reziser ( Now that you have all these images in these separate folders you're going to need to rename them all. It'd certainly be a pain in the ass to do it all manually don't you think? Well here's where this tool comes in handy. There is a 'Batch Rename' section in this program. Simply place all the images in there, assign the names and how you would like to number these images, and then hit the magic button (rename) and watch the magic. As you go through each folder; don't forget to immediately move all the images to one folder afterwards, and then feel free to rename this one folder to the name of the subject the pack is based on.

4: Faststone Photo Reziser ( What? Again!? No you don't need to download this again. The great thing about this tool is that it also has image compressing capabilities. Compressing is an incredibly important step for pack creation. Compressed images load in-game much more quickly and it's especially noticeable when you're browsing in-game galleries. Don't skip this step! Simply place all the images from your pack into the 'Batch Convert' section (do not include GIFs; only images), make sure you're converting to JPEG format and then click on the settings button. I normally compress at 60 or 70; which I deem to be good enough for how images are display in-game. After you're done with changing the settings simply set your output folder and then compress all these images by hitting the convert button.
PS: You can rename and convert images at the same time. Renaming and converting at the same time will probably lead to a slightly faster process; so feel free to do that if you want ;) .

5: EZGIF ( or FileOptimizer ( Now you have to compress GIFs as these files can either take forever to load and sometimes if they're too large they can even crash your game. EZGIF is a website that can optimize GIFs and also provide other methods of cutting down in size (cropping, rezising, cutting). FileOptimizer is a program that can essentially optimize your GIFs in bulk. I alternate between these two methods when it comes to optimizing GIFs. Sometimes it's totally fine to optimize GIFs on a one by one basis through EZGIF, and having the option to utilize those extra tools can lead to a cleaner GIF -- but if you have far too many to optimize then just utilize FileOptimizer (my recommended options for the program are Optimization Level '7: Good' under the tab 'General 1' and 'Allow lossy optimizations' under the tab 'GIF').

6: Whore Master Editor: Now you have to create the girlsx file for the pack to appear in the game. This can be done through the tool that comes with the game. You can find it under Docs&Tools. Once you open up the program, go to Girl Data and start the process. Make sure that the girlx file is named the same as the folder with the images. At the same time you can also create an rgirlx file which utilizes the game's randomization feature to create a relatively random character in-game (depending on what you chose). 

7: You did it chief: You're good to go. You now have a functioning pack. Mind sharing it with the community? Most people tend to share there packs through As it is easy to create an account and share. Make sure to use an archive tool like Winrar or 7zip before uploading. Just archive all your files that belong to the pack and that should make it easier for everybody.

Creating GIFs from WEBMs and other video formats
Unfortunately the game does not support the viewing of WEBMs or MP4s in-game, or at least it has a tendency to crash whenever I have tried in the past. It does however support GIFs and hence I try to create as many GIFs as possible for my packs. So I normally convert any content that I can into GIFs via' essentially creating my own GIFs.

1: Adobe Premiere Pro: There are many programs out there that are capable of creating GIFs, but I personally prefer Adobe Premiere Pro. It has a fairly easy method of creating GIFs that I'd highly recommend. At this point in time I'm not going to be providing a step-by-step process on how to do so. Try to find a video online or articles on the internet (that's how I learned), and if you need help don't hesitate to message me on the discord; I'll provide plenty of help and tips if necessary. That being said, it is a program that you have to pay for. 
P.S: Some choose to sail the seven seas with a bottle of rum to seek their loot, but imma' keep quiet about that :-\ .

2: Handbrake only downside of Adobe Premiere Pro is that you can't directly edit WEBMs. So I normally use this program to convert WEBMs into MP4s prior to opening up Adobe Premiere Pro.

Pack Classification & Sources
I classify packs in four ways. I will list them and also point to the sources that I normally use to find content for these packs. Keep in mind that when in doubt you can always use google or any other search engine (DuckDuckGo) to find content. I normally use search engines to specifically search for GIFs (which are occasionally harder to find across the web), and also to find SFW images.

Pornstars/Models: I also called these packs 'non-fictional packs', and they're essentially packs based on real people that participate in the porn or nude modeling industry. These packs are common and can be relatively easy to make. (RipMe Compatible) (RipMe Compatible) (RipMe Compatible) (RipMe Compatible)
Any porntube site (Pornhub, XVideos, XNXX, XHamster, etc.)

Fictional Packs: I also called these packs 'fantasy packs' or 'fictional packs', and they're based on fictional characters from a wide array of media. This can include characters from Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Movies, Comics, and even original content from a variety of artists. These packs are common and can be relatively easy to make. (RipMe Compatible) (RipMe Compatible) (RipMe Compatible)

Celebrity Packs: These are packs based on the celebrities that many of us admire. These packs are a little less common and can be a little more complicated to make. (RipMe Compatible) (RipMe Compatible)

Addon Packs: These are packs that are meant to serve as an addition to an existing packs via the addition of pictures or gifs. These are relatively uncommon, but probably the easiest to create as the girlsx file is already provided. You can utilize any of the links above depending on the pack you intend to update.

Final Statement
And that's my guide. I hope this can help and maybe motivate some of you to create packs. I'll probably make slight updates to this guide at some point in the future.
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